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We are excited to kick off 2016 by recognizing the talented women we know or have admired from a far with our first post called Women Supporting Women.   Once a month we will introduce you to a talented woman going after her dreams and making them happen!

So, for our inaugural post, we would like to re-introduce you to Kerry Ann Busreth, founder and designer of BusrHearts.

For as long as we can remember our girlfriend, Kerry Ann, has always been into making clothes. This gorgeous wife and mother, residing in Montreal, currently has a beautiful line of scarves which can be found at www.busrhearts.com and www.etsy.com/shop/BusrHeartsScarves.

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Her scarf creations have been featured in major publications such as Elle UK, Cosmopolitan and Lou Lou magazine and will now also be included in the swag bags being handed out at the Golden Globes!!

We recently had a little convo with Kerry to find out about her thriving business.

Fab Four Fashion (FFF): When did you decide that you wanted to make scarves and what inspires you?

Kerry Ann (KA):  It would have to be December 2011. I was invited to a Christmas gift exchange and I didn’t know what to bring. My husband suggested making something since I studied fashion design. Since we have hard core winters here in Montreal, I thought a scarf would be useful. Two of my best friends were there at the gift exchange and after they saw the scarf they were like “Wait a minute, we want one too!” 

However, my aunt Marie inspired me to do the 5 in 1 concept. Back then she was going thru chemo and lost all of her hair. I wanted to create a scarf she could use as a turban, a colorful turban. I created it and she loved them!


Kerry Ann adjusting scarf DSC_5066R

FFF: Did you have any hesitation starting a business on your own?  How did you overcome that fear?

KA: I wasn’t sure what to expect, going into a business, but girl, it’s a lot of work! I really love what I do and I am learning every day. I wanted and still want to offer a quality product at a fair price. I decided it was better to use designer fabric for their quality. But doing that, limited me in my quantities. I couldn’t mass produce. But then I stopped and asked myself: “Do I want to mass produce?” The answer was no. I absolutely love the fact that only handful of fashionistas would have my scarves worldwide. I only create 20 units of the same design.

I also got recognition for my work when Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines wanted BusrHearts to be one of their featured accessories a few months ago. The Jayden infinity scarf was selected as Cosmo’s must-haves. When it happened, I knew I had to work harder.

This really pushed me to open my horizon and I ventured into flash metallic tattoos with my husband. The brand’s name is LéoToro. Check it out on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/LeoToro


FFF: What kind of material do you use and do you make scarves for all seasons?

KA: I have 2 main types of scarves, the round ones (the infinity scarves) and the long rectangular scarves.  The infinity scarves are usually made with stretch fabric like jersey cotton. The long rectangular ones are usually made with chiffon or lightweight fabric. I’ve also introduced the snood last winter made with either luxurious faux fur or wool blend. Some scarves are considered all year long but I mainly have lighter colorful fabrics for Spring/Summer and warmer ones for Fall/Winter.

Kerry Ann sewing DSC_5056R

FFF: Do you take custom orders?  If yes, walk us through the process.

KA: I did a few custom order. The client would choose the fabric and send it to me. We would confirm the measurements and once it’s done, the custom scarf or cowl is shipped back to the client. I try to keep the whole process under 2 weeks time. Et voilà!

Kerry Ann sewing 2 DSC_5060R

FFF: What is next for BusHeart? Are you planning to venture into clothing?

KA: For now I really want to stay in scarves and accessories. But you never know, like I said before, I love new adventures!


FFF: Where did you see your business going within the next 5 years?

KA:  I see myself as the head of an international company. I want to create jobs in Haiti by creating my own fabric design and produce the scarves over there. Also want to create a child scarf and snood collection as early as next year. I want to have my products all over Canada. Sky is the limit baby!

Kerry Ann wearig scarf DSC_5088R

FFF: Last but not least where can we purchase your beautiful scarves?

KA: My creations can be found at www.busrhearts.com and www.etsy.com/shop/BusrHeartsScarves.

Be on the look out because BusrHearts is coming near you soon!

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