Friday Fashion Week Flashback – 4th Edition

David Dixon’s Fall 2016 presentation of the gene collection at Toronto Fashion Week held us spellbound – eyes riveted, mouths agape and hearts aglow. On the edge of our seats with our hearts in hand we bore witness to how seamlessly fashion can be interwoven with the pursuit of and celebration of greatness.
Cancer Survivors updated

This collection, uniquely designed and inspired by Mr. Dixon’s partnership and collaboration with the Ovarian Cancer Canada demonstrated the greatness of women, their strength and determination and of course, their beauty. The singular mission of Fab Four Fashion is to help all women embrace their shape, celebrate their form and become empowered in a world that likes to dictate what is considered beautiful. When really, we are all beautiful.

David Dixon White Trench updated

This fashion show, with its stunning designs, powerful message and beautiful real women that took to the runway brought to the fore a cause that has touched so many lives.David Dixon Sleeveless White Shift Dress updated

David Dixon sleeveless dress black and white updated

This show had a culmination of all the elements that made for an experience one can never forget: beauty, powerful messaging, characters that one can easily identify with and most important, heroes.Tulle Skirts Collage

This show resonated particularly with Nancy as her mother, Yvanne Dorvil, passed away from breast cancer. This week marks 13 years since her passing. It was great to see how fashion, which is our passion, is used to raise awareness and funds for cancer – a disease that we are all affected by in one way or another.  Hopefully, one day, our children or children’s children will ask their mother’s “what’s cancer?”, in the way one speaks of something long extinct.David Dixon Evening Dress Collage

Thank you Mr Dixon for adding your voice to those shouting for a cure and celebrating every victory over this enemy of all women!

*Photo credit: George Pimentel

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This post is dedicated to Yvanne Dorvil, and with it we send out a prayer for health and happiness to all women fighting the good fight.

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

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