Friday Fashion Week Flashback – 1st Edition

March 14th heralded the return of another fashion week to the city of Toronto, and with it came the frenzied excitement and fervour of catching the first glimpse of what would be hot for the fall/winter 2016 season. We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, joined the fray, necks craned to spy with our little eyes what Canada’s fashion finest had cooked up for us. And we must say, we were absolutely floored, rendered speechless and seeing stars! So, we decided to give you, our readers, the low down of the showdown and highlight 4 designer’s collections over the next 4 Fridays showcasing some of the pieces that had us mopping up the drool on our chins!


First up, can we just say “OMG I WANT THIS”; Sir Christopher Paunil (yes, we officially made him a knight of the fashion realm).  His creations are what little girls dream about and what grown women contemplate re-mortgaging their house for, ok, ok fine, just the car!

We bring to you some of the gorgeous pieces that are still making our hearts do a little pitter-pat and filling our dreams with sequins and satins and silks – oh my!

We call this one “Killing Me Softly” because the Fab Four just died when we saw this gorgeous dress!

Silver Dress Collage

This delicious gown had the single Fab Four ladies seeing wedding bells, husbands and honeymoons; while the married Fab four lady wanted to convince her hubby that they needed to do it all over again…immediately”lol  We’ve dubbed this one “Baby Won’t You Come My Way“.

It was so nice, we just had to show it twice!


And the magnificence just went on and on!

Other Black Dress Collage


Black 2 Piece




Sorry, but we just had to come back to pay true homage to these gorgeous wedding dresses!

Collage 2


These Fab Four Fashion reporters have officially dropped the microphone! Sir Paunil you’ve set the bar high!

Final Edited

Tune in next Friday to see what other fashion week flashbacks still have us buzzing!

This post was created on the Microsoft Surface; capturing some of our best fashion week moments!

Edited IMG_7634

Which fabulous creation would you most like to take home! Let us know!

*Photo credit: George Pimentel


The Fab Four

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