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Custom Suit: Contact Val Andrews at (works for ALL SIZES ladies) // Shoes: Office (sold out, similar here or here) // Earrings: Zara //

I don’t know what to say; when I ain’t rocking a print, I feel like something is not quite right with my outfit LOL I know-I know, sounds crazy, but it’s true. Now here’s the kicker: when I can get an all over print…oh ladies and gentlemen, your girl L is feeling fly!!

But, hold on, because that is not the end of the wonders that is this suit; take a look at the shoulders….now take a look at the sleeves….oh and yes, please take a look at the hem-line, fit and sheer flare. This suit was MADE TO MEASURE BABY. Made for my body, my specifications, and my style sensibilities!

Let me take you back to how this suit was born. I met a lovely woman by the name of Val Andrews when we participated in the “HerStory in Black” photo shoot, organized by Emily Mills from “How She Hustles” and later picked up by CBC (Canada Broadcasting Channel for the non- Canadians reading thisJ). Val got up and shared with the group that she made clothing (she tried to keep it low key, why, I still don’t know!lol). Ms. Emily Mills then proceeded to explain just how AMAZING a seamstress she was and that she can make basically anything, WITHOUT the need of a pattern! That basically stopped the track for me! I zeroed in on her after the photo shoot, and basically cornered her to gather more intel on just exactly what she could do…And what she could do, was make your girl Leslie a beautiful suit out of this gorgeous African print material, which I purchased myself, essentially making this suit one of a kind!

Let me walk you through the process just a little bit. I basically gave her a blazer I already owned that had the style I was looking for, and a pair of pants, again, with the style I was looking for, and she used them as her base to make me my baby (i.e. my suit)! I have wanted an African print suit for so long, but I admit it, I’m picky. I just couldn’t’ find the exact style I wanted. Well, look at me now!!

Y’all also need to know, that I don’t like working with people that are not professional, and that when you try to track them down, they go MIA on you, like you need to send CSIS or the CIA to find them. Val is one of the most PROFESSIONAL people I have ever worked with, and doing this blog has afforded me the opportunity to work with everything from one woman/man operations to large corporations. She gave me a cost estimate to start off, time-frame to set my expectations, even followed up with me – without my prompting (I was not even wondering how things were yet), just to let me know how the suit was progressing. Now that my friends is what you call professionalism!!

And just for the record, I want to make it clear that she is NOT paying me for this post. Even when we were going through the process, I let her think I was not going to feature this on the blog either, so I paid my money like everybody else, quite frankly it was money well spent.

Now I know, it can be costly to have your clothes custom made all the time. I know I cannot afford to do it- hopefully one day baby! But, when it comes to certain pieces, a suit for example, it’s worth saving up for the expense (if you can afford to) and getting something well made, and of good quality, and that is what I got.

I did not even have to really try to try when it came to styling this suit. I did not even put on a top underneath or add colourful shoes. The suit spoke for itself and demanded to be heard and take centre stage! I did have to add a little bling in the form of these earrings, though, I just couldn’t resist!

Val, great job, and to borrow a phrase from the Terminator “I’ll be back”!

Till next time!

Your girl,

Leslie xoxo



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