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October 2015

Hey y’all, Nancy here, checking in for this week’s edition of Fab Four Fave. It’s Friiiiiday! It’s Friiiiiday! It’s not just any Friday though. It’s the Friday before Halloween (and most importantly for me, it’s the Friday before we move the clock back an hour!!!! Yay Sleep!) So yeah, back to Halloween, I’m not one that goes all out for Halloween. While I was never one to dress up, I can certainly appreciate a good costume. There are some awesome MUAs out there that do awesome looks but I particularly

“Dressed in Joy” to borrow the phrase from Vêtu de Joy owner and curator Mikaela Joy, aptly describes the sentiment that her clothing brings to mind when you scroll through her curated collection. Colour, print and style blend together to perfection in her bold pieces often boasting dramatic prints, vibrant colours and relaxed lines. Looking at her collection is like being temporarily transported to another world, where the weather is warm, the pace is relaxed and the people are always happy and well dressed! But you know the ladies of

One of the many things the ladies of Fab Four Fashion believe and embrace is the movement of women supporting women. So one can only imagine when the ladies were offered the opportunity to work with fabulous designer Taylor Jay, they of course jumped on it. Let me tell you, Taylor Jay’s creations are not only remarkable, but they are clothing that can easily translate into pieces of art, and our bodies the canvas bringing them to life While her creations are simple, there is an element of flair, elegance and

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