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Happy Black History Month y’all! We wanted to pay tribute to the amazing creatives, content creators and influencers who are black Canadians doing their thing and doing it remarkably!  To that end, we are reviving our Women Supporting Women feature and reached out to the immensely talented Sophie Taylor.  Sophie is a graphic designer and small business owner of Castlefield Design ( and Shop Castlefield  ( where one can purchase beautiful, stationery, clothing and much more all featuring her designs.    We reached out to Sophie to learn more about her

Picture it, you’ve toiled away, diligently tucking away your pennies so that you can bury your feet luxuriously in some sandy beach locale!  With tropical drink in hand and the crystal blue ocean in front of you, you release a contented sigh as the sun beats down on you.  Well, that lovely scenario we just described can definitely be yours with the help of Homeaway!  Homeaway is the premier vacation home rental platform allowing users to jet off and stay at locations far and wide and enjoy unique spaces at

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