How to Successfully Shop Online

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As a tall woman, a lot of my shopping has to be done online. I realized how extensive my online shopping was when I realized that I remembered my credit card number by heart. *Insert wide eyed emoji* As the online retail industry continues to grow, more and more of us are shopping on the World Wide Web. We find cool sites, fall in love with pieces, quickly order… only to be disappointed when the items comes. And then, to add insult to injury, in some cases, we have to dish out more cash to return the item. Dreadful!

Here are some tips that I learned along the way which can help us become more successful with online shopping.

⦁ Know your measurement!


Using a measuring tape is essential. Knowing you’re a size X is not enough as your size may differ from one retailer to another. Be sure to consult the size charts to order the right size. When in doubt, order a size up and have the item tailored. Tailoring adds to the cost but it also insures that it fits perfectly.

⦁ Know your fabrics.

Judging an article from your computer screen may sometimes be tricky. To be sure of what you’re getting, read the info and care section. For example, a garment that is 100% polyester doesn’t typically have much (of a) stretch. When the fabric is described as a composition of multiple materials, I try to go through my closet to look at the tags to see which items come close to the item I’m looking to buy.

⦁ Try it on!

For the long legged women out there, some retailers like Gap, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic have a Tall collection online. To have a better idea of size and fit, go to the store and try one the “regular” size and if satisfied with the piece, order it in the “tall” size!

⦁ Read the reviews!


Is it true to size? Does it run small? Leverage from others’ experience! If most people complained that the dress you’re eyeing runs small, you might want to go a size up.

⦁ Review before ordering!

Before you confirm your order, make sure to review the return policy, shipping information and term and conditions! I know, I know, sometimes we get so excited and quickly confirm orders before reading all the t&c. Not all retailers offer full refund, so unless you’re 100% sure of your purchase, slow down and make sure that you’ll be getting what you’re hoping!

As a last note, I tend to stick to recognized retailers, but if you fall in love with a lesser known online boutique, make sure to do your research to make sure you’re not being scammed. Many of this smaller shops offer great quality product, but we tend to be reluctant to purchasing their goods because of some of the bad apples out there. Try to find reviews and comments from previous customers.

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Do you have any other tips to successfully shop online? If so, do tell!


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  1.' judy says:

    Great post Nancy, very informative

  2.' iRoseline says:

    Girl… I know my cc number by heart too… Shame. Love the tips! I also tend to look for discounts, coupons… (Canada) or wait for the store to announce their big sale IF I can wait longer to save some coins.

  3.' Merik says:

    Great post! Very useful! I have had more bad experiences than good ones with online shopping. The last time I had to return a purchase I vowed that I would never buy online again! lol But you just gave me hope! 🙂 Or, you created a monster! 🙂

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