Fab Four Fave: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Hey folks, welcome to another edition of Fab Four Fave!  Gail is up giving us the inside scoop into what she’s currently craving!

My friends, Canadian winters are no joke!  With temperatures dipping WELL below zero before we’ve even had a chance to factor in windchill one can understand that staying warm in the face of these harsh wintery elements is essential.  However, it is quite possible to look quite stylish and chic while still keeping frost bite at bay.  Check out my selections of gorgeous plus size winter coats to help you maintain the sexy!

GT's Fab Four Fave coat polyvore

Top: Coat 1 // Coat 2 // Coat 3

Middle: Coat 1 // Coat 2 // Coat 3

Bottom: Coat 1 // Coat 2 // Coat 3// Coat 4

Tah Tah for now,


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