Night at the Museum

I would like to tell you a little story. It’s all about a girl that once upon a time – yes, you read correctly, I said once upon a time, found herself travelling on the subway and looking at the world around her with a new set of eyes. This girl, let’s call her LT, like so many city dwellers, used public transit to travel to and from work, sadly lamenting her plight all the way and complaining about the delays due to signal issues, or passenger assistance problems or the length of her commute. Until one day, she happened across a beautiful station named Museum and her world was forever changed.

IMG_7709 Edited

When she emerged from the train car it magically acquired a new look with a handsome prince and her standard work uniform-like outfit was magically transformed into a super cute sweater and striped skirt combo! Oh my! And upon her feet were a pair of ruby, I mean blue shoe-booties!

IMG_8241 Edited

This proverbial land of Oz was seemingly full of lions and tigers and bears, but she was no cowardly lion!…

Whirk!!!  Stop the track! So, perhaps there were no real lions, and no handsome princes in my subway adventures, but Museum subway station is a sight to be seen and provided a great backdrop for this fun look.

IMG_7748 Edited

This time of year is a SUPERB time to stock up on summer clothes because of all the great summer sales out there! My head is reeling from all the deals I’ve seen and believe me when I say I dove into the action head first! I’ve been watching this sweater and skirt at Zara since they first appeared in the stores and, while I liked them, I was just not ready to pay the price. A girls gotta save for a rainy day, even when trying to put her best fashion foot forward!;-) But, lucky me I was able to wait it out and score them both for an incredible deal!

IMG_8073 Edited

I love this sweater because of the beautiful colour which is quickly becoming one of my favourite, and the deep v at the back that shows off a little skin. I, like Nancy, love a top with an exposed back when I can get it! Furthermore, this sweater will transition nicely into my late summer/early fall wardrobe perfectly!

IMG_8110 Edited

This skirt was my ode to Ralph Lauren. I don’t often get down with the preppy look, though I do like it, but there was just something about this skirt that drew me in!  AND, I can wear it with a ton of stuff already in my wardrobe. This is a key factor for me along with many other women out there because we need to remix our outfits as much as possible. This way we have the ability to create new looks with the “old” pieces we already have.

IMG_8354 Edited

Now, let us discuss these shoes!!! I have to raise a glass to my big sis Gail who discovered these shoes for me! YAY G! These peep toe booties keep this outfit looking funky and the clutch adds an extra za-za-zoo that I just die for!!!

IMG_8494 Edited

All in all,  for a girl that was not always loving her time spent on public transit, I have to say that I have a new found appreciation for what one may happen across when one decides to leave the car at home and ride the TTC!

Sweater: Zara // Skirt: Zara (sold out on-line may be available in store), Similar here // Shoes: Vince Camuto (sold out), Similar here  // Purse: Dedo Azu (web site forthcoming)

For my plus size perfect ladies: Sweater // Skirt

Special thanks to Vanja Peric for the wonderful snaps and coming along on this “Museum” adventure!

That’s all for now folks! Till next time!






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  1.' GT says:

    I love the way you write LT! Beautiful outfit as well!!

  2.' judy says:

    very nice post LT and well written indeed

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