Liesl Binx: Contemporary Plus Size Apparel

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Liesl Binx, do you know who she is? Well before you scroll down and feast your eyes on the magnificence that can be created in the form of beautiful shades of teal and blue let me tell you a bit about her. She is a designer, based out of Seattle, who creates simple but elegant plus size garments. Each piece embodies class, delicateness and high fashion.  She understands that plus-size and curvy women deserve well-made clothes, and Fab Four Fashion is here for this!  So, without further ado, we present you Liesl Binx!

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Judy’s look

JS IMG_0537

When first starting the blog, I never envisioned that designers would approach me to wear their clothes. Well imagine my excitement when we received an email from designer Liesl Binx asking Gail and I to wear one of her beautiful creations. I was stunned and excited at the same time; first because – wow- a designer noticed me, and second because –wow- a designer noticed me (yes, it needed to be said twice!LOL). I was just so elated I couldn’t wait to see her collection.

JS IMG_0766

I ran to her website to see what she had to offer and I was so pleased.  For me, Liesl Binx creations are classic and timeless. Her latest collection is a mix of blues, purples and browns which are great additions to your wardrobe. I love that she makes only a few of each piece, which gives your piece that feeling of exclusivity.

JS IMG_0584

While browsing through her website I came across this beautiful, teal coloured, deep-v dress and it was like the story books say: love at first sight! From the pale teal colour to the flared princess-like shape I love it all. I am usually not that big on taffeta; however this dress is so light weight and fit so well that I just couldn’t resist. The material has a slight stretch to it which gives me room to breathe.  Allow me to highlight some of the special features of this dress that I simply adore.  . First it fits very well, and most importantly I don’t feel to snug in the bust area. Second, the skirt on this dress is just amazing! I love the full circle shape of the skirt.

JS IMG_0341

Third, this dress is perfect for an elegant cocktail party or a wedding. Fourth,  the teal colour compliments my complexion very well.  And fifth, depending on what colour accessories you wear with the dress, it will pick up the undertone of the fabric (how cool is that!).

JS IMG_0805

Last but not least, never be afraid to get creative with your clothing. To make the dress more voluminous I wore a tutu skirt underneath and a gold belt to accentuate my smaller waist. I decided to wear this dress with my gold accessories and a diamond necklace. To complete my look I wore my blush pumps, because blush and teal go oh so well together. It’s like the perfect marriage of color. Ah what a joy!!! This dress is right up my alley: soft and feminine LOL.  Kudos to Liesl on the great quality of this dress, and I’m equally impressed with the fact that the dress is hand-made! I will definitely keep an eye out for Liesl Binx latest collection to see what she has in store and to ensure I get my hands on another one of her beautiful creations.

Dress c/o: Liesl Binx // Shoes:  Aldo // Necklace: Ebay (old) find similar here // Bracelet: Forever 21

Tall babes: Dress find similar here


Gail’s Look

Blue is one of my favourite colours so when I laide eyes on this two tone beauty from Liesl Binx I was just over the moon excited!  I love the 70’s disco, Studio 54 vibe this dress gives me!

GT IMG_0258



GT IMG_9925 re-edtied


This dress, dubbed the half and half dress, is made of a polyester lycra blend.  The botice is fitted and fully lined and the dress also comes with two tone coloured belt made of the same material as the dress.

GT IMG_0055

I completed my look by adding my ever present “frosting”, this gorgeous statement necklace and blush coloured pumps.

GT IMG_0178

As I’ve mentioned before, I love when my clothing can do double duty so I imagine wearing this vibrant coloured dress to a wedding in the tropics or pairing it with a navy blue turtleneck, chunky heeled knee high boots and a moto style jacket and I’d be ready for fall.

GT IMG_9964

Dress c/o: Liesl Binx // Pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) similar here // Necklace: ebay

For my tall glamazons here are some dress options for you here  here  and  here


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Liesl Binx has generously offered a 20% discount code valid until the end of December!  Just use code FABFOUR. Happy Shopping!!


Gail & Judy

Stylish In-vest-ment

gr IMG_8752

Menswear pieces are a hot commodity in women’s fashion this season and the vest, so often donned by men for work and formal events, can transition oh so well into a woman’s wardrobe portfolio yielding endless dividends! A piece that can be rocked from season to season, and reworked in a myriad of ways with it’s closet cousins (i.e. what you already own), this garment is a piece that every woman should have a vested interest in! Check out some ideas from the tall girls of Fab Four showing you how to increase the return on your investment two-fold.

gr IMG_8701

Leslie’s Look

LT IMG_8991-1

I could not wait to shrug on this oh so masculine styled vest. I simply love the juxtaposition of the straight lines of menswear pieces on the curvier frames of the female form. I think it can add another layer of playfulness and, believe it or not, femininity to a look!

