All White Done Right

Summer is here, and with it heralds the opportunity for many of us to attend all white, glamorous events such as the annual Diner en Blanc and all white boat cruises. So, when you have 4 women dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty, and these aforementioned ladies decide to dress in white, one can only expect greatness in the form of ALL WHITE DONE RIGHT!

GR IMG_8467

If you think you’re ready to see how the ladies of Fab Four Fashion did it, you are cordially invited to scroll down and enjoy!

Judy’s Look

J IMG_0182

 Every summer it’s a struggle for me to find a stunning white outfit to attend any all-white event happening. I find myself asking, “Why do you keep doing this to yourself Judy?” The struggle is real LOL. However, one must admit, an all-white outfit done right is such a beautiful thing to behold.

Well this year, it happened once again. I was left caught out there with no white outfit to be found. I had ordered one, however sadly, it did not come in time for my all-white event and so I went into panic mode real quick! I didn’t know what to do because I did not have time to go running through the 6 in search of an all-white outfit. It’s definitely not easy to find that perfect white outfit when it’s last minute and Murphy and his pesky laws are working against you!

J IMG_0419

So, I pulled myself together, had a glass of wine (perhaps two) and went to Casa Del Judy (i.e. my own closet) to see what evasive action could be taken. I was shocked because, low and behold, this gorgeous over the top white dress was looking straight at me! This dress is a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Alexis Carrington (for those who remember the epic 80’s show Dynasty). This one strap, form fitting all white bodycon dress with  huge black structured flower is stylish and sophisticated.  The combination of the white of the dress and the black flower gives a wicked edginess to this look.

j IMG_0527

Honestly ladies, I completely forgot I had this dress in my closet. I know I know “shame on me”. Well, I’ve learned when in doubt and stranded, I can always whip something out of my closet artillery and make it look brand new!

I paired this marvelous dress with my black stone lace sandals, my fave necklace and put on a bright reddish lipstick and I’m ready to sail away on my all white boat cruise.

j IMG_0363

Dress: Asos (old) find similar here // Necklace: Zara (old) find similar here // Sandals: Aldo

For my Tall divas : here // here


Leslie’s Look

OMG friends, let me tell you about my struggle! When we decided to do an “All White Done Right” post, my mouth got dry, my right eye started to twitch and I thought I was going to break out in hives! If my reaction had been depicted in cartoon form, my hair would have been bone straight and all up in the air!lol I think white and its numerous shades (i.e. off-white, ecru, egg shell, cream, bone etc.) are truly lovely, but somehow, when I picture myself in an outfit, it is never all white. But, like we said before, this blog is all about us trying new things and stepping out of our comfort-zones. So after much trying on, many weeks perusing the net and scouring the stores I was finally able to put together an outfit that I am totally in LOVE with!

L IMG_9032

I strongly believe in spending money on pieces that will last me more than one season and that ideally can be worn many different ways. Moreover, I like pieces that I can wear for YEARS to come and I’m not joking. I still have pieces from well over 10 years ago that I rock as though they are brand new! This outfit hit the nail on the head on all counts. The  deep v-neck halter top is actually a bathing suit that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Admittedly, I originally wanted it in black, but was more than happy to purchase the white!:-) So now I’m going to talk to my ladies out there like me, that have a very small chest! When my mom saw me in this look she immediately said it’s too low cut and revealing (ah Mommy :-), then her second comment was “and just stuff the chest area to give you a little more bust”. Ladies, God gave us what we got and we need to celebrate it! The only person I would be trying to please by stuffing my bra would be someone other than me and that doesn’t make sense in my most humble opinion. But bottom-line ladies, make sure you do what makes you feel comfortable. My girls are tiny and each one is very special to me! LOL

L IMG_9056

To counteract the sexiness of the top part of my outfit, I chose to rock this fun tutu skirt that gives the look a bit of a girly, whimsical feel. Should you find the top portion a bit too daring for your taste, you can always through on a cute leather jacket or cropped blazer over it.

