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In addition to a passion for fashion, the Fab Four Fashion ladies are quite fond of the ABC show Scandal. Not only does Shonda Rhimes’ addictive plots have the ladies hooked, but Olivia Pope’s wardrobe keeps them locked and tuning in week after week. The “fits” (see what I did there?), the jackets, the purses, oh my! In case you do not watch the show, please understand that this lady’s closet is so swoon-worthy that the Limited has come up with its second edition for the Scandal inspired line and

The whimsical, colourful designs created by Emilio Pucci continue to remain one of my all time favourite! Every time I peruse their on-line site, I find myself riding the emotional pendulum between the height of light hearted happiness to, just plain ol’ super bummed-out! Happy, because the beautiful colours used in their designs and prints are so artfully crafted that I feel like I’m looking at a beautiful piece of artwork that I can actually wear! Bummed-out, because when my eye slowly make that inexorable glance down at the price,

Stripes, the bain of some women’s existence and a big supposed “no no” for plus size women.  Well, I say nuts to that! I’m a firm believer that one should wear what one wants!  This first look is from Reb Dolls.  I love this online retailer because they take a no holds bar approach to plus size fashions.  If you “dare to wear” body con dresses or crop tops, Reb Dolls will hook you up. I quite honestly would never have worn a crop top let alone a crop top

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