Triarchy Atelier Denim

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Triarchy/Atelier denim is a stylishly decadent denim line that has elevated denim from what was once considered clothing for the common class to luxury masterpieces.  Brother and sister dynamos, Adam & Ania Taubenfligel, have created a line that cleverly repurposes vintage denim pieces for the here and now.  Not only have they designed a collection that showcases their creativity they are also leading the way by implementing environmentally friendly practices resulting in gallons upon gallons of water being saved in the production of their collection.

The Triarchy Fall/Winter 2018 runway presentation during Toronto Fashion Week saw models slaying and sashaying down the runway in unique denim treatments like sequined jacket sleeves and pants as well as fringe and patch work designs.


The line featured fringe skirts and jacket, sleek ¾ length denim coats.

These decadent denim pieces definitely made us feel as though we needed a few sequin pieces in our lives!

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

photo credit: George Pimental

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