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Once again we are excited to bring you another edition of Women Supporting to Women.  Late last year we partnered with the talented designed, Taylor Jay, by featuring some of her designs (seen here) proving that there are retailers and designers that believe in creating clothes for women of all sizes!  Our collaboration created a sensation and went on to be featured as the Fashion Bomb Daily, Bomb Product of the Day!  Ms. Jay kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to give us a look into her business life.

TJ updated


Fab Four Fashion (FFF): When did you decide that you wanted to be a designer and what inspires you?

Taylor Jay (TJ): I opened a boutique in 2007.  It was my 4th year owning a shop when I decided I wanted to design a dress that worked for ALL body types.  I made my first dress in 2012 called the berry dress (dolman sleeves) slouchy off the shoulder style and long.  It became a favourite among my loyal clientele and in summer of 2014 I decided to add a few more pieces and create a collection.

IMG_9842 reg and plus berry dress

FFF: Did you have any hesitation about starting a business on  your own?  How did you overcome that fear?

TJ: I opened my first business at the ripe age of 23!  I was pretty fearless back then and I had so many dreams I just wanted to bring to life one at a time.  Young and fearless can be scary because you sometimes make many many mistakes.  I believe in prayer and whatever is in God’s plan so shall it be and  that is how I overcome all my fears.

FFF: What kind of fabrics are used to create your designs?

TJ: Currently Taylor Jay is playing around with Nylon/Spandex however our house fabric (forever) is Modal Jersey – it’s soft feel and great quality is amazing.  You can order ALMOST any design of ours in this fabric.  Our jeweled Nylon’s are so much fun and they give that dressy/chic look we love to provide every now and then.

FFF: Do you take custom orders?  If yes, walk us through the process.

TJ: YES and NO we will customize anything within our design such as colors/sizes and sometimes if able we can mix and match our styles ex: London style top mixed with the wide leg pants creates a new style jumpsuit.  We don’t do this often only for our special clients tha always crave something custom and unique.

FFF: What is next for the Taylor Jay Collection?

TJ: We are currently revamping our old boutique and making it our flagship shop for the brand in our hometown of Oakland, California where all items are designed and made.  We hope to expand in the online world as well.  We would like to open a few more shops in California  before we venture out of state.  We are also planning a crowdfunding campaign to help assist with our expansion and in creating a plus size line!  We will keep you posted.

TJ Clothes where theyre madeFFF: Where did you see your business going withing the next 5 years?

TJ: We see a few TJ shops and thriving online shop in our future.  Also looking to have our own trunk show business with independent reps that sell our line (similar to Stella & Dot).

FFF: Last but not least where can we purchase your beautiful designs and do you ship internationally?

TJ: You can shop our online store at www.taylorjaycollection.com.  Feel free to check our stockist list online for local boutiques that sell Taylor Jay as well.  Also, we encourage clients to stop by our Oakland, California store located at 3843 MacArthur Blvd.

TJ clothes


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  1. rosebon@gmail.com' iRoseline says:

    She totally understand the woman body! We’re all different in size, shape and yet it suits all body type.
    Loving this new segment

  2. yaqueen14@ymail.com' juliette says:

    I live in Oakland and was so excited to see this feature!

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