LT IMG_9050-1

My theme for this outfit was “bad-ass babe in black and white”! This look was all about the coming together of opposites: black and white, structured and blousy, straight-laced and edgey and shows just how they marry together oh so well! I started with a base of printed perfection in the form of these black and white geometric print slim fit pants and this blousy printed sleeveless top. I went with a more fitted pant to balance out the looser fit of the top and the vest and went with this feminine blouse with its bolder print to add more visual interest to the look since the colour palette was so simple.

LT IMG_9144-1

Now, let’s talk accessories!!! This is what I consider the dessert (i.e. the best part) of an outfit: the shoes, the purse and the “icing” a.k.a. the jewellery! These peep-toe booties with their chunky style heel are the definition of comfortable and add the edginess I love to incorporate into my outfits. Normally, I would probably have gone with a coloured shoe, but I really wanted to play on the black and white theme…Now ladies, can we have an “ooohh” and and “ahhhhh” for the piece of heaven that came down in the form of this purse??!! I confess, I stole it from my sister and since possession is 9/10 of the law, it’s now mine! Femme Black , you are an angel sent by God to bring pieces of fashion flawlessness to my world! It is pint sized perfection and in this case, size really doesn’t matter!

LT IMG_8995-1

I kept the rest of the look simple with silver bangles and earrings and I’m definitely feeling bad-ass!

Vest: Zara // Top: Target (old), Similar here // Pants: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Purse: Femme Black

For my voluptuous vixens: Vest 1 or Vest 2 // Top // Pants

gr IMG_8699

Nancy’s Look

White after Labor Day??!!! Gasp!! I already told you that I dig white and love to rock it all. year. round! Remember some time ago, I brought you a Fab Four Fave called Vest-ed Interest? Well, I decided to bring it to life!

ND IMG_8750

As shown on my inspiration board, I decided to wear it as a dress. Disclaimer: this is not for the faint of heart! It’s definitely is on the short side. However, rest assured that I was wearing short shorts underneath and safely secured the lapel so that Mother Nature would NOT put my goodies on blast… LOL But with that said, I do love how my legs seem to go on forever!

ND IMG_8944

What I love about this piece is that I know that I will have many more wears out of it. And yes, I absolutely do plan on wearing it as a vest as well! But for the time being, and while the weather still somewhat accomodates, I wanted to show some skin. I also kept my accessories to a minimum to allow the dress to play center stage!

ND IMG_8681

So on my inspiration board, I paired this look with some killer Sophia Webster sandals. However – in the words of Kevin Hart – the way my bank account is currently setup… I had to go with Plan B. LOL Until, I get my coins in order, I opted to wear my dress with nude pumps.

ND IMG_8719

Vest: LTS // Shoes: Aldo // Earrings: Forever 21 (sold out); similar here

Plus size babes, you can actually check out the one I am wearing from Long Tall Sally. It goes up to size 12. And the extra length may actually fair more favorable too! As an alternative, look at this option.


gr IMG_8794

Special thanks to Vanja Peric for the always awesome snaps!

Tah tah for now!


Leslie and Nancy





Farewell to Summer

IMG_7848 Edited

It’s sad but true, it’s time to bid summer goodbye.  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion are putting away their short shorts, crop and tank tops and they’re saying hello to cool autmn breezes with a little hesitation.  But before they put all the summer clothes away they’re out for one last hoorah this Labour Day weekend!

IMG_7804 Edited


Nancy’s Look

You know how little kids sometimes hold on to their parent’s leg because they don’t want them to go? Well, that’s me holding on to summer’s imaginary leg!! LOL Seems like it was so short! Well, I’m not quite unpacking my fall fashion just yet because it’s not over till it’s over!

IMG_9003 Edited ND

This hot sunny day called for short shorts! Might as well enjoy them now, yes? The people with an eagle eye will recognize that this fabric hails from the mother land; more specifically Ghana.  So if you’ve been tracking with us for a little bit, you should know that very simple formula:

Amazing Print + Great Clothes = Dedo Azu Creation!

IMG_9143 Edited ND

I decided to add to the fun by pairing my printed shorts with a printed top! This is actually a crop draped jacket that I’m wearing as a top. Of course it is, right? LOL I’m telling you, discovering ways to wear your clothes in different ways is always so much fun and kind to your wallet!

IMG_9183 Edited ND

I finished my look with sandals – because they will be swapped with boots shortly… say it ain’t so!!! With that, I was ready to hang out with my good friend summer before it leaves me for the next six months.

