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Our Women Supporting Women Black History Month Edition continues, and we have another FABULOUS woman doing fabulous things that we just had to share with you!

If you don’t know her, then you need to get to know her, because the beautiful Michelle Lyte is an amazingly talented, incredibly creative and exceptionally stylish designer and stylist living here in the 6ix making “money moves” in the words of Cardi B! We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions and learn about how she developed into this amazing talent. But before we get to that, we just had to give you a little taste of her extensive bio, because it’s incredible!

@MsStyleLyte as she’s known on social media has essentially been in the fashion game since she could barely walk. Mentored by her Aunt Joan, and largely self-taught she started making clothing pieces for herself and friends at age 9, and the list of her accomplishments goes on and on. Check out the below excerpt taken from her bio on her web site:

“As a stylist, she graced many aspects of the industry, She’s been an on camera style expert, a spokesperson, had features in editorials, and styled for advertising and music videos. Her expertise lead her to work with celebrity clients such as Deborah Cox, Jordan Knight and world renowned fashion director Jay Manuel and include projects such as “Canada’s Next Top Model Cycle III”, MTV’s “The Hills” after show and “Style Her Famous”.

Michelle is also the creator of an absolutely gorgeous line of edgy fur pieces that would leave you breathless! We could literally go on and on enumerating her achievements as they are many, however we thought it might be just a little more interesting for you to hear what she had to share with us about her beginnings and her experiences in her own words.

1. What first got you into fashion?

It’s hard to say really, as far as I’m concerned the moment I was born I was in fashion…lol  I learned to sew at a young age and I was always styling my friends.

Professionally I would say early in my teens I started sewing for my  friends and people in my neighborhood which led to me styling music videos, my first clothing line (MiLye) and the rest is history.

2. What made you want to become a stylist?

I have always enjoyed dressing others, I saw people as my very own dolls and I was there to dress them.

3. How did you get started designing fur pieces?

It’s really an accident. I was hungry for more creativity in my life and a friend advised me to design a line of clothing. But because I am an overachiever, it had to be something that even I would be surprised at. That’s how “Myrtle and Oswald was created.

Which, by the way, is named after my maternal grandparents

4. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a stylist and designer?

No challenges really. There is always a way to accomplish anything you want to do. #imdetermine

5. Which celebrity would you most like to style?

I don’t discriminate. Any celebrity that would be open to me adding my personal touch to all of their Fabulous.

So as you can no doubt see, Michelle Lyte is truly an amazing woman, killing the game! Her #imdetermined mentality has taken her to great heights in the fashion industry, and we’re are sure she’s not yet finished climbing to higher heights of success.

If you would like to learn more about her please follower her on social media @MsStylelyte and on the web at www.michellelyte.com

Till next time,

The Fab Four

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