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So, I could tell you all about how much I adore the way this dress hugs my every curve to perfection.  How the colour and animal print give me life, and that I simply love how it shows off my slim frame to its best advantage. I could also tell you about how I chose to pair it with this indigo coloured moto jacket because it adds another layer of edginess to the look, while the fuchsia pumps take this look to the next level. And if that‘s all you want to hear, you can stop reading right here because these are all true….

But, if you want to hear a little “fashion twist” in which I share the breakdown on what I consider to be the similarities between shopping and dating, well then, by all means, read on my friend!

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Ladies, I am a sucker for a super cute dress the same way that a girl can sometimes be a sucker for a really cute guy! Come on now ladies, you know what I mean! No? Well, allow me to elaborate…

Let me begin by making the following admission: I’m a shopaholic, and I love checking out a well dressed man, and over the years, I’ve developed a particular set of skills. These skills, while they won’t enable me to MacGyver my way out of any situation, they have enabled me to notice certain interesting things about shopping and dating. Please let me know if you’ve ever taken note of these fascinating parallels.

You know that feeling you get when you first lay eyes on a really, super cute piece, whether it be a dress or shoes or a handbag or that perfect top let’s say a hot dress (because I’m dress obsessed). Did you ever notice that, sometimes, that is the same reaction you have when you see a really cute guy. That “oooh, who is that” can so easily translate to fashion speak as “oooh what is that” and both can be accompanied by increased heart rate, pupil dilation and the need to stop and stare! lol

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That was my reaction when I first laid eyes on the leopard print loveliness of this beautiful bodycon dress, except I said, “oooh what is this, and can I get me one”! And get me one I did! I just knew that the print would help to add more volume to my slim silhouette while the figure hugging style would accentuate all my curves!

Now ladies, when you first find that seemingly perfect piece, just like we need to do with that seemingly perfect fella, you need to “try it on” to see how it fits. By this I mean in the case of clothing items, you need to use the “size guide” if you’re ordering that must have piece on-line (don’t just choose the size you usually take at your usual shopping spot), or if you’re in the store, you need to slip into that little number to see how it fits. This in the world of dating is that first conversation. You’ve made eye contact with the “target” and now you need to see if his talk is as good as his looks. Hearts have been broken in fitting rooms and initial conversations with potential “perfect“ guy alike. But never fear there will be more clothes and more cuties!  Lucky for me this dress fit my curves to perfection, the guy though, well, I’m still shopping around! LOL

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Here’s another similarity between shopping and dating. Sometimes, when you see a clothing item, don’t you just wana take it for a test drive, but know perfectly well that it’s not a forever like? Ladies, don’t waste your time or money on something (or someone) that you’re just not that into.  If you know that you’re not really liking a piece but the “trend-setters” are all raving about it, follow your instinct and don’t take the plunge (I think the parallel to dating is self-explanatory for this one:-)…though I will admit,  there are always exceptions to every ruel!:-) This colourful leopard print dress needed no test driving; with its classic lines and fantastic leopard print, I knew this was my killer combo, like a cute guy that can dress well too will definitely get a double take from me!lol

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And then we can’t forget the dream boat dresses. You know the ones…Those dresses that make you forget your name, lose the ability to utter complete sentences and basically cause your life to flash before your eyes…a life in which all will be coming up roses because you will be wearing that dress!  Now, in my reality, these dresses, like these types of men, are usually outta my league. Not because I can’t afford it (because if I stop eating, paying for the roof over my head and get rid of cable tv I totally could). Nor is it because I have low self-esteem, but simply because  Oscar de la Renta like Idris Elba is not checking for me….yet!lol

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So these are a few of my fashion tips and dating experiences/advice for those of you out there that are doing a bit of both:-)

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Dress: River Island (old), Similar here, here and here  // Leather Jacket: Danier (old), Similar here // Shoes: Aldo //

For my sexy curvy chicas: Dress // Jacket //

Happy shopping and happy dating..if you’re still  looking for your Clyde (or Bonnie:-)

Till next time


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  1.' GT says:

    Leslie you look amazing! I love that animal print dress!

  2.' nancy says:

    Love this dress and your parallels had me rolling! lol

  3.' Jean-Luc says:

    You look absolutely stunning Leslie! Your fashion sense & style is surpassed only by your creativity. Great article!

  4.' iRoseline says:

    Leslie once again, loving the look 100%

  5.' Merik says:

    Simply stunning!!!

  6.' juliette says:

    Too too funny! And TRUE!!!

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