IMG_9096 Redited ND

Shorts: Dedo Azu (custom orders contact // Top: H&M (old); similar here and here // Sandals: Nine West

Plus size bombshells, if you want to recreate my look, Dedo can hook you up with shorts in your size. And if you’re game to rock a jacket as a top, try the jacket here!

Gail’s Look

Alas, all good things must come to an end….so the gold saying goes.  So long, farewell, al vita zane, good bye to hot summer nights, tulle skirts in colours like candy candy and tank tops galore!  Its time to slowly put my summer fashions aside and prepare myself because WINTER IS COMING! LOL  But before I don my turtlenecks and cords its one last hoorah for summer!

IMG_8284 GT Edited

I just LOVE this outfit because for me it conjures up images of old silver screen femme fatales who were daring, mysterious and had  a thirst for danger like Lana Turner or Kim Novak!

IMG_8483 Edited


IMG_8407 Edited

This black cropped tank top has served me well over the summer.  I found myself going to it a lot and that is because it is super comfortable and well….cropped.  As far as I’m concerned I don’t have any problems pulling if off…if you catch my drift LOL.

As for this skirt…I just died when I found it on the website.  I just love the fact that this online sample site offers really great options for plus size women on a regular basis.  Anyhow, this animal print body con skirt had my name written all over so of course I had to snap it up quick!  I completed my look with a cute little black patent clutch, gold jewelry and by comfy yet stylish wedge sandals.  I’m off to enjoy a cocktail or three cause as Sheryl Crow sang, “I wanna soak up the sun, I wanna tell everyone to lighten up…”

IMG_8359 Edited

Cropped tank top: Rebdolls // Skirt: Zulily (sold out) Similar here (and I’m happy to report that the alternate option comes in sizes 4-24 and works for you tall glamazons!) // Clutch: Ted Baker // Wedge Sandals: Nine West (old) Similar here

Judy’s look

It is so hard to say good bye to the summer season.  Good bye short skirts, dresses and colorful rompers. Most importantly goodbye to my sandals, and crop tops….I’m going to miss you all but we will see each other in 2016.

IMG_8068 Edited

This year it feels as though summer came and left so quickly.  This is our last time to flaunt our beautiful summer outfits, before transitioning to boots, scarfs and coats.  For my last summer look, I decided to wear this stunning skirt I found on eShakti a few months ago. Let me tell you I have been eyeing this skirt for months and even envisioned the different ways I would rock it!  This skirt has a beautiful mix of colors and the landscape print with gondola from Venice is just spectacular.  I really love the 2 pleat detail in front because it gives the skirt an A-line shape which I find flirty and feminine.

IMG_8150 Edited

As you already know from my previous polyvore posts (Flirting in a skirt and Mix and Match story) I love my skirts, especially the ones with patterns where I can remix them with different tops and accessories. For this outfit I was inspired by Creative Consultant and Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan Magazine the fabulous Shiona Turini. I often see her on her Instagram page posting pictures of her beautiful outfits and she seems to be a fan of crop tops and skirts.

IMG_8244 Edited

I paired my skirt with a simple white crop top, my blingy necklace and a pair of blush coloured pumps, just to keep the focus of my outfit on my skirt.  Another good thing about this skirt is that it’s from eShakti which caters to everybody type, therefore my tall, curvy and plus size sisters can all benefit!!

Au Revoir Summer !!

IMG_8278 Edited

Skirt: Eshakti // Crop top: (old) Similar here  // Pumps: Aldo // Necklace: (old) find on Ebay


Leslie’s Look

I am far from ready to bid a fond farewell to the summer! Warm breezes, blazing sunshine and late sunsets aptly describe my idea of heaven on earth. But alas, it cannot  last forever! However, until that cold north wind decides to spread its Ivey tendrils this way, this is what I’ll be rocking!!

IMG_9257 Edited

This look is the epitome of all things I love about summer: cool colours, perfect prints and a playful feel.  The belt helps to accentuate my waist, while the yellow colour of the vest acts as the perfect foil to show off  the dress to its  best advantage.

IMG_9590 Edited

Added to this kaleidoscope of colour and print, I went with simple accessories in the form of this funky gold necklace, a pair of tan high-heeled sandals and a red cross-body bag.

IMG_9615 reEdited

Now I’m ready to while away one of the last days of summer with good friends, delicious food and cool drinks!

IMG_9668 Edited

Dress: Kate Spade (sold out) Similar here // Vest: Zara // Sandals: Michael Kors (old) Similar here // Cross-body bag: Uteriqe (old) Similar here

For my plus size babes here is a similar dress option for you: Pin Up Girl Clothing


IMG_7844 Edited

Tah Tah for now folks!

