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The whimsical, colourful designs created by Emilio Pucci continue to remain one of my all time favourite! Every time I peruse their on-line site, I find myself riding the emotional pendulum between the height of light hearted happiness to, just plain ol’ super bummed-out! Happy, because the beautiful colours used in their designs and prints are so artfully crafted that I feel like I’m looking at a beautiful piece of artwork that I can actually wear! Bummed-out, because when my eye slowly make that inexorable glance down at the price, I know I can either: 1. live in a cardboard box under a bridge and have one gorgeous Pucci item; or 2. live in a nice warm house and eat actual food! Sooo, these choices bring us inevitably to “Leslie’s Lust List” item for this week!

Pucci Perfect


If you’ve been following Fab Four Fashion for a while, you’ve probably already guessed (or read if you don’t just look at the beautiful pictures on fashion blogs like I do LOL) that I LOVE print. This eye catching piece of Pucci perfection sets the stage for the rest of my look and would be an excellent wardrobe addition this season. Furthermore, I truly feel that if I owned this gorgeous dress it would change my life and the life of those around me for the better! Allow me to illustrate:

Improved Road Conditions

Firstly, the blousy fit and gorgeous colourful print of this dress would enable me to, not only cut a dash on my concrete catwalk that is the streets of the big city, the rich colour  would ensure that drivers see me when I cross the street and thus reduce accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles. This would result in improve traffic circulation in our fair city which we desperately need. Right?


Pucci dress


Improved Well Being

Secondly, this incredible dress, paired with these mellow yellow high heeled sandals would force me to walk more slowly thus taking more time to enjoy life and appreciate what is around me, thereby improving my state of mind. This improved mind set would enable me to take the time to be kinder to the elderly, helping them across the road etc. and further develop my patience when interacting with telemarketers and some of the “lovely”, and often memorable,  individuals one runs into when one happens to take public transit (ah, the TTC). I vehemently believe that even Dr. Sanjay Gupta would agree with this simple approach to improving one’s overall health! No?

Pucci Accessories


Reduced Pollution

Lastly, since this look would make me feel like I’m on vacation, leisurely walking the streets of Saint-Tropez, I would want to wear it all the time! Especially once I paired it with this stunning necklace, some fun cuff bracelets and a pair of sassy shades, I would wear it all the time. As a result, I would require fewer clothes, would be hand washing or dry cleaning these pieces thereby reducing electricity and saving our precious water. This would improve the environment since I would be directly impacting how much waste is put into our ponds, lakes and streams and reducing how much waste I send to the landfills. Uhhh?

Pucci Perfect Accessories 2



All of this to say, this dress in my life  would basically bring about world peace, but until then, I hope I’ve at the very least put a smile on your face and started your weekend on a positive tip!

Dress: Pucci // Necklace: Bauble Bar // Shoes: Office //Bangles: Ylang // Earrings: Michael Kors //Purse: Louis Vuitton // Sunglasses: Prada  //


Happy Friday!


Leslie xo








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