Friday Fashion Week Flashback – 2nd Edition

We are finally feeling the spring thaw, temperatures soaring into the high teens, and the warmth of the sun’s rays caressing our faces. So…ummm….why is it that the ladies of Fab Four Fashion are plotting and planning the pieces that they want in their fall wardrobe? The answer will become oh so clear once you catch a peak at this week’s installment of our “Friday Fashion Week Flashback”.

RUDAK finale - Copy

One of our Montreal hometown favourites, Rudsak has always been known for their to-die-for coats and stylish handbags, but one would be remiss if one were to ignore their clothing pieces that are equally exquisite!  The looks that sashayed their way down the runway back in March left us dreaming of chestnuts roasting and roaring fires! Check out some of the gorgeous pieces that had us salivating and thinking that Jack Frost nipping at our noses might not be such a terrible thing if it means we get to dress like this!

RUDSAK_1 - Copy


Final 2 - Collage - Copy

RUDSAK_13 - Copy


And let us not forget the men…

Final 4 - Collage - Copy

Final 5 - Collage - Copy

RUDSAK_14 - Copy


Final 1 - Collage - Copy

RUDSAK_11 - Copy

Final 3 - Collage - Copy

Rudsak just never disappoints, and year after year they continue to provide us with a veritable fashion feast filled with gorgeous garments that feed our passion for fashion and we loved every moment of it!

Tune in next Friday to see which other collections kept us at the edge of our seats at Toronto Fashion Week!

This post was created on the Microsoft Surface! Capturing some of our greatest moments at Toronto Fashion Week.

*Photo credit: George Pimentel

GT and JS Edited Surface IMG_8006

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four xo

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