Fab Four Fashion: Jet Setter Style

It’s Friday my fierce fashionable friends, and one of the lovely ladies of Fab Four Fashion will be spilling the beans on what she’s craving on this most hallowed of week days (i.e. the Friday before a long weekend, in this case Labour Day weekend!!). So Leslie, tell us what you got cookin’ in your fashion kitchen!

Well, ladies and gents, Judy let you in on her little secret in her Fab Four Fave last week, so now it’s my turn to let  you in on mine. While Judy will be whiling away her weekend cruising the streets of the Big Apple, yours truly, yes that’s me,  will be right by her side cause it’s a party weekend in NYC for one half of the Fab Four. You know what they say, or should I say sing: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”, well this style “mecca” will be our playground over the coming days and we plan to eat up all the street styles, pray to find amazing deals (darn the Canadian dollar) and fall in love all over again with the city that never sleeps!

BUT, before I can say buh-bye to “these little town blues” I’ve gotta be prepared, so here’s what I’m packing in my valise.

Jet Setter Style Polyvore Updated



1. Suit case

2. Makeup case

3. Sunglasses

4. Umbrella

5. Crossbody bag

6. Trench coat

7. Ballet flats

8. Lip balm

9.  Eye mask & blanket

10. Tablet

11. Earphones

I like to travel in style and comfort and these key pieces would do very nicely don’t you thik?;-)

That’s all for now! Look for me in the Empire State!



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  1. merikagu@gmail.com' Merik says:

    Nice post! I love the trench coat!

  2. mizwooster@gmail.com' GT says:

    Love the trench and ballets. Great choices Leslie!!!

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