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Discovering a new tall clothing line always gets us excited. But when it comes to this clothing line, “excited” is an understatement. If the Olivia Popes, Claire Underwoods and Annalise Keatings of the world were all over 5’9″, they would all swoon over Model Atelier. This line has sophistication and flare in spades. These classic pieces will shatter the commonly held conception of the office “uniform”. And naturally, when left to the devices of tall Fab Four Fashion’s Leslie and Nancy, you can count on them tossing predictability out the window and remixing these pieces with an edgy twist. See how they remix their Model Aterlier gear.


See how our boss ladies wear their pieces for a casual look!

GR IMG_8672

Leslie’s Look

What do you get when you take a black and white print, add a little leather, a splash of colour and a PYT? You get a funk phenomenon brought to you by Model Atelier and our print obsessed Fab Four femme Leslie!

LT IMG_8816

This awesome mini skirt, courtesy of Model Atelier is the perfect piece to show off those gorgeous gams. I love to show a little leg, ok, perhaps a lot of leg, so opted to wear this skirt as a “micro” mini. But since this company knows all about how to dress a beautiful tall girl, rather than wearing this as a high-waisted mini, you can rock it lower than I have here and get additional length (and coverage).

LT IMG_8893

The combination of the effortless black and white print and simple lines of this piece, coupled with the black leather trim make it of so chic and fun. Worn with a simple well cut black blazer or with a bolder print as I’ve done here, this piece can be dressed up, down, with a funky twist or simple sophistication. Whatever your tastes, this skirt can fit the bill!

LT IMG_8909

Skirt: Model Atelier // Blazer: Clover Canyon (old), Similar here // Shoes: Office //

For my sexy curvy chicas: Skirt or Skirt // Blazer

GR IMG_8560

Nancy’s Look

This full circle skirt is simply divine. It’s a great classic piece that can be worn in so many different ways: with a button up shirt for the office or  a crop top for date night. Here, I decided to dress the skirt down by wearing it with an oversized sweater; of course, I needed to inject my typical pop of color.

ND IMG_8990

The skirt is available in ivory and black; both of which allow for multiple outfit combinations with a myriad of colors or a fun print. In order to fully accentuate the fullness of the skirt, I wore a tutu underneath to create added volume. And the movement! Oh the movement! I could not help myself, I had to twirl, twirl, twirl! LOL

ND IMG_9077

The other great thing that I appreciate with Model Atelier is the sizing. They understand that a girl can be tall and of a delicate frame (aka skinny lol) so they offer their pieces from size 0 to size 12. They also understand the various facets of a tall woman by offering items in the lengths that we love: have a skirt or dress that grazes the floor or a mini that is still decent! Like much of their collection, this skirt is a classic and a must have in every wardrobe.

ND IMG_9168

Skirt: Model Atelier // Sweater: Topshop (old); similar here and here // Shoes: Nine West

Plus size sexy, recreate my look with this skirt and sweater!


Now, it’s time to turn up the dial. See how the boss ladies wear their pieces when it’s time to handle business!

GRP IMG_9242

Leslie’s Look

They say you should always dress for success, I prefer to stick to the attage of dress to impress; and this look definitely leaves an impression. Model Atelier understands the needs of tall women and these pants fit every inch and more of my 5”9’ frame! I actually was able to have a bit of that gathered effect at the hem which Ive ALWAYS wanted but NEVER managed to  get before!

LT IMG_9685

These black “Haute Pencil Pants” with their slim fit and  high-waist are oh so elegant, stylish and a great foundation piece for any womans wardrobe. Easily paired down with a simple sweater, it can also be jazzed up with a blazer and some bling.

LT IMG_9699

I wanted to play around with a black and white theme for this look so opted to wear these pants with a white cape blazer. To add a bit of va-va-voom, I threw on a deep v-neck body suit (which is actually a bathing suit) and a beautiful long necklace that fits into the v-neck oh so perfectly.

And just like that, I’m dressed to impress!

LT IMG_9796

Pants: Model Atelier // Jacket: Zara (sold out), Similar here or here // Top: ASOS (sold out), Similar here  //

For my plus size perfect divas: Pants or Pants // Blazer // Top or Top //

grp IMG_9333

Nancy’s Look

As soon as I laid eyes on this fantastic jacket, I immediately thought about the fine ladies of Dynasty LOL. These ladies were full of class and elegance. And while the piece was reminiscent of their style, I definitely had to jazz it up my way (let’s be honest here, have you ever seen Alexis Carrington in a crop top??!!?! LOL)

ND IMG_9614

So what makes this jacket such a stunner? Well let’s start with the waterfall lapel. This adds a nice twist on the traditional jacket and sets it apart. And now, add an ivory contrast to said lapel. This combination further adds interest to the piece and just forces you to stop and stare.

ND IMG_9600

This is another piece that is multifunctional and can be dressed up, down and everything in between. It would work perfectly for an office setting with pants and a blouse and works just as well belted with skinny jeans and heels for drinks with the girls. I chose to rock it with a crop top just to show a little skin, because, well, why not? lol. Then I added a front slit leather pencil skirt for a dash of edge. I finished the look with pink pumps because I must have that pop of color (sounding like a broken record much? lol). If your plan is to lay low and not be seen, steer clear of this jacket. As soon as you don it, you will get noticed, in a very good way!

ND IMG_9549

Jacket: Model Atelier // Skirt: Topshop // Top: Rebdolls // Shoes: Pleasers

And plus size babes, I never forget you! Get this look with this jacket or that one and this skirt!

That’s all for now! Until next time!


Nancy & Leslie

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