Fab Four Fave: Leslie’s Favourite Things!

The holiday season is upon us, and just between you and me, I’m OBSESSED with all things Christmas! I just love it; feels like there’s magic in the air! It is my favourite holiday of the year. The music, the movies, the reruns of cute cartoons on tv, I just eat it all up! But, though we all know that gift giving should not be the aim of the holiday season, it inevitably becomes a big focus. So, to help you with your holiday shopping (if you’re anything like me and still  haven’t even purchased a birthday gift for your sister who’s birthday passed about a week ago, week ago), to borrow from Oprah, here are some of “Leslie’s Favourite Things”!

Final note; I am all about efficiency! One stop shopping is so great when you can make it happen and Hudson’s Bay can make it happen for you! No, I don’t work for Hudson’s Bay, no they are not sponsoring this post, I just genuinely love going there, especially at this time of year when time is of the essence! LOL

Happy Shopping!

LT's Holiday Polyvore


1. Throw blanket

2. Gloves

3. Wine stopper

4. Coach Wristlet 1 or Coach Wristlet 2 

5. Fur scarf

6. Bar ware collection

7. Jo Malone candle

Tah Tah for now,


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  1. mizwooster@gmail.com' GT says:

    I’m loving those wristlets!!

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