Judy’s Jumpers

Now that the nice weather is finally here, jumpers are a  great way to start the season.  First let me state that I have an obsession with jumpers lol. I’m always on the lookout for the best jumper to suit my curvy frame.  Jumpers are great!  You can dress them up with some nice accessories and a great pair of heels or you can wear them casual with a pair of flats.

Below are 3 of my favourite jumpers.

Day look /Picnic /BBQ

J - IMG_0525

My first jumper look is a short African print jumper that I bought a few seasons ago from Victoria Secret surprisingly! When I spied this little number in the VS catalogue, I immediately hopped on to my computer to discover, to my utter disbelief, that this little beauty was indeed available on the Victoria’s Secret website in my size! Imagine my reaction LOL I almost did a back flip out of my chair!

J - IMG_0641

For this day look, I wore my jumper with a fedora hat, brown braided belt and some cute brown, low heeled strappy sandals.

J - IMG_0723

I would wear this outfit during the day when I’m out gallivanting with my FabFourFashion ladies or to a picnic or BBQ.

J - IMG_0559

Jumper (old): Victoria Secret find similar here and here // Fedora hat from Winners (similar to Marshall) find similar here // Sandals: DSW find similar here

For my tall Fashionistas  here is the option I found for you.


Brunch and Terrasse Look

J - IMG_0778

This is a long white and blue patterned jumper which fits oh so perfectly thanks to my tailor.  I found this beautiful jumper at Forever 21, and I fell in love with it. What I like about this type of jumper is that I can dress it up or down with some cute flat sandals.

J - IMG_0828

This is a look that I would wear to go for brunch with my girls to discuss our next Fab Four Fashion adventure, or I would wear this to go for drinks on a nice terrasse on a hot summer day.  If you are not familiar with what a terrasse is, ask someone from Montreal and they will tell you all about it!:)

J - IMG_0891

J - IMG_0791

Jumper: Forever 21 (old) Similar here // Sandals: DSW (old) Similar here

For my Tall Fashionistas here is the great option I found for you here

And my final look is Clubbing / Lounge Look

J - IMG_1025

I wore a heart shape neckline strapless jumper which I have paired with a black and gold belt to accentuate my shape. I added a little fascinator to jazz up my look and threw on my black biker jacket and voilà, I’m ready for a night of fun.  All I need now is for the dj to drop some good tunes and I’m good money!

J - IMG_1011

J - IMG_1035

J - IMG_1055

Jumper:  ASOS (old) Similar here // Jacket: Forever 21 (old) Similar here //Fascinator (old)  Similar here//Shoes: Charles by Charles David (old) Similar here

For my tall sisters this is what I found for you here

Ok, smootches! I must continue on with my quest to find the next amazing jumper!









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  1. mizwooster@gmail.com' GT says:

    Judy you look amazing!

  2. sterlinga@live.ca' Antonine sterling says:

    Sis you look very Nice.

  3. rosebon@gmail.com' iRoseline says:

    Love jumpers, jumpsuits, rompers, I love them all. Great post!

  4. merikagu@gmail.com' Merik says:

    Wow! I Love all those jumpers! They suit you very well! You look fabulous!

  5. rosie.randazzo@gmail.com' Rosie says:

    U look great

  6. levequej38@gmail.com' Jessica L says:

    Hello! Great post! I have a question on the second romper, how did your tailored make it fit better? I Have the same romper but the thigh part is a little tight whenever I sit or bend. Do you mind elaborating so that AI can know what to do as I look for a tailor hear me.
    Thank you!

    • info@fabfourfashion.com' The Quartet says:

      Hi Jessica,

      I bought one size bigger so my tailor was able to adjust it properly to my body, because I tried the smaller size and it was too tight in the thigh part and when I sat down. By taking a bigger size she was able to take out a bit of material on each size to fit my body properly. hope that answers your question.

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