70’s, Just Do It!

Cue that 70’s track, pass me my aviators and the keys to the wildcat cause I’m coming at you with some solid  throw back looks that will keep you looking fly at work and at  play while jumping into the 70’s trend this summer!

L - IMG_3538 Skirt

It’s all about the suit! You know when you used to look at those old school photos of your parents dressed to the nines for some event they were attending back in the day? You remember how super fly they looked, which sometimes makes you wonder, what happened?!  LOL No Mom & Dad, I don’t mean you! Well, this first look is my modernized 70’s inspired suit, with my Foxy Cleopatra fro (nod a wink to my Austin Powers fans)!

L - IMG_3562 Skirt

This suit from Clover Canyon made me do the Hustle, the Bump and the Funky Chicken when I first clapped eyes on it! The all over print with the classic lines spoke to me saying “come and knock on my door, we’ve been waiting for you”! (yes, I loved “Three’s Company” as a child, but for the record, I could only watch the reruns)!

L - IMG_3587 Skirt 3 quarter

I only discovered Clover Canyon last year (I know, I know, I’m a jive turkey) and this suit was my very first purchase. I first laid eyes on the blazer at Hudson’s Bay department store.  The jacket was on sale but they did not have my size (sigh). But never fear, my OB-Wan  Kenobi (i.e. my big sis) came to the rescue. Gail, who I would swear knows how to use the force, introduced me to the on-line site and they too had the blazer and the matching skirt and my life has forever been changed for the better! Or should I say, “my life, changed for the better it is”! (see how I Yoda-fied that!;-)

Originally the skirt was flared but I wanted to give it a sexier, modern look, so I had my wonderful tailor turn it into more of a pencil skirt.  I paired this look with some nude pumps and cool earrings and I’m ready to see and be seen! Can you dig it?

L - IMG_3692 Skirt

Jacket: Clover Canyon (sold out), Similar here // Skirt: Clover Canyon (sold out), Similar here // Shoes: Office

For my foxy curvy ladies: Jacket: Eloquii  // Blouse: Monif C  // Skirt: Monif C


For my second look, I wanted to demonstrate the versatility of this beautiful suit with its bold print. The blazer goes perfectly with these polka dot ankle length pants and keeps the overall look modern, fresh and fun. I adore wearing prints and matching different prints together and this look, with the classic lines and classic feel coupled with the print combination, takes the look from the ground floor to penthouse in one fell swoop. Talk about far out!

L - IMG_3809 Pants

This is a fun way to heat up your work wardrobe for summer and inject a little fun and some personality when you’re out working for “the man”!

L - IMG_3786 Pants

If you’re concerned about wearing too much print, both the jacket and skirt can easily be paired with a solid colour pant or top and you will still look dy-no-mite!

L - IMG_3982 Pants

My advice for your foray into the 70’s this summer: buy pieces you love and that will ideally outlast the 70’s trend. Keep the lines less exaggerated than they were in the 70’s and combine retro pieces and prints with more modern silhouettes and all in all you’ll be strutting your stuff to that groovy 70’s track, without having to go back to typewriters, 35mm film or 8 track players!

Catch you on the flip side!

L - IMG_3803 Pants (1)

Jacket: Clover Canyon (sold out), Similar here // Pants: Zara // Shoes: Office

For my sexy curvy mama’s: Jacket: Old Navy  // Top: Simply Be Pants: Old Navy

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