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So, I need some “audience participation” right now. I need you to first relax those tense shoulders…roll your neck from side to side slowly 2 times…sit up straight, then take a deep breath and let it out slowly, gradually relaxing all your muscles; your back, your neck, your arms, legs……

Now, hold it there…see that feeling you’re feeling right now? That moment, though brief, that precise moment where you feel utterly, shamelessly, blissfully, relaxed? THAT is how I feel on a hot, sunny, summer’s day …and this dress is the cherry on top, adding an extra sashay to my hips, making my shoulders and arms feel more languid, and ever so slowly parting my lips into a wicked smile that makes me look like the cat that caught the cream!

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This dress and I met the way people talk about two star-crossed lovers: across a crowded room. Ok ok, it was a store. But location notwithstanding, it was all that story tellers write about; love at first sight! And when we got together, oh baby, it was electric!

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The chemistry was just right. Perfect print, beautiful colour combination, silhouette that shows off my curves and enough stretch for those ladies packing a little extra heat!;-)

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Now for some of the small details that I love about this dress that can easily be overlooked. While it’s very form fitting, the darker print of the bottom portion allows us ladies to be more flexible with the type of undergarments we opt to wear (i.e. it keeps our “Victoria’s Secrets, secret!). Subtle panty lines are easily hidden (whoot-whoot for us ladies who aren’t always wearing our sexy panties LOL) and the split in the back. Oh thank you Jesus for those designers that recognized that while we want the pencil shape look, we still need to actually walk….like with real, grown women steps or climb stairs without difficulty (yeah, I once mistakenly got one of them tricksy skirts that was  just not allowing me to be great!lol ß and yeah, I did call it “tricksy”, no typo!LOL).

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But really, I love the sheer simple line of this dress. The style and print offer so much visual interest, that one really doesn’t have to do much to it. It’s really that quintessential throw on and go type of piece.

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Being that I like to be a little extra sometimes, I wanted to accessorize to the hilt, and the name of my accessory game was all gold urvything!LOL. I feel like a warrior princess, with my battle field being the concrete jungle of the 6ix!

With that, I’m ready for anything!

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Dress: H&M (check the store, I bet it’s still there), Similar here or here // Shoes: Office // Jacket: Danier (old), Similar here //

For my plus sized perfect sistas: Dress or Dress // Jacket //

Till next time! Enjoy the summer!

Leslie xoxo

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