The Quartet


Disruptin The Peace

GT Edited Feature Image 240

Unapologetic fashion; that is Rebdolls’ tag line and it is indeed very fitting.  I’ve mentioned it before that plus size fashion retailers are now providing clothing options that are redefining what a plus size woman is “supposed” to or “permitted” to wear.  What’s also great about this retailer is that they carry straight sizes as well as plus sizes!  WOOOHOOO!!

GT Edited 594

This caged underwire bra most definitely blasts past my comfort zone.  The deep base-rich song Simon Says by Pharoache Monch played through my head as I slipped into this sexy number.

GT Edited 569

One of the first things I noted about the bra was how incredibly comfortable it was in addition to being very sexy.  It is also well structured with an underwire to hold the girls firmly in place.

GT Edited 417

GT Edited 3 549

I decided to pair this look with a fitted, silhouette enhancing midi tube skirt from Chastity Garner Valentine’s capsule collection with Rebdolls.  To create a little mystery I also added a crisp white button-down shirt tied at the waist in order to ever so slightly reveal the sexiness of the bra top.

GT Edited 293

If you’re feeling a little more “bold and brass” you can throw on a sexy cropped moto style jacket in lieu of the white shirt to fully reveal the VA-VA-VOOM of this hot cage bra!

GT Edited Part 3 067

I kept it simple with the accessories by only wearing dangly earrings and fun polka dot pumps.  Now I’m ready to go disrupt the peace…ok maybe not. LOL

GT Edited 181

White shirt: Old Navy (sold out) Similar here // Caged Bra: Rebdolls // Tube Skirt: Rebdolls and similar here or here // Shoes: Aldo (sold out) Similar here or here // Earrings: H&M // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

For my tall sistas here are some options for you: White Shirt: Long Tall Sally // Tube Skirt: ASOS TALL

Tah Tah for now,


All White Done Right


Summer is here, and with it heralds the opportunity for many of us to attend all white, glamorous events such as the annual Diner en Blanc and all white boat cruises. So, when you have 4 women dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty, and these aforementioned ladies decide to dress in white, one can only expect greatness in the form of ALL WHITE DONE RIGHT!

GR IMG_8467

If you think you’re ready to see how the ladies of Fab Four Fashion did it, you are cordially invited to scroll down and enjoy!

Judy’s Look

J IMG_0182

 Every summer it’s a struggle for me to find a stunning white outfit to attend any all-white event happening. I find myself asking, “Why do you keep doing this to yourself Judy?” The struggle is real LOL. However, one must admit, an all-white outfit done right is such a beautiful thing to behold.

Well this year, it happened once again. I was left caught out there with no white outfit to be found. I had ordered one, however sadly, it did not come in time for my all-white event and so I went into panic mode real quick! I didn’t know what to do because I did not have time to go running through the 6 in search of an all-white outfit. It’s definitely not easy to find that perfect white outfit when it’s last minute and Murphy and his pesky laws are working against you!

J IMG_0419

So, I pulled myself together, had a glass of wine (perhaps two) and went to Casa Del Judy (i.e. my own closet) to see what evasive action could be taken. I was shocked because, low and behold, this gorgeous over the top white dress was looking straight at me! This dress is a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Alexis Carrington (for those who remember the epic 80’s show Dynasty). This one strap, form fitting all white bodycon dress with  huge black structured flower is stylish and sophisticated.  The combination of the white of the dress and the black flower gives a wicked edginess to this look.

j IMG_0527

Honestly ladies, I completely forgot I had this dress in my closet. I know I know “shame on me”. Well, I’ve learned when in doubt and stranded, I can always whip something out of my closet artillery and make it look brand new!

I paired this marvelous dress with my black stone lace sandals, my fave necklace and put on a bright reddish lipstick and I’m ready to sail away on my all white boat cruise.

j IMG_0363

Dress: Asos (old) find similar here // Necklace: Zara (old) find similar here // Sandals: Aldo

For my Tall divas : here // here


Leslie’s Look

OMG friends, let me tell you about my struggle! When we decided to do an “All White Done Right” post, my mouth got dry, my right eye started to twitch and I thought I was going to break out in hives! If my reaction had been depicted in cartoon form, my hair would have been bone straight and all up in the air!lol I think white and its numerous shades (i.e. off-white, ecru, egg shell, cream, bone etc.) are truly lovely, but somehow, when I picture myself in an outfit, it is never all white. But, like we said before, this blog is all about us trying new things and stepping out of our comfort-zones. So after much trying on, many weeks perusing the net and scouring the stores I was finally able to put together an outfit that I am totally in LOVE with!

