Fab Four Fave: Winter is Coming!

Hallelujah friends it’s Friday and it’s time for another Fab Four Fave! Today, Leslie is looking into her crystal ball and foretelling our future. Her prediction: winter is coming!

I know many of you will probably want to completely bypass this post. I totally get it. When I was a teenager, I used to avoid looking at magazines at this time of year because all I could look forward to seeing in those glossy pages were boots, scarves and tuques! Albeit, they were bangin’ boots, stylish scarves and tasteful tuques, but really, what summer baby wants to be reminded of the tortures of a long cold CANADIAN winter. But never fear, this post is all about fall! A time when the leaves show their bolder side, the air gives us cool caresses and the sun still graces us with its illuminating presence until after 6:00 PM.   And of even greater importance are the fantastic fashions that you really only get the chance to rock in fall.

Therefore,  this post is dedicated to the coming season and some of the hot items we can look forward to donning as the mercury drops.

Fab Four Fave Winter is Coming polyvore

For this look I went for a bit of a retro feel. By wearing the tie neck sweater underneath the bodycon dress and adding a cute belt to the look, gives it a bit of that sexy secretary feel. But we bring in a bit more fun by opting for the metallic heeled booties. Women wearing men’s fashion is a huge trend for the coming season so I decided to pair this look with a long vest reminiscent of a classic style men’s coat. I went with a taupe colour for the vest for this particular look, however if you paired this look with a mustard coloured vest it would look equally fierce! We all know every woman needs something to carry all of her bits and bobs in, but we like to do it with style. So I went with this gorgeous Mulberry bag in oxblood! Simply divine! In this look, any woman would feel ready to take on any season!



Long Vest



Tie Neck Sweater




Till next time!



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  1. mizwooster@gmail.com' GT says:

    I love this whole look!!!!!!

  2. currentlyworking@gmail.com' nancy says:

    Nice Leslie… Now who will buy all this for me??? WHO!!!!

  3. jvenchy@hotmail.com' judy says:

    Oh Wow Love this Post Leslie, good and I want that dress now

  4. jj.orchidee@yahoo.ca' Jennifer says:

    Nice look!!!

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