Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung! Those elusive days of summer that at once seemed like an impossible dream; a cruel mirage in our winter desert, are now becoming our dream come true. Our apologies for the dramatics, but this is truly how Canadians feel when spring finally begins to bloom!

gr IMG_7806


While we waited with baited breath to feel  that first hint of spring  in the air, the Fab Four have been dreaming of their pastels n sandals n prints, oh my! Though it may not yet be time for us to break out the short-shorts and tank tops, it is definitely time for lighter jackets and fewer layers. In celebration of the first days of spring, we decided it was high time we shrug off our winter mantles and take to the streets, catch some rays and snap some pics of what we like to wear for spring!

Gail’s Look

Spring has definitely sprung and I am here for it!  For my look, I wanted soft creamy colours juxtaposed (I love that word) against a vibrant colour.

GT Edited Spring IMG_8024

This pastel pink knee length coat offers just enough warmth against cool spring breezes.

GT Edited Spring 4 IMG_8068

The saturated colour of this tank top spoke to me and I just had to have it.  I paired it with this sweet powder blue faux leather skirt.

G Edited Spring 3 IMG_8063

For extra oomph and pizazz I added this chunky statement necklace and these striped pumps from Zara et voila, my look is complete!

G Spring 2 IMG_8032

Coat: Elvi (old) Similar here // Tank top: Forever 21 // Faux leather skirt: Eloquii (old) Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old) Similar here or here // Purse: JustFab (sold out) Similar here here or here // Necklace: Ebay.com // Watch: Purchased at the Art Gallery of Ontario can be found here //Rings: H&M

Tall sisterfriends, you have not been overlooked.  Some Coat options are: here or here

Judy’s Look

Spring has finally arrived, can I get an AMEN! None of us thought we were going to see it this year. For me a great spring start gives me hope that a beautiful summer season will also be on its way.  I chose an outfit that consists of light colors,  you know, the usual shade of cream which is classy cut with a Judy twist that being MY SHOES!!

JS Edited Spring 2 IMG_8111

The top is a classic flowy cream top which works very well with my pants. This top offers great versatility cause I can wear it with so many things.

JS Edited Spring 3 - IMG_8133

I’m a sucker for printed pants and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair that will fit my curvy frame.  I scored these miraculous pants at the H&M store on 34th Street in New York City last year.

JS Edited Spring 4 - IMG_8160

So the background story on my shoes are that I bought them last month at Winners which is like a Marshall’s/TJ Maxx store.  I purchased them for $99. Fast forward few weeks later when I popped into another Winners store and saw the very same pair of shoes for $37!   I snatched those puppies up and returned the pair I bought for $100 bucks-game, set, match Judy, wwwhhhaaattt!

To complete my look I wore a classic cream trench coat which went perfectly with my outfit.

JS Edited Spring 1 - IMG_8089

Pants: H&M (old) Similar here and here //Top: H&M (old) Similar here  and  here // Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old) Similar here // Trench coat: Banana Republic (old) Similar here

For my tall and sexy sisters you know I would never forget you.  Here are some options similar to my look.

Top //Pants // Pants // Trench Coat // Shoes


Leslie’s Look

Muahaha! Please excused the evil laugh, but I’ve had this beautiful powder blue gem of a coat squirreled away in my closet for the past couple of months, just biding my time until I found the right moment to reveal it to the world, and that time is finally upon us: SPRING! Sorry for the dramatics, but I’m just so deliriously happy! This pale piece of perfection is heavy enough to shield you from the cooler breezes that still linger in spring, yet light enough to wear when the temperatures hit the high teens (you know you’re Canadian when you’re excited about temperatures in the high teens “ay”?)!

L - IMG_7977 - 2

This groovy LPD (i.e. little printed dress), I scooped up from Zara speaks to the retro girl in me. The silhouette, colours and print give it that 60’s /70’s vibe I love, and lucky for me, is a big trend right now. The shortness of the hemline notwithstanding (sorry Mommy), it is not a figure-hugging style of dress so you’ll feel less exposed. But come on ladies, those legs need to get that sun-kissed glow too so why not show them off in this fab flirty frock! And what with the high crew neck and three-quarter sleeves on this little number, you’re otherwise dressed quite demurely (umm, did anyone else see a sudden flash of light outside?)

LT Edited Spring 1 - IMG_7834

This vintage-vibe dress, paired with this powder blue coat with sleeves that are just a little short to lend to that retro feel, is the perfect combination. The shoes, a lovely nude-pink colour, compliment the look since they are more neutral, while the yellow clutch provides a punch of colour that plays up the yellow in the dress.

LT Edited Spring 4 - IMG_7981

Colour, print, heels…I would say these are the perfect ingredients for any look this spring and I just love how this simple recipe comes together to create this fun spring look!

LT Edited Spring 2 - IMG_7876

Coat: H&M (sold out), similar here // Dress: Zara // Shoes: Anne Klein (old), Similar here // Purse: Similar here

Curvy bombshells, you have not been overlooked.  Here are some options for you!  Coat: ASOS Curve // Dress: Eshakti //


Nancy’s Look

I will echo the ladies sentiments and say yay! Spring is FINALLY here! After this gruesome winter, it was nice to finally be able to shed some layers. For my first skin baring outfit of the year, I donned printed overalls – or dungarees as they’re called across the pond. Side note, if you look at this post or this one, I clearly have a thing for jumpsuits! I just love them.

N - IMG_8237

I got these at Topshop a couple of seasons ago. Surprisingly, the length worked for me here, but the beauty of warmer temperatures is that you can get away with a shorter inseam and make these pass for crop pant length or pretend that they are meant to be 3/4!

N - IMG_8196

I wore my overalls with a lace tank top just to add texture and a light collarless, belted oversized coat.

N - IMG_8166

My look was completed with a slew of gold bangles, a cream snakeskin clutch which I got in London a million years ago. And to stay true to myself, I added a pop of color via my orange pumps.

N - IMG_8301Overalls: Topshop (old); similar here // Lace cami: Topshop (old); similar here // Coat: H&M (old); similar here // Shoes: Nine West

Curvy girls, you can get in the dungarees action too with this option here.

 gr IMG_7787


What looks are you looking forward to rocking this spring?



~Fab Four

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  1. merikagu@gmail.com' Merik says:

    Beautiful! Finally spring is here! Can’t wait to wear my new spring shoes and outfits!

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    All four of you look amazing!

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    I’m looking forward to rock your outfit! Put everything in one bag and a bow on top!!

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    Once again ladies , you’ve amazed me. Spring has sprung. great choice of outfits on all of you. Jude I especially like your last pic xo

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    One of the best blogs I’ve seen for fashion covering all sizes. Great!

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    Y’all giving me LIFE with every post! Flawless!

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