L IMG_9032

I strongly believe in spending money on pieces that will last me more than one season and that ideally can be worn many different ways. Moreover, I like pieces that I can wear for YEARS to come and I’m not joking. I still have pieces from well over 10 years ago that I rock as though they are brand new! This outfit hit the nail on the head on all counts. The  deep v-neck halter top is actually a bathing suit that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Admittedly, I originally wanted it in black, but was more than happy to purchase the white!:-) So now I’m going to talk to my ladies out there like me, that have a very small chest! When my mom saw me in this look she immediately said it’s too low cut and revealing (ah Mommy :-), then her second comment was “and just stuff the chest area to give you a little more bust”. Ladies, God gave us what we got and we need to celebrate it! The only person I would be trying to please by stuffing my bra would be someone other than me and that doesn’t make sense in my most humble opinion. But bottom-line ladies, make sure you do what makes you feel comfortable. My girls are tiny and each one is very special to me! LOL

L IMG_9056

To counteract the sexiness of the top part of my outfit, I chose to rock this fun tutu skirt that gives the look a bit of a girly, whimsical feel. Should you find the top portion a bit too daring for your taste, you can always through on a cute leather jacket or cropped blazer over it.

L IMG_9160

The finishing touches to my look were a bold necklace and some cuff bangles and these stunning sunglasses by a designer whose name you should be quite familiar with by now, Dedo Azu!! Yes, she makes sunglasses too along with her custom clothing designs (how amazing is that?!) So, Judy girl, I’m ready for that all white boat cruise or Dinner en Blanc cause I’m feeling quite flawless in this look! One might even go so far as to say I look “dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty”!;-)

L IMG_9269

Top: ASOS (sold out), Similar here // Skirt: eShakti (sold out), Similar here or here // Sunglasses: Dedo Azu (via  Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries/orders) // Necklace: eBay // Bangles: Forever 21 // Shoes: Office //

For my plus size perfect chicas: Top  // Skirt


 Nancy’s Look

Ok, right off the bat, I have to tell you – the QUEEN of all white everything is Ms Judy! She always has an all white party to attend… And when I say always, I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S lol. As much as I’m not a fan of dictated outfits (it’s the rebel in me LOL) this time, I was willing to join in for the fun of it.

N IMG_9955

 The funny thing is that I have way more all white outfits than I originally thought so it was actually easy to dig in my closet and work something out. I actually love the contrast of my melanin infused skin against white (insert article of clothing)… including some shoes!! LOL.

N IMG_9394

So, let me be real with you for a second… I had several outfits planned out in my head, but the morning of the event, I remembered I had this saucy little number that had only made one appearance waaaaaay back in 2011. And that, ladies and gents, was my second wedding dress LOL. When I saw this Vera Wang stunner online (the ruffled skirt, I’m pretty sure it was the ruffled skirt), I jumped and went to David’s Bridal in 2.5 (then explained to my now husband why this dress was a necessity…) LOL. And get this, they didn’t have the dress in ivory as I wanted, so I made the trip to the store that did… all the way in Buffalo, NY! That’s a 2 hour drive y’all. Is that dedication or is that dedication? LOL
N IMG_0130

I always wondered if I would wear it again… well here, I did. Being that it’s short and flirty, it doesn’t skew too matrimonial – in my opinion anyway – and figured that it was a nice over the top dress that needed to be rocked. I mean, why not! Yes it’s much and much is ok… most times LOL. I kept my accessories simple this time (and skipped the birdcage fascinator). The dress came with this belt, but my sisters from another mister (hey Myrsha and Kennie); along with my partners in crime aka bridesmaids (shout out to Eva and THE infamous Judy lol) blinged it out to give the belt a little umph. This is just a fun LWD that will always have a special place in my heart.

N IMG_9498

Dress: David’s Bridal // Sandals: Nine West

To my plus size perfect babes out there, I don’t even need to give you a substitute… This dress goes up to a size 26! Yay for stores that get it and that cater to ALL of us!

Gail’s Look

Ain’t nothing like an all white outfit.  Whether winter or summer you’ll catch me rocking an all white outfit at some point as evidenced here.  The difficulty that can crop up when trying to put a monochromatic look together is that the colours can sometimes be  a bit off….the whites are not always the “same whites” or the blacks aren’t the same if you know what I mean.

IMG_8637 Edited

That was the bind I found myself in when pulling this look together.  To get around this difficulty I looked for different materials or textures so that it doesn’t look like I was unsuccessful in my attempt to match whites that aren’t the same white.

G IMG_8697

When I came across this top I was immediately attracted to the rushing in the bust area.  I paired the top with a straight cotton mix skirt and added some frosting around my neck.  Now I’m off to sail away on that boat cruise Judy mentioned…or was it Diner en Blanc?

