If you are a bride to be who is looking for the perfect custom bridesmaid dresses that fit all body types, well look no further because Azazie is your new best friend. Fab Four Fashion joined forces with Azazie to give you a peak at what elegance and class can look like when you own one of their beautiful custom made creations.

 And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for; here come the belles of the ball.

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Leslie’s Look

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Classic film star glamour. This is what came to mind when I saw this beautiful floor length gown from Azazie. Made to measure dresses, with a ton of styles to choose from Azazie is the perfect one-stop-shop for the bridesmaid’s dress that will make everyone take a second look or that dress for a special occasion when you need to bring out your inner Michelle Obama or Juliana Moore.

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love the glamour of old world Hollywood. The styles, the over-the-top parties and the way women wore clothes that screamed “I belong in pictures”! This gorgeous dress from Azazie says all of this to me. I never knew made to measure could be so good. There’s only one word to describe the fit of this dress: perfect. From the shoulders, to the bust and waist, to the length, Azazie gets the Triple Crown for style, fit and form.

lt IMG_2698


I selected this dress not only for it’s classic lines, but also, with my slim silhouette, I wanted something that would highlight the curves that I have and not drown me in fabric. This dress has a fitted bust and hip, while ever so gently falling away just below my hip creating a bit of a fish tale without it being too exaggerated. The touches of rhinestones at the shoulder and waist add that extra bit of glam that I love and really take this dress to the next level. Wile this is a bridesmaid’s dress, I would definitely where this to another formal occasion. Wherever you decide to go in this glamourous little number you will make heads turn.

lt IMG_2545

Dress c/o: Azazie

My curvy ladies, Azazie caters to women of ALL sizes so you can bring this little baby home ifyou too like that Hollywood glam.


Gail’s Look

Finding the perfect evening dress, especially a bridesmaid dress, as a plus size woman can very often lead to many a shopping trip disaster.  Thankfully, Azazie has really taken the pain out of bridesmaid and evening wear shopping!

gt IMG_1328

Azazie, based out of California, has a wonderful selection of dresses that caters to woment of all shapes and sizes.  How refreshing – a company that understands women come in all sizes and so they make quality, custom clothing for ALL women!  Clothing should fit the woman – said woman should not have to contort herself into a pretzel to wear an item of clothing!

gt IMG_1310


gt IMG_1409


I chose this gorgeous halter style dress in a beautiful shade of red – one of my favourite colours.  The process of ordering the dress was a breeze.  I simply chose the style I wanted, input my measurements (they offer a handy dandy online sizing guide to help you out) and presto, I got my gorgeous gown, which fit perfectly by the way, in about 2 weeks!

I completed my red carpet look with long gold dangly earrings, a gold box clutch, matching gold cuffs and nude pumps.

gt IMG_1456


Dress c/o: Azazie // Dangly gold earrings: Hudson’s Bay // Gold cuffs: Forever 21 // Gold clutch: eBay // Nude pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar here //


Judy’s Look

Well, allow me to describe to you my amazing experience with Azazie. When I first saw them on Instagram I was immediately intrigued. Why you may ask? Because I thought to myself: how genius to have a company that can custom make a dress for you for a wedding, gala or another glamorous event. I was also a bit skeptical though, because the idea of entering your precise measurements on a website and then hopefully getting a perfect custom made dress that fits your body seems a bit too good to be true right?

js IMG_1491

Well dear friends, Azazie took it to another level on me!LOL In order to ensure that you have the right fit for your dress, Azazie asks that you provide your precise measurements from your bust, waist, hips and height, and even ask if you would like the dress made longer to accommodate heels. I had my co-worker help me carefully take my measurements and I was on my way to getting my beautiful custom made creation.


As mention previously, Azazie offers a wide range of bridesmaid dresses and elegant gowns, and once you’ve selected your style, you then get to choose the color of your gown as well. Each gown comes in a wide array of colors. Honestly, I spent so much time trying to figure out the color of my gown that the colors seemed to start to blend together!LOL

js IMG_1685


I chose this gorgeous fuchsia color heart shape long flowy dress called the Azazie Yazmin. I am a lover of bright and vibrant colors so to have my dress made in the fuchsia color was the perfect combination for me.  If you love your bright colors you will be pleased with the spectrum of colors they have on offer.

When Gail called me to come to her office to get my dress, I ran upstairs to grab it (we work in the same building:-). I literally could not wait until I got home to try on the dress. I was way too eager and thrilled so I tried it on right then and there.  The dress was perfect on me and the color complimented my skin so well. Gail and I had to take pictures to share with our other 2 partners in crime. The smile on my face in the pictures was so huge that I thought that it would be permanently imprinted on my face LOL.

js IMG_1496

Ahh I love this dress so much! All my reservations were put to rest when I tried it on and saw how it fit so perfectly on me.  Let me state, in bullet form, the amazing attributes of this dress:


  • First: It was long the way I wanted it to be so that I can wear it with my high heels
  • Second: Since I chose a dress with a heart shaped neckline, there is boning in the neckline to help keep the dress in the right shape
  • Third: There is a built in bra inside the dress with straps and all for added support


All these important details make me love this dress so much and appreciate the amazing work of AZAZIE. I can’t wait to wear this dress to a fabulous wedding.

js IMG_1797


Dress c/o: AZAZIE // Shoes: Halston (old) Similar here // Necklace: eBay (old) Similar here

Nancy’s Look

Azazie. Azazie. AZAZIE! That’s all I have to say! Lol I will openly say that I approached this collaboration being a bit of a skeptic. I have seen stores and boutiques that cater to bridesmaid dresses where you really have to wonder if the bride actually likes her friends! LOL The dresses are flimsy and just not cute. Let me tell you that this is NOT the case here! But just to be clear, these go way beyond being bridesmaid dresses. I would wear this to a gala or any other black tie event in a heartbeat!

nd IMG_1897

 This made to measure baby is really on point. If you’re able to measure yourself and you don’t work with a friend who is trying to sabotage you (lol) your dress will NEVER be too short. Did you read this tall chicas. A dress that is never too short! What a novel idea! Indeed, the design tool asks for your height THEN it lets you know that they allow for extra length for your heels! Check out my pics, not a toe in sight! The tool knows that you need to be fly and rock your heels and that you don’t need to wear you kitty heels just to make the dress look right!
nd IMG_2189

 The bust area is padded. That ensures that your girls sit right every time and that you won’t have any unexpected overexposure lol. You already know how I love a garment with great movement and the flow on this dress does not disappoint. I was looking for my Beyoncé wind machine the entire time that I had it on lol.I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what’s even more impressive: the price point! You would think that a custom dress like this would set you back several hundred dollars… Well guess again! Most of their offerings (currently 225 out of 232 to be exact!) are under $150! How amazing is that! Custom dress for less than $150… This is just amazing!

nd IMG_2202

The dress is just perfect and I didn’t need much to make it pop. I just added a gold belt along with some statement earrings and a bunch of gold bangles. And with that, I’m ready to attend the next inaugural ball – assuming that they don’t lose my invitation this time! LOL
nd IMG_2248
 Dress c/o: AZAZIE Jacey // Shoes: Ivanka Trump (sold out); similar here
group IMG_2977
Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for taking these amazing flicks and to Mariam Gobran for Leslie and Nancy’s superb makeup!
Signing off,
The Quartet

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