When Old Becomes New Again

One of my favourite things to do is trying to figure out how I can remix clothes that I already own. It’s always fun to discover new ways to wear pieces: I’ll often wear something backwards, whether it be a top or a dress; wear jackets as tops, etc. This change however, was even more fun.


I got this dress five years ago and actually wore it for my engagement photo shoot. What a difference five years make! A wedding, new job and new baby later, this dress is still in my closet, holding on strong. How could it not?! It has everything that I love in a dress: bright colour, check; backless, check! But after all these years (and all those wears!), I decided that I wanted to change it up a bit and make the hemline a little longer. That is not to say as a wife and/or mother, one can’t own a sexy mini (I clearly subscribe to the mini at any age clan, see my recent mini acquisition here lol) but I can definitely appreciate the sexiness of a figure flattering midi.

As such, I decided to take a trip to Perfect Leather Goods on King St to buy a piece of leather. This place is a gem! There is so much variety, colors, textures, enough to make your head spin! I wanted to play on the mix of texture only, so I opted for a piece that matched the color perfectly.

I then took this piece of leather to my best friend… I mean my tailor and she worked her magic! The results were better than I could have imagined.

blog IMG_6154


blog IMG_6362 - Copy


blog IMG_6100


blog IMG_6282 - Copy

Dress: Zara (old); similar here // Shoes: Smash Shoes // Necklace: EBay (old) similar here

Plus size bombshells, see these options for a similar dress here and here.

This opens up a world of possibilities! If you’re a long legged lady like myself or if you appreciate a more demure look and happen to fall for a dress that’s too short for your liking; there is a way to remix it to better fit your body and/or taste! I am so pleased with the result that I certainly plan on doing this again. And yes, I promise that I’ll show you again 🙂






The Quartet


  1. Very nice Nancy you look stunning an great post and reinventing clothes is always great

  2. Ms. Nancy, this is genius! I’ve long wanted to add a leather accent to something but didn’t know how to proceed. This is perfect! And you look amazing in this color!

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