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It’s Friday my fierce fashionable friends, and one of the lovely ladies of Fab Four Fashion will be spilling the beans on what she’s craving on this most hallowed of week days (i.e. the Friday before a long weekend, in this case Labour Day weekend!!). So Leslie, tell us what you got cookin’ in your fashion kitchen! Well, ladies and gents, Judy let you in on her little secret in her Fab Four Fave last week, so now it’s my turn to let  you in on mine. While Judy will

Three little words…Fab…Four….Fave! It’s Friday, for some it’s payday, but for the Fab Four it’s “fave-day”! This week’s instalment is brought to you by Judy who will be giving us the inside scoop on what to her eye on!   It’s Judy coming at you with what I’m currently craving.  In 7 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes and about 56, 55, 54…seconds, I’ll be departing the 6ix to visit my favourite city in the world, the one and only concrete jungle, a.k. the Big Apple known broadly to mankind as

As much as we don’t want to hear about it, like Leslie said last week, Winter’s Coming. Thankfully, before we get to the dreaded winter, we get to enjoy the leaves changing colour, crisp air and fantastic fall fashion. Let’s see what Nancy’s lusting after for this season. For this instalment of Fab Four Fave, I went with one of my favourite shades of the season. Gray is such a great neutral. I particularly love it because it serves as such a beautiful canvas for a pop of color, being much

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