Cruella DeVille

If you’ve been reading the blog for some time then you know that I have a love affair with any and all black and white combinations.  There is just something about a black and white combo that seems fresh and new all at the same time.GT Edited IMG_6690

So, when I spotted this beautifully spotted coat I knew I had to have it.  It reminded of the glamourous villan Cruella DeVille who was in such desperate need for a spotted coat that she would easily sacrifice 101 dalmation puppies!GT Edited IMG_6918

GT Edited IMG_6806

So, the rest for my ebony and ivory story involves this off the shoulder horizontal striped top.  Now, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t subscribe to these so called “rules” that plus size chicks should adhere to regarding horizontal stripes.  I just wear what I want…period and you should feel free to do the same! LOL  Anyhow, I just love the way the stripes play against the my spotted black and white coat.GT Edited IMG_6856


GT Edited IMG_6699

GT Edited IMG_6888

Since I’ve got print and print happening with the coat and top I decided to ground everything with this white tube skirt and black platform knee high boots.GT Edited IMG_6807

To complete my look I added this black and white should bag and I’m good to go!

*Special thanks to photographer Roseline Bonheur

Coat: Banana Republic (sold out) similar here or here // Top: ASOS Curve (sold out) similar here here //Skirt: eBay (sold out) similar here // Boots: Lane Bryant (sold out) similar here or here

For my tall babes here are some options for you: Coat // Top // Skirt //

Tah Tah for now!

Gail xo

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