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One of the many things the ladies of Fab Four Fashion believe and embrace is the movement of women supporting women. So one can only imagine when the ladies were offered the opportunity to work with fabulous designer Taylor Jay, they of course jumped on it. Let me tell you, Taylor Jay’s creations are not only remarkable, but they are clothing that can easily translate into pieces of art, and our bodies the canvas bringing them to life

GRP IMG_8407

While her creations are simple, there is an element of flair, elegance and beauty to each piece. In the words of Taylor Jay, “Versatility is our Threads”. Indeed, as a designer, she understands that most women want to be comfortable in their clothes. Her pieces are timeless, and she caters to both straight-sized and plus sized women alike!

Nancy’s Look

I have to start this by saying a big THANK YOU to the good folks at Instagram – were it not for them, I would have missed out on the wonder that is Taylor Jay! Judy was the one who tagged us on her page and each post was more amazing than the next. So when she reached out saying that she wanted to work with us, I was absolutely elated.

ND IMG_8836

Taylor Jay understands women’s bodies. As a true artist, she is able to picture what fits best on our bodies – whatever shape said bodies come in! I truly appreciate designers that are able to cater to all women as there is beauty in all of us.  We provided Taylor  with our measurements and she made magic. She provided us all with various iterations of the ‘London’ and they are all superb.

ND IMG_8790

For my version of the London, Taylor offered me the jumpsuit. She must be a mind reader as this is my all time favorite silhouette! This piece has all the key elements of a winning jumpsuit. Exhibit A: It has a great neckline. The cowl neck allows you to be as naughty or as nice as you’d like!  Exhibit B: It has pockets! Let’s face it, pockets are great on everything, especially on pieces where you don’t necessarily expect them. Exhibit C: The perfect length! I submitted my measurements and voila! The perfect piece at the perfect length was created.

ND IMG_8722

Another element that I love about this piece is the material. It’s very forgiving and oh so flattering. It has great movement and simply dances on one’s body. The sheen adds a touch of elegance to the garment in every color.  Speaking of the colors, they are all so rich! They navy is to die for. It’s as if I was wearing liquid sapphire, so regal! I kept my silver accessories to a minimum as I wanted to let the piece shine! This jumpsuit is certainly a great addition to my wardrobe and will get many wears!

ND IMG_8809

Jumpsuit: Taylor Jay // Shoes: Nine West

Leslie’s Look

Sexy, sassy, sensual!!!! Those are the three words I would use to describe the way I feel in this Taylor Jay Collection dress! Catering to all sizes, Taylor Jay got it all right with this sassy little number.

LT IMG_8944

Talk about the marrying of colour, style and elegance, this silver, shimmery dress made from a nylon spandex mix falls so beautifully over my slim frame.  The flirty hem lends to the look of my having an even curvier silhouette which I know we slim girls can fully appreciate!

LT IMG_8886

I love the ties at the waist that allow me to cinch my waist-line as tightly (or loosely) as I like, and adds an additional accent to the dress. I opted to do a simple knot and allow the ties to fall, but it would have looked equally fierce had I tied it in a sweet bow! The deep wrap v-neck line of this dress adds the “v” in va-va-voom without revealing any of Victoria’s Secrets and gives the illusion of a longer neck-line.

LT IMG_9023

Me being me, I needed to add a bit of that “Leslie edginess” to this sweet and sassy dress. While we know this dress would look amazing with some sexy dressy sandals or some grey snake print pumps, I wanted to up the funk factor and rock it with my sexy thigh-high suede boots!

To this I then added a black moto style leather jacket and the funk factor soared off the charts!

Accessories are a cinch with such a beautiful dress with the shimmery effect of the material. I decided to rock a long silver necklace that I kept tucked into the neck line and a bold cuff and simple earrings and tah-dah, I’m ready to take on the big bad city!

LT IMG_8980

Dress: Taylor Jay Collection (contact through web site, details at end of article) // Boots: Zara // Jacket: Zara  (sold out) Similar here //

My plus size perfect ladies need not fear because Taylor Jay Collection caters to ALL SIZES!!! You gotta love it!!!


