Fab Four Faves: Boots A Plenty – Skinny Calf Edition

You Ask? We Answer!

One of our Fab readers asked us the following:

“I have skinny legs and as a result I struggle to find knee high boots that are tight around my calves. Wondering what brands Nancy and Leslie wear to achieve a more fitted look?”

We hear you Dre. We hear you! So, for this week’s edition of Fab Four Fave, Nancy will tackle Dre’s question.

As an avid online shopper (where the size 12 shoe possibilities are endless…almost!), I know that it can be very difficult to find hot boots that won’t make you look like Puss ‘n Boots! LOL

First thing ladies, you have to know how big (or small!) you calf is. So grab that tape measure and measure on! Once you’re armed with this info, you can start shopping!


boots heel

Stuart  Wiseman // Nine West // Steve Madden

Some of my favorite online shopping sites actually make your search much easier: sites like Nordstrom.com, Amazon.com (and Zappos.com for our American friends) allow you to search for “Narrow Calf” which typically means 15” or less.  Make sure you don’t get them too snug as you may want to wear your boots with jeans.

boots flats

Vince Camuto // Sole Society // The Wishbone Collection

And if you fall in love with a pair that is slightly too large, you can try a trick brought to you by our very own Judy, and wear leg warmers inside of you boots. For a more permanent solution, you can always find a trusty shoe repair person. If you’re in Toronto, the ladies (yes ladies!) at Sole Survivor can definitely hook you up by adjusting the calf size. We always stress the importance of a good tailor – well a good “shoe tailor” is just as important! You can even work with them and design your very own pair which will definitely be the perfect size!

Also, you can check out Ted & Muffy. This amazing UK retailer allows you to customize from your shoe size, to your calf size, in a variety of beautiful boot options.

boots tm

Ismene // Huntsman // Acantha

Our resident sexy slim aka Leslie noted that she has been successful with boots from Zara and even Joe Fresh! And from my end, Nine West is pretty consistent as well.

I hope that this helps you out a bit, and please be sure to show us the sexy boots you end up buying to match those sexy calves!

Follow Dre’s lead! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer!



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  2. andreamuir79@gmail.com' Dre says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH NANCY!! This post was very helpful. I will be looking into Ted & Muffy and Sole Survivor. I think the best option is getting my boots custom fitted. You gals are amazing!!! Nuff love!

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