G IMG_8838


G IMG_8739 b

Tank top: // Skirt: Talbots (old) Similar here // Necklace: (sold out0 Similar here // Pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar here

For my tall gals here are options for you: Top: ASOS Tall  // Skirt: ASOS Tall or The Limited

GR IMG_8404


Tah Tah for now,

~The Quartet

Dedo Azu Official Part 2


Did you see the absolute awesomeness that was the Dedo Azu Official post? How could we not ask for more! And lucky for us, Dedo felt so inspired that she couldn’t resist making us more outfits to showcase her talents. So without further ado, we’re back with more goodies to show you from our girl Dedo Azu! She out did herself with her mix of prints and structured pieces so feast your eyes on these beautiful creations.


Gail’s Look

It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on this beautiful lavender print dress.  Not only is the print to die for but the midi length of the dress made me feel like royalty….”All Hail the Queen!” LOL


Once again, using my measurements, Dedo Azu crafted this dress which fit me to a “T”.



I went for minimal accessories because I wanted this showstopping dress to be centre stage!


Dress: Dedo Azu //Pumps: Office UK (sold out) Similar here // Pear earrings: Forever 21 // Clutch:

Judy’s Look

When I saw this gorgeous blue dress that Angela Simmons wore at a fashion show last year I immediately fell in love. I even went so far as to take a screen shot of the dress on my phone thinking that one day I might find a dress similar to hers or simply have it made. Well my wish came true! When designer Dedo Azu asked me what she might make for me, I immediately sent her the picture of the dress (by email and by text LMAO just to make sure that she got it).


Fast forward to a few months, when I laid eyes on this two piece wonder and tried it on I was impressed, it fit me to a “T” and I loved the print and colourful polka dot material. It’s very different from some of the usual African prints I have seem but it is still very elegant and sophisticated.


Instead of making it a dress as was the original design I sent her, she made a 2 piece which works perfectly for me. I just love how the peplum top fits my waist then flares out.


I kept it simple for this look since the print alone is a work of art! So I chose to pair it with my blush pumps, my favourite pearly necklace, and since the top has a very low cut neckline (as per my request LOL), I decided to wear a nice off white crop top from Addition Elle underneath. And voila, I’m ready to conquer the world.



Shoes: Aldo // Necklace: Zara (old) find similar here // crop top: Addition Elle // Skirt and top from Dedo Azu

Leslie’s Look

Mirror mirror on the wall, please send more prints to us all?! We asked, and we received! Now, you’ve all heard about Judy jonesing for jumpers and seen Nancy all over overalls. Gail too has gotten into the mix with her relaxed retro romper. But never have you seen me in a sexy one-piece wonder till now. Presenting the jumper of my life, brought to us, ok me, by Dedo Azu!


This print is all I could have asked for and more. It’s bold and beautiful; doesn’t leave me feeling young and restless and allows me to be in step with the current fashion trends so I don’t get left behind as the world turns and trends change. I mean come on; we only have one life to live. We need to make sure that we have some great fashion pieces that help to make these the best days of our lives!

So, why do I love this jumper? First and foremost, it has been made to measure so it fits my body perfectly! Since it was made for me, I also had a chance to choose the exact style I wanted. I love backless styles, so I chose to have my jumper designed to show-off a lot of skin in back.  This is one of the advantages of made to measure clothing and working with Dedo and her team to craft styles that you love and fit your body pefectly.


Given that this jumper is quite figure hugging, it beautifully shows off my small waist and highlights the curves that I have despite my slim frame. The print also helps to give me the illusion of being a bit more voluptuous (ok, I may be reaching with that adjective, but it just has a nice ring to it ;-).


This look has a great summer feel and since it is cotton, your body can still breathe on those sweltering summer days. To wrap up my look, I searched among all my children (that is shoes) for the perfect pair to compliment this look, and just had to go with these dazzling yellow babies. Accessories in check and make up flawless I’m ready to take on a dynasty!


Jumper: Dedo Azu (contact details at end of post)  // Shoes: Office (sold out), Similar here or here or here //

Nancy’s Look

When I tell you that I want Dedo to become my personal designer, I mean it. She consistently comes up with the best and perfectly crafted styles. When I tried on my dress, I immediately started to dance. Ladies, you know you do this too! LOL You know the feeling when you slip on that perfect piece of clothing that seems to have been made just for you! It’s just the best.


Let me tell you what I love about this dress. Obviously, the print is just beautiful. Also, it is a very fitted dress. The material is sturdy yet comfortable. But the best part is that the dress is sewn in such a way that there is room for the derriere! That’s huge (pun totally intended LOL). Since the material doesn’t have much stretch, my booty would end up being squashed… but not here!! I can freely be bootylicious!







