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Menswear pieces are a hot commodity in women’s fashion this season and the vest, so often donned by men for work and formal events, can transition oh so well into a woman’s wardrobe portfolio yielding endless dividends! A piece that can be rocked from season to season, and reworked in a myriad of ways with it’s closet cousins (i.e. what you already own), this garment is a piece that every woman should have a vested interest in! Check out some ideas from the tall girls of Fab Four showing you how to increase the return on your investment two-fold.

gr IMG_8701

Leslie’s Look

LT IMG_8991-1

I could not wait to shrug on this oh so masculine styled vest. I simply love the juxtaposition of the straight lines of menswear pieces on the curvier frames of the female form. I think it can add another layer of playfulness and, believe it or not, femininity to a look!

LT IMG_9050-1

My theme for this outfit was “bad-ass babe in black and white”! This look was all about the coming together of opposites: black and white, structured and blousy, straight-laced and edgey and shows just how they marry together oh so well! I started with a base of printed perfection in the form of these black and white geometric print slim fit pants and this blousy printed sleeveless top. I went with a more fitted pant to balance out the looser fit of the top and the vest and went with this feminine blouse with its bolder print to add more visual interest to the look since the colour palette was so simple.

LT IMG_9144-1

Now, let’s talk accessories!!! This is what I consider the dessert (i.e. the best part) of an outfit: the shoes, the purse and the “icing” a.k.a. the jewellery! These peep-toe booties with their chunky style heel are the definition of comfortable and add the edginess I love to incorporate into my outfits. Normally, I would probably have gone with a coloured shoe, but I really wanted to play on the black and white theme…Now ladies, can we have an “ooohh” and and “ahhhhh” for the piece of heaven that came down in the form of this purse??!! I confess, I stole it from my sister and since possession is 9/10 of the law, it’s now mine! Femme Black , you are an angel sent by God to bring pieces of fashion flawlessness to my world! It is pint sized perfection and in this case, size really doesn’t matter!

LT IMG_8995-1

I kept the rest of the look simple with silver bangles and earrings and I’m definitely feeling bad-ass!

Vest: Zara // Top: Target (old), Similar here // Pants: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Purse: Femme Black

For my voluptuous vixens: Vest 1 or Vest 2 // Top // Pants

gr IMG_8699

Nancy’s Look

White after Labor Day??!!! Gasp!! I already told you that I dig white and love to rock it all. year. round! Remember some time ago, I brought you a Fab Four Fave called Vest-ed Interest? Well, I decided to bring it to life!

ND IMG_8750

As shown on my inspiration board, I decided to wear it as a dress. Disclaimer: this is not for the faint of heart! It’s definitely is on the short side. However, rest assured that I was wearing short shorts underneath and safely secured the lapel so that Mother Nature would NOT put my goodies on blast… LOL But with that said, I do love how my legs seem to go on forever!

ND IMG_8944

What I love about this piece is that I know that I will have many more wears out of it. And yes, I absolutely do plan on wearing it as a vest as well! But for the time being, and while the weather still somewhat accomodates, I wanted to show some skin. I also kept my accessories to a minimum to allow the dress to play center stage!

ND IMG_8681

So on my inspiration board, I paired this look with some killer Sophia Webster sandals. However – in the words of Kevin Hart – the way my bank account is currently setup… I had to go with Plan B. LOL Until, I get my coins in order, I opted to wear my dress with nude pumps.

ND IMG_8719

Vest: LTS // Shoes: Aldo // Earrings: Forever 21 (sold out); similar here

Plus size babes, you can actually check out the one I am wearing from Long Tall Sally. It goes up to size 12. And the extra length may actually fair more favorable too! As an alternative, look at this option.


gr IMG_8794

Special thanks to Vanja Peric for the always awesome snaps!

Tah tah for now!


Leslie and Nancy





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