Flat Out Fabulous

We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, not only share  a passion for fashion, we love our makeup! Finding the perfect lipstick can some times be daunting however finding a lipstick that works for all of us is like finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


In our first makeup video we share with you  great tips on how we personalize the MAC’s matte lipstick in the shade Flat Out Fabulous.


LT IMG_0118

Leslie keeps it easy peasy by simply applying in MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous matte lipstick shines bright like a diamond!

GT IMG_0131

Gail radiates in Flat Out Fabulous and lines her lips with MAC’s lipliner in Fashion Boost to prevent lipstick bleed.

JS IMG_0189

Judy keeps her lips moisturized with Blistex lip balm and follows by lining her lips with MAC’s lipliner in Fashion Boost like Gail.

ND IMG_0219

Nancy makes the lipstick shade work for her by using MAC’s lipliner in Night Moth et voila she’s looking like a million bucks!


Ta Ta for now,

The Fab Four

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