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Hi Folks, we’re switching it up a little bit and coming to you with our Fab Four Faves today instead of Friday.  With the holidays quickly approaching we wanted to give you some holiday gift ideas for that girlfriend of yours who’s a beauty junkie.  Here are our picks found at the beauty junkie’s paradise – Sephora! 1. Sephora Collection Color Wonderland Neutral & Vivid Eyeshadow Palette 2. Jem & The Holograms Collection: The Truly Outrageous Liquid Lip Set 3. Precious Elements Anti-Bacterial Brush Set 4. Philosophy Peppermint Stick Duo

It’s almost time for the holiday season and those Christmas parties are right around the corner.  Every year we get caught up in the struggle to figure out what to wear for those work Christmas parties. Well, can you imagine being pregnant and trying to find that sensational piece to rock at that office party? For some women, just trying to find something to  wear on a regular day can be a challenge nevertheless being pregnant and looking for that knock’em out outfit for a special occasion! Talk about a

Hey y’all, Nancy here, checking in for this week’s edition of Fab Four Fave. It’s Friiiiiday! It’s Friiiiiday! It’s not just any Friday though. It’s the Friday before Halloween (and most importantly for me, it’s the Friday before we move the clock back an hour!!!! Yay Sleep!) So yeah, back to Halloween, I’m not one that goes all out for Halloween. While I was never one to dress up, I can certainly appreciate a good costume. There are some awesome MUAs out there that do awesome looks but I particularly

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