Friday Fashion Week Flashback: Street Styles Edition

While much of the spectacle that is Toronto Fashion Week took place under the big top, we must pay appropriate homage to the spectacle that was taking place on the streets!

While the likes of David Dixon and Christopher Paunil had us panting after the creations that we could look forward to for Fall/Winter, we were likewise salivating over many of the fun, funky and flirty outfits that held court off the runway.

These are a few of the sensational street styles that captured our attention and our adoration!

Cool Shoes

Our girl Judy found a friend in the fashion fray! The oh so pretty Gerardine Jeune!

Edited IMG_7706

Edited IMG_7844

Pretty Dress

Let’s talk jewelry! Rebekah Price was killing the jewelry game at fashion week. But no surprise as she designed these gorgeous pieces herself!

Edited IMG_7888

And Leslie found her twin in the beautiful Jessi Cruickshank!

Edited IMG_7702

So, we cheated. This outfit is not strictly street style, as it was designed and showcased by the talented Montreal designer Antoinette Di Carlo of Di Carlo Couture and being shown at TFW. But it was too beautiful not to include!

Edited IMG_7954

Check out the back!

Edited IMG_7957

Gail too spied a peep or two at TFW. Seen here with our girl Amanda Monty from

Edited IMG_7828

And the ‘head gear’ was a beautiful sight to behold!

Red Hat

Edited IMG_7838

Which ones did you like best?

This post was created on the Microsoft Surface! Capturing all our exciting moments at Toronto Fashion Week!

Edited IMG_8019

Tah Tah for now!

The Fab Four

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