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We love FABULOUS women, doing fabulous things, and with that in mind this Black History month, we just had to introduce you, our fashionably fresh followers, to Assa Cisse creator of the blog My Curves & Curls.

This plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger and mother of two has dope style, her taste for interiors and cool travel experiences is incredible, and we had the opportunity to put to her a few questions to help you get to know her better. In her role as a body positivity advocate she helps curvy women discover the styles that highlight their sensual silhouettes and provides a positive example of black women, black family, and black life.  So sit back, read on and be sure to follow this fabulously fashionable femme noire!

  1. What first got you into fashion?

​Just like many girls, I started loving fashion at a very young age. My mother is a woman you could classify as a fashionista. I grew up watching her wearing all the latest styles in both African and Western fashion. Although she would not let me most times, I remember going in her closet trying on her latest shoes and glasses. Even though growing up I was very limited when it came to options, I still made it work.​

2.What made you want to start a blog and become a content creator/influencer?

​I started my blog because I wanted to fill a gap and have a creative outlet to share my thoughts and outfits with the world. I thought it was equally important for young girls especially black girls to have someone to look up to.

3.Tell us one thing people don’t know about you?

​People are always amazed at how tall I really am when they meet me in person. I thought it was obvious  ha ha! ​

4.If you were going to (insert awards show), who would you want to have dress you and why?

​Well, there aren’t a lot of designers that make beautiful gowns for plus size women, but if I have to choose one among the ones I love it would be ​TADASHI SHOJI. I chose him because the dresses are gorgeous and I will always support a brand that cares and designs for my curves.

That was just a small glimpse into this fabulous woman! Wanna know more? Check out her blog at http://mycurvesandcurls.com/ and be sure to follower her on the Gram @mycurvesndcurls

Tah tah for now,

The Fab Four

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