Ode to Eloquii: Part 2

I’m still waxing poetic about one of my favourite plus size online retailers – Eloquii!  As I mentioned before, Eloquii is like the BCBG of the plus size fashion world offering fashion forward styles froms sizes 14 – 28.

IMG_5246 Edited Eloquii 2

With this look I paired yet another Eloquii crop top with the Kady Fit pant from Eloquii.  What I ADORE about Eloquii is their attention to detail and committment to creating garments that really work for a curvy woman’s body.

IMG_4864 Edited Eloquii 2

For most women the idea of finding a great fitting pair of pants can be quite daunting.  For me, when I would finally find pants that accommodated by generous hips and derriere, the waist of the pants would be HUGE!

IMG_4876 Edited Eloquii 2

Don’t even get me started on the length of hems on trousers.  Needless to say I would leave the fitting me frustrated. However, Eloquii offers their Kady Fit pants in sizes short, regular and long and more importantly for me, the atttention to the cut of the pants means that I’ve got room for my hips and behind without the ugly gaping!  Woohoo!!

IMG_5001 Edited Eloquii 2

I’ve completed my look with what I like to call a little “Frosting”- that being this gorgeous statement necklace from Stella & Dot.

IMG_5452 Edited Eloquii 2

So, if you’re plus size perfect like me and in search of a great fitting pair of pants head on over to Eloquii and let them hook you up!

Crop top: Eloquii (sold out) Similar here // Pants: Eloquii (Kady Fit) // Clutch: eBay.com // Pumps: Office UK (sold out) Similar here // Necklace: Stella & Dot (old) Similar here

For my plus size tall divas, the Eloquii Kady Fit pant comes in tall- hooray!!  For my slender tall bombshells here are some pant options for you: J. Crew  or ASOS Tall

Until next time,


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  1. currentlyworking@gmail.com' Nancy says:

    Hot. Hot. Hot.

  2. thompson.leslieann@gmail.com' LT says:

    Love this look Gail!!!!! Colour combo is awesome!

  3. merikagu@gmail.com' Merik says:

    Wow Gail! You rocked it! I love the colours!

  4. yaqueen14@ymail.com' juliette says:

    Girl, that color flow is IT! I love this entire outfit – sleek and elegant, as we’ve come to expect from you!

  5. wls860@gmail.com' Willie says:

    Gail, thank you. You give me great ideas for gifts for my wife. You made me the “evovled”husband!


  6. rosebon@gmail.com' iRoseline says:

    Gail! I told you before I love your style! Eloquii really have great pieces and they look amazing on you!

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