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“Dressed in Joy” to borrow the phrase from Vêtu de Joy owner and curator Mikaela Joy, aptly describes the sentiment that her clothing brings to mind when you scroll through her curated collection. Colour, print and style blend together to perfection in her bold pieces often boasting dramatic prints, vibrant colours and relaxed lines. Looking at her collection is like being temporarily transported to another world, where the weather is warm, the pace is relaxed and the people are always happy and well dressed!

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But you know the ladies of Fab Four Fashion always like to put their own stamp on things. This stamp came from colder climes, the great north strong to be exact, so our resident tall girl Nancy and our resident slim girl Leslie decided to show you how you can rock these gorgeous pieces spring, summer, autumn and winter!

Nancy’s Look

Vêtu de Joy, synonymous with the feelings of fun, fresh and style immediately drew me under its spell of relaxed lines, meets chic styles meets comfort. Once you’ve perused through the website or Instagram page the reason will become self evident! Seriously, you need to experience this for yourself (www.vetudejoy.com) you need to see this right now…don’t worry, I’ll give you a sec!LOL  Now that you’ve seen it for yourself, you no doubt understand why Leslie and I were stoked about partnering with them. They offer fantastic curetted pieces like these amazing faux leather culottes.

ND IMG_7528

No matter the season, you can just never go wrong with this foundational piece. These culottes can be dressed down for a casual lunch with friends or to do some holiday shopping (it’s just around the corner), or you can turn the dial all the way up, like I did here. I decided to go the luxurious route by pairing my culottes with a faux fur stole in a gorgeous shade of aubergine. I like creating looks that have different textures and just love how well leather and faux fur complement each other so well. I anchored my pieces with a simple black, long sleeved turtleneck – another wardrobe essential – an accessorized it all with a studded belt, just to add a touch of edge to this outfit. To break up this all black look, I punctuated my look with these high heeled leopard print strappy sandals.

ND IMG_7516

Now tall ladies, this is not a “tall shop” per se, however, Vêtu de Joy carries pieces that can work for our longer limbs. I am just a hair under 6 ft and I like the length of these culottes on me. What I also liked was the elastic at the waist. This means that you can move around and around without being concerned about showing….what’s cracking if you know what I mean. LOL

nd IMG_7518

These faux leather culottes combine form, comfort and style all in one gorgeous piece. I know this is a piece I will be able style and remix with many pieces in my wardrobe which is always my style ideal!

nd IMG_7217

Culottes: Vetu de Joy (contact for purchase) // Turtleneck: long tall sally // Faux Fur Stole: long tall sally // Sandals: Smash Shoes

Curvy ladies, you can recreate my look with these faux leather culottes and this turtleneck!

Leslie’s Look

Transitional pieces are key for anyone living in a part of the world that experiences temperatures that drop below 10 degrees Celsius, so I am always looking for new and innovative ways to transform my spring and summer wardrobe “collections” into the fall and winter season! And then in walks Vêtu de Joy! You know how people talk about seeing that perfect guy (or gal) across a crowded room, and knowing, just knowing that this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Well, that’s the exact feeling I got when I first laid eyes on the pieces from Vêtu de Joy (accompanied by Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” playing in my head of course!!LOL)

LT IMG_7390

Let’s talk about these gorgeous pants!!!! Now, if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you must know by now that I love me a print!!! Stripes, dots, geometrics, squiggles, Aztec, African whatever! If it’s got a hot print, it automatically gets a double-take from me. But ladies, ladies, ladies…these pants which flawlessly combined my love of print with my love of color and a loose relaxed style are my idea of a little piece of heaven on earth!

LT IMG_7436

The mission I set for myself was to show how simply and easily these hot pants can seamlessly slide from season to season and this did not prove to be a mission impossible! Starting from the bottom we have the printed shoes. You know it just wouldn’t be me without a little print on print action in the mix which speaks to Vêtu de Joy’s aesthetic. I kept the play of print on print simple by rocking these pants with a striped black and blue pump. Simple and easy- playing off the colours already incorporated in the pant.

Moving up the line we have the indigo leather moto jacket. I opted to pull colours from the pant to incorporate into the look. I knew given our chilly temperatures, layering would definitely be the order of the day which is always so fun because for a slim girl like me, layering can give us more volume on both top and bottom.

I went for a black long sleeveless knit sweater with a long tail at the back to add an interesting dimension to the look. The knit adds some volume to my frame and lends to the casual feel of the look. However, the layering did not end there! Canada gets cold in the winter so when you can add an extra layer or two you definitely want to jump on it! I added a simple crisp white shirt to the look to bring in another colour and layer to the outfit not to mention keeping my neck shielded from those bracing autumnal breezes!

LT IMG_7420

But the added extra touch that I just had to incorporate to add just the right touch of comme des garcon feel that I was going for was this beautiful striped tie which I swiped from the closet of a man with awesome style sense, a sense of humour that will make you pee your pants and who still makes Nancy’s heart beat fast when he looks at her just so…Paul, thank you for letting me steal, I mean borrow this hot tie to make my look complete! I’m happy to take it off you if you need to make some extra space in your wardrobe! 😉

LT IMG_7478 sneak

These pants are great for summer, but can easily make the leap into the fall season! The detailing like the asymmetrical pleat at the front, is key to adding that extra touch-of-style to this piece. The loose fit allows for more room to breathe easily, eat a lot on that night out on the town and not have to hold in your stomach when you stand up! When you decide to order these babies, be sure to review the size guide, but note that the fit is loose, so if you want them to be more fitted you may need to go down a size.

All in all, these pants bring me that little bit of joy everyone needs in their day! Stylish, chic, vibrant, on trend, these pants  combine versatility with wearability and that adds up to what I consider a fantastic wardrobe addition!


Pants: Vêtu de Joy // Jacket: Danier (old), Similar here // Sweater: Mendaccino // Shirt: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old), Similar here // Tie: Nancy’s Hubby (thanks again Paul!)

And for my sexy curvy girls here’s how you can get the look: Pants // Jacket // Sweater // Shirt

Guess what, you can get your little piece of “joy” too because we’ve got a discount code just for you giving you 20% off your purchase. The discount code is FABFOUR  Happy shopping ladies!!!

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Special thanks to noted fashion photographer extraordinaire to Roseline Bonheur for these awesome snaps!


Nancy & Leslie

*Although this is a sponsored post the opinions expressed are those of the authors.

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