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Fab Four Fashion is all about women supporting women. When the opportunity presented itself for us to work with the company Rue107, we jumped on it. The force behind Rue 107 is called Marie Jean-Baptiste, a Haitian sister doing her thang with her beautiful colourful designs.  Being Haitian myself, it’s always nice to see one of your own doing well and achieving their goals!

js IMG_1557

Rue 107 is a brand which represents a sexy, confident, and bold woman.  It’s all about embracing your curves and not being scared to flaunt them. They also understand that all women deserve to be dressed in style so they cater to women sizes small to 3X.

The good people at Rue 107 were kind enough to send me extra piece to showcase for them. I didn’t know what to expect so I waited patiently and received this bodycon poppy printed dress and a 2 piece bathing suit.

js IMG_1615

I was a bit nervous when I saw the print because it is rather large and it was a departure of my usually attire. However, my reservations were put to rest once I tried it on.  I pranced and twirled around in my apartment, flaunting my stuff  and of course looking at myself from every angle in the mirror.  The dress fit perfectly and the stretch material is a very good quality so it hugged me in all the right places. This poppy print with off the shoulder ruffle top is in your face and screams I’m here and you are going to RESPECT ME! LOL

js IMG_1633

Of course you already know by now that I’m a huge fan of midi length bodycons and this dress is precisely that.  This dress very flirty and makes me ready to partay!!!!  I wore it with a nice pair of cage black sandals and my biker leather jacket. To accessorize my look I wore a pair of long silver earrings and my beaded black and white clutch.

This dress is for my sexy ladies who dare to be different and are not afraid to try something new.  So remember to have fun ladies cause fashion is about expressing yourself.

js IMG_1623


Dress c/o: Rue107 // earrings: (not available) H&M find similar here // Sandals: Nine West (old) Find similar here // biker jacket: Wilson leather // clutch Zara (old) find similar here


js IMG_1651

Now let me tell you about this fabulous 2 piece bathing suit. I remember when the good people of Rue107 asked me if I would be comfortable wearing a bathing suit and I responded hell yes!!!! Then I sat back I thought about my decision like oh no what have I done.  Thoughts came to my head, as I was very nervous and apprehensive. Posing in a bathing suit  is out of my comfort zone, but I‘m a firm believer in facing fears and breaking barriers.

When I opened the package I immediately fell in love with the beautiful wrap around bathing suit that came in fabulous tribal print. The bottom part was a bit small and I was scared that it would not fit my behind. I went home to try it on and I couldn’t stop smiling!  I was very shocked that the bottom part fit so well.  The material used for this 2 piece suit is very impressive and the bottom part fit me so well that I doesn’t feel tight and doesn’t cause any bulging, nor does it ride up my derriere.

js IMG_1664

The bra top fit me perfectly and offers me very good coverage plus the tribal print is fun and flirty. I can definitely say with confidence that I feel comfortable in this 2 piece bathing suit and I love love love the print.  I will definitively pack it for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean.

js IMG_1850

What I also love is that the top is very practical, it can be worn as a top with a cute pair of shorts or with a nice skirt, which I’m planning on doing on vacation.   Bottom line this bathing suit gives me comfort and sexiness at the same time and I’m here for it.

js IMG_1793

I took a leap of faith by revealing myself in this sexy bathing suit and I’m ready to conquer! Thank you Rue107.

Bathing suit c/o Rue107: top & Bottom // Sandals: Nine West (old) find similar here / earrings: (not available) H&M find similar here

Tah Tah for now dahlings!


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  1. mizwooster@gmail.com' GT says:

    Simply stunning!

  2. merikagu@gmail.com' Merik says:

    Wow Ju!!! You look amazing! Break those barriers girl!!!

  3. Bro2danite@gmail.com' Florent says:

    Wow Cuzzo, You are simply stunning. Don’t hurt them out there. (Btw I’m telling your momma). 😉

  4. thompson.leslieann@gmail.com' LT says:

    There are truly no words to describe how GORGEOUS you look Judy!!!!! Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jj.orchidee@yahoo.ca' Jennifer says:

    The dress and bathing suit are simply amazing! The fitting is perfect!

  6. dionneallison@gmail.com' Dionne says:

    Love the bathing suit! Beautiful print…your definitely rocking it Judy!

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