Dress: Dedo Azu (contact details at end of post)  // Shoes: Nine West (old), Similar here


To get your own DeDo Azu creation you can contact her via  Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries and orders.

That’s all for now! Until next time!


The Fab Four


An Ode to Eloquii: Part 1

IMG_3539 Edited for IG

Eloquii, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.  To say that I love this company and its clothes would be an understatement.  I like to think of them as the “BCBG” of the plus size fashion world, offering fashion forward contemporary styles that work for the office or an evening out and about.

G IMG_3551

Eloquii first came on the scene back in 2011 as a division of The Limited.  The company relaunched in 2014 and is now privately held.

Often times I can be caught browsing their site for the next item I’ve just got to get my hands on. With that said, this blue cropped tank with weave pattern straps made it into my “wardrobe portfolio” as  my sister, Leslie, likes to say!

G IMG_3640

I especially love that the top is cropped  as I have a short torso.  Often times I’m caught out there with tops that hit me below my nether regions. lol

G IMG_4173

This beautifully patterned pencil skirt is just divine.  I love how it hugs and accentuates my curves.  I could easily add a jacket and with this look making it boardroom ready.

G IMG_3705

Cropped Tank: Eloquii (it’s currently on sale!!)  // Skirt: Eloquii (also currently on sale!) // Pumps: Aldo shoes (score- on sale too!) // Clutch: Zara (old) Similar here //Necklace: French Connection (old) Similar here //Sunglasses: Random boutique Similar here

For you tall divas out there here are some options for you: Tank top: Long Tall Sally // Skirt: Long Tall Sally

So ladies, have you purchased anything from Eloquii?  Holla back and let me know what your favourites pieces are!

Tah tah,


p.s. stay tuned cause there will be an Ode to Eloquii Part Deux meaning part 2 🙂

**Note, this is not a sponsored post and the opinions expressed are those of the writer.


Judy’s Rompers


As I mentioned in my previous individual post, I love my jumpers and always look forward to my next one. So today’s post is about my day romper and my  fabulous night romper.

d - IMG_9827

My Day Romper Look:

I found this cute romper a few seasons ago at Forever 21 in the plus section.  I like this romper because it’s not too short and I can easily walk around in it. You can typically catch me running through the 6 in that type of romper on a hot summer day.

d - IMG_9922

Since I have a very curvy frame, I tend to choose rompers that accentuates my curvy frame. For example, I’m not a huge fan of shapeless, loose rompers because it doesn’t compliment my shape. I’m more into fitted rompers that gives me a nice definition at the waist.

d - IMG_0040

This type of romper comes in very handy when you go on vacation and  I should know because last year I traipsed all over Jamaica in a couple of them.

d - IMG_9876Finally, it is beneficial to have a good tailor this helps a lot especially if the hem of your romper is too shorts.

Rompers: Forever21 Plus (old) similar here and here  // Sandals: DSW (old) similar here

For my tall sisters: Rompers: ASOS here and here

Night Romper Look:

For my night look I went for my  off-white and black ¾ quarter sleeve printed romper. I can’t say how much this romper gives me life and gets the FAB FOUR FASHION seal of approval every time I wear it!

n - IMG_0127

It is everything I look for in a romper and the length is perfect for me. I love the wrap around belt at the waist, which accentuates my waist and gives me this a smoking silhouette if I do say so myself LOL. This cute romper  has an open back, but I can still wear my bra with an adjustable bra strap without my bra straps showing at the back.

n - IMG_0256

I usually rock this romper with a stiletto sandal or a colorful pump to give me a wow sexy factor for a night out for drinks with my girls.

n - IMG_0185

Rompers: ASOS curves (old) similar here // Sandals: Aldo

For my tall sisters: Rompers: ASOS here and here

The next jumper I’m trying to get my hands on is this beautiful culottes jumper, if it works well for me I will report back to you and share my experience with you .

n - IMG_0468

Until then, my curvy sisters don’t’ shy away from jumpers and rompers.   It’s all about what works for your body type and what you are comfortable wearing. There is a world out there of lovely rompers and jumpers for you ladies to try!

Feel free  to share  your experience with us, we want to hear about your rompers and jumpers stories.

Yours Truly,



Perfectly Printed

grp_MG_3833 feat


“How much do we love prints? Let us count the ways!”

We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, are suckers for a hot print, and we aren’t afraid to wear print-on-print-on-print either! We know for some, the idea of rocking a big bold print or pairing a fun printed top with a hot printed skirt or pant, can feel like a bit of a fashion risk, but hopefully we’ll give you some ideas to make it easy for you to embrace this look and make it work for your style and taste.


