If The Shoe Fits

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If the shoe fits, wear it. Simple, right? Well not so much when you have a larger footprint… I remember wearing a size 9 at 9 years old, 10 at 10, 11 at 11; clearly, my family was concerned about what would happen to me when I hit 18! LOL Thankfully, my shoes size held at 11… until I had a baby that is, now my tender tootsies are resting comfortably at a size 12.

This is an ode to my large feet.

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While I tend to get bogged down by the lack of shoe options for anything over a size 11, it was definitely worst twenty years ago. See, I grew up in the 80’s, in an era when the ladies that we all wanted to emulate were tomboys: Queen Latifah, Yoyo, Mc Lyte, Aaliyah, TLC – all tomboys. This was perfect for me because I could always get my fly kicks from the men’s department.

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This was perfect for everyday life, but when we had special events, that’s when the headaches started. While everyone else rejoiced at the news that so and so got engaged, my joy would soon be replaced by the anxiety of what shoes I would wear to the wedding. lol Sad, I know.

I remember shopping with my dad and having to resort to the ugliest grandma shoes (no disrespect to the fly grandmas out there). The words: “mais tu n’as pas le choix” (French for: “but you don’t have any options”) were the worst ones that used to be uttered.

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Fast forward to the present day. The “stigma” associated with having larger feet still prevails. Shopping for shoes (outside of stores that specifically cater to “us”) is still a pain: basically involving whispering your size, seeing the sales person’s astonished look on their face (like having a size 12 is a monstrosity) and being informed that “the largest size in this shoe is a size 10, sorry”. Situations like this make me appreciate online shopping and long tall sally all the more!

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long tall sally has a wide array of awesome shoes (which are available in sizes 9 – 15) and – wait for it – that we would actually want to wear! Like these amazing sandals that make me feel like an Urban Gladiator! You just have to take a few minutes to check out If The Shoe Fits on longtallsally.com. It has some great tips to figure out the correct size, some fun facts and of course, a drool worthy lookbook.

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As the proud mom of a future tall girl (and likely big footed babe), I love seeing these initiatives as I hope and pray that she will not have to endure the same annoyances I had growing up. I also hope and pray that she will fully accept and love every single inch of herself. I reached that comfortable milestone later in life, but with brands like long tall sally, it makes it easier for younger girls with a love for fashion to express themselves in every way.

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Sandals: long tall sally // Dress: Club Monaco (ancient!); similar here // Jacket: Topshop

Plus size babes! I haven’t forgotten about you! Recreate my look with this dress or that one and this jacket!




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