Gail’s Look

Let me tell you this Taylor Jay Collection dress called the London is EVERYTHING and a bag of chips! LOL We discovered Ms. Jay’s collection on instagram and fell instantly in love.

GT IMG_9494

This particular dress was specifically selected for me by Ms. Jay and she definitely got it right. The dress is made of nylon and spandex but the cut is what gives this dress all the va va voom I love. And the olive green colour is to die for as well!

The cowl neck design flatters one’s bust line, be it big or small, beautifully while the wide attached belt cinches me in at the waist and offers another facet of visual appeal.

GT IMG_9513

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s very important to consult an online retailer’s size guide so as to avoid disappointment by purchasing the wrong size.  When reviewing the Taylor Jay size chart, the collection goes up to size 18-20.  As a size 20-22, I would logically conclude that perhaps this collection was not for me…but I would be missing out.  Since the garments have a lot of stretch and the cuts are superb I easily and comfortably fit into the London dress.  And that is what is so refreshing about Ms. Jay’s garments.  This collection compliments different body types beautifully!

GT IMG_9476

Therefore for me, the essential formula for fashion magic is:

Cut + Colour + Style = Fashion Magic

GRP IMG_9577

Dress: Taylor Jay Collection // Slingbacks: Nine West (old) Similar here // Necklace: eBay // Clutch: eBay (sold out) Similar here //Cuffs: Forever 21


Judy’s Look

JS IMG_9289

While looking on the “Popular Page” on Instagram, this beautiful picture caught my attention. What came next felt like a fairy tale story to me , what drew me to this picture is the  beautiful composition; it was perfect. I was blown away when I saw this gorgeous model named @analabelle on Instagram wearing this beautiful blush and olive ensemble. I immediately clicked on the picture to find out who this was and what designer she was wearing, and there in black and white was written Shop Taylor Jay.

Curious by nature, it didn’t take me long to go through the Shop Taylor Jay page and discover her fabulous creations – OMG! I tagged my girls on some of her pictures and left a few (possibly a lot) of comments. What I love the most is that her creations cater to all women!

JS IMG_9096


The ladies and I were fortunate enough to have Taylor Jay design each of us a beautiful piece based on our individual body types. I was very pleased with the final result! She gave me the “London Deep Pocket Dress” with its A-line, sleeveless style in the olive color. While I admit I rarely wear olive coloured clothing LOL, I’m officially a convert to this beautiful colour and what it does for my complexion. Now that I’ve been shown the truth, I will definitely be trying to incorporate more olive color clothing into my wardrobe.

When I received my dress I couldn’t wait to take it out of the packaging! I was astonished and pleased at how well made it was not to mention the material being so soft and silky. A major plus about this dress is that it comes in a solid, stretchy material which fits my body very nicely.

JS IMG_9168

The olive color complements my skin tone very well, and I really love the deep pockets and wide attached waist belt. You can get creative with the belt and tie it in the way that you feel best suits your style and body. I’m a real sucker for comfortable clothes and most of all versatile pieces like this dress. I can wear this dress to attend a Sunday afternoon wedding with heels since the dress is very long, or I can dress it down with nice flat sandals on vacation somewhere near a beach. This dress comes in various Fall colors so now would be the perfect time to get your hands on one!

I simply love this dress and think you will too! Check out some of the other Taylor Jay creations on her site (address at the end of this post). I’m pretty sure you ladies will all find something you’ll love and that will suit your body.

I can’t wait to see what she’s got cooking for 2016.

JS IMG_9196

Dress: Taylor Jay Collection // necklace: eBay // cuff : Forever 21

*To see more of her fabulous designs please visit her website www.taylorjaycollection.com

*Taylor Jay has kindly offered a discount code of 10% off her designs.  The promo code is FabFour.  Happy Shopping!

GRP IMG_8489

We are also happy to report that beginning in early 2016 we will be launching a new series we’re cooking up called Women Supporting Women but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more!

*Although this is a sponsored post the opinions expressed are all our own.


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