Creamy, Satin and Luminous

I know I told you in my previous makeup post that I was a matte lipstick girl, but sometimes a matte girl needs to venture out to see what else is out there for her. This time around this matte girl fell for some creamy and moisturizing lipsticks.

This is why today’s post is about my most recent discovery.

The first lipstick I’m wearing is called Michiyo a shocking pink shade from Nars.  I love this lipstick because it’s a long wearing vibrant colour which is perfect for spring and summer. Moreover, it’s amazingly creamy and easy to apply.

J - IMG_5933

I personally don’t use a lip liner with this lipstick as it’s luminous satin finish makes it perfect on it’s own.

J - IMG_5942

This one is a bit pricy but Nars has very good products so I decided to splurge.

J - IMG_5974



The second lipstick is more of a vibrant magenta and it’s from a company named Bite Beauty operating out of downtown Toronto.  All their lipsticks are health conscious.

J - IMG_6036

This lipstick is called Palomino and is part of the luminous creme lipstick collection. I find it to be a great everyday lipstick for me and I don’t need to wear a lip liner with it. This lipstick is very creamy, long lasting and it’s a moisture-rich lip color.  I highly recommend lipsticks from this brand especially for my sisters who prefer creamy lipsticks over matte ones.

J - IMG_5993

Insider tip, Bite Beauty lipsticks are free of synthetics and are made of nurturing ingredients that are good enough to eat. Yummy!

J - IMG_6016

I own 2 lipsticks from this brand and I’m definitively planning on buying more.

Givenchy’s bright reddish pink lipstick, 301 Magnolia Organza, is another great shade perfect for summer.  On my lips this lipstick has a coral undertone.  Althought this lipstick has a semi matte finish it still feels very creamy on the lips.

J - IMG_6090

The case is made out of genuine leather, however this specific lipstick is a bit pricey for me so I didn’t purchase it. I would like to thank my wonderful friends for the lovely gift certificate from Sephora for my recent birthday.

J - IMG_6162

For this lipstick you can wear a lip liner with it or go without it.   If you do opt for a lip liner, Currant from MAC blends very well with it and gives it a darker coral undertone.  If you want a brighter peachy colour you can use either the Givenchy recommended lip liner called Light Peachy Nude.

J - IMG_6138


Now all I need is for the spring season to kick in,  so I can rock more of my creamy and luminous lipsticks.

Let me know what your favorite creamy lipsticks are!





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  1.' iRoseline says:

    Flawless, loving the colors and suit you well. The prices are not cute but for the perfect lippy it’s all worth it.

  2.' Meri Kagu says:

    I use Bite cause it’s gluten free and I love this brand! Love the colours you wear they look good on you.

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