Clothing lines like Emilio Pucci, Erdem and Clover Canyon and designers like Mary Katrantzou have created some stunning examples of how different prints can work so well together and they have been great inspirations for developing our “print palates”! Here are fun ways that you can begin to become print perfect with pizzazz!


  1. If you want to pair a printed top with a bottom with a different print pattern, it’s often easiest to look for prints with similar colors and combine a big bold print with a finer simpler print. Check out how Leslie works it!






Yellow jacket: Zara // Black & White Top: Zara // Shorts: Zara // Shoes: Aldo // Purse: Zara (old) Similar here

Plus size divas here are some options so for you.  Yellow jacket: Simply Be //

Black & White Top: Simply Be // Shorts: Old Navy

  1. There is always the fail safe way to pair prints: pair polka-dots and stripes! Find a cute top, let’s say in a polka-dot and pair this with a skirt in a stripe print. Keep the top and bottom in the same colour scheme (e.g. black and white) and you have now joined the perfectly printed family!


Perfectly Printed Polyvore



  1. If you still feel this is too much for you, start by trying out a printed coordinates set with a more consistent all over pattern like the one Gail is working below: This will allow you to work the printed look without having to put different prints together. You also have the option of remixing each piece on its own to create a new look.






Crop Top: Eloquii (sold out) Similar here  here  //Eloquii Studio Printed Pencil Skirt: Eloquii (sold out) Similar here here // Bag: Tory Burch (sold out) Similar here // Stilettos: Zara

For my tall girls here are some options for you: Riverlsland Crop top // River Island Skirt

  1. Of course you can always just strut your stuff in a gorgeous printed dress. Easy-peasy yet oh so sexy! You get it all in one fab piece! Check Judy out!






Dress: Asos (old) Similar here // Pumps: Betsey Johnson (old) Similar here

For my tall babes: Dress // Dress

  1. But ladies, why stop there. We all know that shoes can be an outfit maker, or breaker so why not wear that favorite printed ­­­­­jumper with those stylish printed shoes.  Look how fly Nancy looks in her outfit!





Jumpsuit: H&M (old); similar here // Shoes: Smash Shoes

My plus size sisters can recreate with the printed plus size jumpsuits from Simply Be!

However you decide to get perfectly printed for the season just remember to have fun with it! If you’re feeling good in it, chances are you look good in it too!

Special thanks go out to our noted fashion photographer extraordinaire, Roseline Bonheur!



~Fab Four

Stripes Top to Bottom

G - IMG_9634

Stripes, the bain of some women’s existence and a big supposed “no no” for plus size women.  Well, I say nuts to that! I’m a firm believer that one should wear what one wants!  This first look is from Reb Dolls.  I love this online retailer because they take a no holds bar approach to plus size fashions.  If you “dare to wear” body con dresses or crop tops, Reb Dolls will hook you up.

I quite honestly would never have worn a crop top let alone a crop top that was sleeveless but since starting this blog I feel as though I’ve given myself permission to wear what I want and my girls have definitely encouraged me to take some fashion risks.

G - IMG_9295

I love the chevron pattern of this skirt and the “flowiness” of it too.  I finished the look with a faux leather jacket from City Chic online and added tangerine coloured wedge espadrilles for a pop of colour.

G - IMG_9363


G - IMG_9289


Faux leather jacket: City Chic // Crop top: Reb Dolls // Midi Skirt: Reb Dolls// Wedges: Zara (old): Similar here // Purse: Zara //

For the tall bombshells out there here are some options so you can recreate my look.

Jacket: Long Tall Sally //Crop top: Asos // Midi Skirt: Zara

This skirt is tutu much for me!  I was a devoted viewer of Sex and the City so I was inspired to recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s outfit seen in the opening credits of the show.

G - IMG_9556

I adore all shades of the colour blue so when I saw this tutu skirt on the Eshakti site I knew I had to have it. And the coolest thing about this fabulous skirt is that it has pockets!  Once again, this online retailer caters to women of all shapes and sizes from 0 to 36W and heights of 5’0ft to 6ft and beyond!


G - IMG_9481

I paired my dream of a skirt with an off the shoulder striped number.  This outfit makes me feel as though I was Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.  I completed the look with fun polka dot pumps and a mint green purse.  Voila my spring look is complete!

G - IMG_9634

Striped off the shoulder top: Asos Curve //Tutu skirt: Eshakti (sold out) Similar here //Pumps: Aldo shoes //Purse: JustFab (sold out) Similar here

Ta ta for now