Oh Baby You Are Royal Blue!!!

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What can I say about royal blue? This delicious colour, also known as the Queen’s blue, is the perfect fit for a queen bee like me LOL. I just love this shade of blue so much; it’s so chic and majestic! I discovered this dress a few years ago on the ASOS website and pounced on it immediately. I could not let a  find such as this slip through my fingers!

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However, in order to get this dress, I encountered a slew of obstacles. First the company sent me the wrong size; the second time around they sent me the wrong dress. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a persistent nature, so I tried one last time to get my dress and the third time was a charm! ASOS sent me this gorgeous dress on the third try, and finally, it was the right one! Thank God the dress was still available after all that.  The price of the dress also went down during all this back and forth and ASOS was kind enough to give me an additional discount for their slip-ups. Hey, I get it, things happen and I don’t hold anything against them, if I did I would not have half of the clothes in my wardrobe LOL.

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Once I finally received this fabulous dress, I did a little victory dance to celebrate its arrival (picture Victor Cruz in the end-zone after a touchdown).  To date, this dress has served its purpose very well. I’ve worn it to a couple of events and every time I wear it, it feels brand new again.  A quick change up of my accessories, belt and shoes, and BOOM, feels like a fresh new look.

Royal Blue Collage

Today, I decided to wear my royal blue baby  with the  original belt it came with, my ever “blazin” stone diamond necklace and, like every queen needs a crown, I had to add my crowning glory to this outfit too; and this time my crown is not on top of my head, but rather, on my feet! LOL Check out these snake-print babies … Oh yeah! Another great find from the good folks at ASOS. I must admit that at first, I was a bit sceptical about ordering shoes from them since I had never ordered this type of item from them before.  When I stumbled across these babies a few months ago though, I decided to take a leap of faith and order them.

PicMonkey Collage Judy Blue Dress


I was extremely pleased with these shoes! They are the perfect pointy stiletto that I OH SO LOVE and they make my legs look so sexy and long. I think these pink, black and white snake print pumps are the perfect compliment to my royal blue dress. The pop of color in these shoes makes the dress stand out even more. I topped off my look with my Candy Yum Yum lipstick from MAC.  I grabbed my black and white clutch and was out! Besides my chariot awaits and I don’t want to make my King wait!;-)

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Dress (old) Asos find similar here // Shoes: Asos // Necklace: Ebay  // Clutch (old) find similar here

And for my tall slender queens here is what I found for you dress: here and here

Tah Tah for now,


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  1. merikagu@gmail.com' Merik says:

    Nice dress, nice shoes!

  2. currentlyworking@gmail.com' nancy says:

    So gorge!!!

  3. mizwooster@gmail.com' GT says:

    Just plain FIERCE as usual!!!

  4. thompson.leslieann@gmail.com' LT says:

    Judy you look STUNNING!! This dress is beautiful on you!! The colour is ROYAL!!!

  5. andyott998@gmail.com' Andre says:

    Looking good!

  6. sterling.josephine85@gmail.com' jojo says:

    Love it!!!!

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