L IMG_9160

The finishing touches to my look were a bold necklace and some cuff bangles and these stunning sunglasses by a designer whose name you should be quite familiar with by now, Dedo Azu!! Yes, she makes sunglasses too along with her custom clothing designs (how amazing is that?!) So, Judy girl, I’m ready for that all white boat cruise or Dinner en Blanc cause I’m feeling quite flawless in this look! One might even go so far as to say I look “dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty”!;-)

L IMG_9269

Top: ASOS (sold out), Similar here // Skirt: eShakti (sold out), Similar here or here // Sunglasses: Dedo Azu (via  Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries/orders) // Necklace: eBay // Bangles: Forever 21 // Shoes: Office //

For my plus size perfect chicas: Top  // Skirt


 Nancy’s Look

Ok, right off the bat, I have to tell you – the QUEEN of all white everything is Ms Judy! She always has an all white party to attend… And when I say always, I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S lol. As much as I’m not a fan of dictated outfits (it’s the rebel in me LOL) this time, I was willing to join in for the fun of it.

N IMG_9955

 The funny thing is that I have way more all white outfits than I originally thought so it was actually easy to dig in my closet and work something out. I actually love the contrast of my melanin infused skin against white (insert article of clothing)… including some shoes!! LOL.

N IMG_9394

So, let me be real with you for a second… I had several outfits planned out in my head, but the morning of the event, I remembered I had this saucy little number that had only made one appearance waaaaaay back in 2011. And that, ladies and gents, was my second wedding dress LOL. When I saw this Vera Wang stunner online (the ruffled skirt, I’m pretty sure it was the ruffled skirt), I jumped and went to David’s Bridal in 2.5 (then explained to my now husband why this dress was a necessity…) LOL. And get this, they didn’t have the dress in ivory as I wanted, so I made the trip to the store that did… all the way in Buffalo, NY! That’s a 2 hour drive y’all. Is that dedication or is that dedication? LOL
N IMG_0130

I always wondered if I would wear it again… well here, I did. Being that it’s short and flirty, it doesn’t skew too matrimonial – in my opinion anyway – and figured that it was a nice over the top dress that needed to be rocked. I mean, why not! Yes it’s much and much is ok… most times LOL. I kept my accessories simple this time (and skipped the birdcage fascinator). The dress came with this belt, but my sisters from another mister (hey Myrsha and Kennie); along with my partners in crime aka bridesmaids (shout out to Eva and THE infamous Judy lol) blinged it out to give the belt a little umph. This is just a fun LWD that will always have a special place in my heart.

N IMG_9498

Dress: David’s Bridal // Sandals: Nine West

To my plus size perfect babes out there, I don’t even need to give you a substitute… This dress goes up to a size 26! Yay for stores that get it and that cater to ALL of us!

Gail’s Look

Ain’t nothing like an all white outfit.  Whether winter or summer you’ll catch me rocking an all white outfit at some point as evidenced here.  The difficulty that can crop up when trying to put a monochromatic look together is that the colours can sometimes be  a bit off….the whites are not always the “same whites” or the blacks aren’t the same if you know what I mean.

IMG_8637 Edited

That was the bind I found myself in when pulling this look together.  To get around this difficulty I looked for different materials or textures so that it doesn’t look like I was unsuccessful in my attempt to match whites that aren’t the same white.

G IMG_8697

When I came across this top I was immediately attracted to the rushing in the bust area.  I paired the top with a straight cotton mix skirt and added some frosting around my neck.  Now I’m off to sail away on that boat cruise Judy mentioned…or was it Diner en Blanc?

G IMG_8838


G IMG_8739 b

Tank top: // Skirt: Talbots (old) Similar here // Necklace: (sold out0 Similar here // Pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar here

For my tall gals here are options for you: Top: ASOS Tall  // Skirt: ASOS Tall or The Limited

GR IMG_8404


Tah Tah for now,

~The Quartet

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