Toronto Fashion Week – Hilary MacMillan

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ABSO-FREAKEN-LUTELY MAGNIFICENT!! That is the technical term we used to describe the Fall/Winter 2018 collection from Canadian designer Hilary MacMillan. The runway was lit-up with her unique blend of oh so cool, oh so elegant and utterly sophisticated creations!

MacMillan’s use of pale pastel pinks and blues, gorgeous metallics and shiny patents had us wiping the saliva from our chins and sitting perched eagerly at the edge of our seats, all the better to lap up every magic moment!

With her commitment to being cruelty free in 2016, her collection is absent of leather, fur, exotic skins and feathers, but let me tell you, their absence did nothing to take away from the sheer splendor of the collection.

We just love that her pieces are comprised of simple silhouettes that veer toward the classical and that enhance a woman’s femininity, while demonstrating that it does not require complicated prints, boundless ruffles or theatrical pieces to create a truly outstanding collection.  That said, she adds a dash of edginess to certain pieces that gives those who veer toward the funkier style aesthetic  something to pant after!

With a focus on creating “…wearable designs for the modern woman”, MacMillan continues to create fashionably modern pieces that make the wearer look effortlessly stylish and on trend. Her collection was comprised of pieces that could easily fit many woman’s style aesthetic which is reflective of how in tune she is with her audience: women.

In our journey with Fab Four Fashion we’ve had the opportunity to speak with a lot of women about their personal style challenges. One recurring theme we’ve noted is that a lot of women want to be stylish but just don’t know how to put things together. This is where MacMillan is the female fashion superhero! Her pieces are easy to wear and uncomplicated, allowing a woman to look chic and modern with ease.

Hilary MacMillan, your anthem should really be Beyoncé’s “Formation” because girl, you SLAY! Thank you for bringing us this brilliant collection. The only thing that could possibly improve it would be if you increased your sizing to include our curvy plus size sisters, because we all want to rock these traffic-stopping pieces this fall!

For those of you that simply cannot wait to get your hands on these gorgeous pieces, please click the link HERE to see where you can pre-order pieces from the collection!

Photo credit:  George Pimentel

Till next time fashion followers,

The Fab Four

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