Bathing Beauties

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One of the most challenging things for women is finding a bathing suit that fits her body type well. Bathing suits are the little pieces of clothing that are often unforgiving and expose our biggest fears to the world.

Well ladies worry no more. Who are you going to call when you’re searching for bathing suits for different body types? 3 words FAB FOUR FASHION.

Scroll below to find out the lovely selections of bathing suits which the ladies from Fab Four have found for you.

Thank us later, now you can all swim sexy!


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Gail’s Look

Ooooo wweee here we go – swimsuit season is officially in effect and I for one am very excited!  As I’ve mentioned before this blog has allowed me to move beyond my comfort zone for the better!

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Since I was going to be “daring” I went with this gorgeous two piece halter style swimsuit from Forever 21  Plus.  Of course, I had to go with my fave colour combo – black & white.   While I know how to swim, this swimsuit right here is not getting wet at all.  It’s about lounging and cooling out poolside, enjoying a tropical beverage and looking hella hella fly LOL.

GT Edited IMG_3394


GT Edited IMG_4107

This suit is the  The bra portion is padded (but not too much) so it offers those of us who are not as well endowed as others a little extra somethin somethin.  The band reaching across the back is wide too so there’s no digging into my side or back. The bottom of the suit is high waisted and offers some ruching on the panel.  Also the generous cut on the bottoms fit my curves to a “T”!

GT Edited IMG_3294

To complete my pool side look I added a light weight floral kimono , silver wedges and of course some bling!  Now I’m off to enjoy that beverage I mentioned!

Swimsuit top: Forever 21 Plus // Swimsuit bottom: Forever 21 Plus // Kimono: eBay (old) similar here //

Wedges: Old Navy (old) similar here

For my tall bathing beauties here is an option for you: Long Tall Sally

Judy’s Look

JS Edited IMG_4848

For all my curvy ladies out there, the crazy search for the perfect bathing suit is over. Thank you to blogger “Extraordinaire” Gabi Fresh for helping to create Swim Suits for All with her fabulous sexy swim suit collection.

I was extremely shocked and excited to see a brand that carries so many beautiful and sexy bathing suits and, most importantly, bathing suits that I would actually want to wear instead of the boring generic ones out there. It didn’t take too long for me to order 3 bathing suits from the Gabi Fresh collection, and to my pleasant surprise all the bathing suits fit my curvy frame perfectly emphasizing all the right places.


JS Edited IMG_5064

A good piece of advice for anybody who is interested in buying their bathing suits: please look at their size chart and order according to your measurements, and the fit will be just fine.

The bathing suit I’m wearing from Gabi Fresh’s latest collection called the GabiFresh for Swim Sexy is called the Sovereign , which makes me feel like an Egyptian goddess. The cut outs on each side are located at the right places and fit me very well.  The gold detail in the middle accessorizes the bathing suit beautifully.


JS Edited IMG_4855

I want to thank Swimsuits For All for sending me this beautiful bathing suit; and as long as you continue to make suits that speak to me, you will continue to have me as a customer and hopefully one day I can model for you, LOL

JS Edited IMG_4916

In the meantime you can catch me swimming sexy on the beach.

Bathing suit: Swimsuitsforall

My tall sisters: ASOS

Nancy’s Look

A few weeks ago, we decided to bare it all… Figurative that is. But this week, were literally baring it all in our freshest swimsuits!

ND Edited IMG_4147

When choosing a bathing suit, the number one thing for me is to find a good fitting and well supporting bra. This means that I choose ones that come with a bra size. You’ll surely understand how I lost my marbles when I saw that ASOS offered a full bust option with cups going all the way up to a J cup size! How you like them apples!

I will however caution you to consult their size charts. While the smaller cups are the same in US and UK sizes, US cups E and up are slightly smaller in UK sizes. So while my top worked out, I was expecting it to be larger. Took notes for next time!

ND Edited IMG_4216

I got love for the itty bitty bikinis (specifically when traveling to places like Rio where dental floss is a bathing suit option lol), but my first love is the high waist option. This one has cool cutouts which add a dash of sexy while still ensuring full coverage so nothing’s hanging out.

ND Edited IMG_4170

We know that the generously sized bathing suits can cost a pretty penny but ASOS saves the day, once again, by offering a whole gamut of fly options at very pocket friendly prices.

ND Edited IMG_4298

Top: ASOS // Bottom: ASOS (Both are sold out, however find the one piece bathing suit with the same print here) And if your heart is set on a two piece see this top and that bottom or this cute bikini here and here

You know I never forget my plus size bombshells. So check out this option here and here! Enjoy


Leslie’s Look

Now ladies and gents, you all know that we are all about body positivity and loving and werking what you got! But, I have never shown so much of what I got on any form of on-line medium before, so needless to say, this post was a bit of a challenge for me. I love my body, and like all men and women, we have areas we want to emphasize and others we want to de-emphasize, but in a bathing suit, oooh doggy, there ain’t no place to hide!LOOOL  So, with that said, without further ado, I present to you my on-line bathing suit premier…

LT Edited IMG_4670

As you must know by now, I love prints, even when they are only on a bikini top and bottom, so when I spied this 2 piece with my little eye, I scooped it up real quick.

LT Edited IMG_4649

The things I love most about this suit besides the print, are the bikini bottoms with the tie sides, as I feel like it gives me a little extra something something on the hip making it appear like my hips may be  a little wider than they actually are (but this could be all in my head, but it works for me!lol). I also love this bikini top with its extra padding that pushes up the “girls” just enough to make it look like I got a little extra shimmy when I shake!:-)

LT Edited IMG_4626

I love this bikini, and despite my initial trepidation, I love doing this post. Loving our bodies can sometimes be a journey. As women, our bodies can go through so many changes and we will often have to adjust to our shapes as time goes by. But we need to remember to continue to love our bodies and all its “2000 parts”!


LT Edited IMG_4569

Swimsuit: Victoria’s Secret (Top // Bottom)

For my plus size divas here are some options for you Option 1 Top Option 2 Bottom // Option 2

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

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Pink Club Wear Part 2.1 Crochet and Mesh

ju IMG_3265

Lace , mesh and crochet are not things you see me wearing a lot, but when I find a nice outfit made of lace or mesh I’m up for it. When I saw this beautiful 2 tone soft pink and blue lace dress from Pink club I decided to go for it.

ju IMG_3304

I must confess that I was a little bit skeptical about getting this dress. At times it can be difficult to discern exactly what you are going to get when ordering on-line and if the fit is going to fall in line with what you’ve envisioned. I’m happy to report that I was quite pleased with this dress when it arrived; love the two-tone pastel colours (blue at the top and pink at the bottom). I’m also delighted with the cute built in silver grey belt which adds a little more definition to my waist.

ju IMG_3323

The nude sheer mesh underneath is perfect and blends very well with the crochet material overlay. The mesh material has stretch to it which I love, however the crochet portion does not, so if you are blessed with nice sized hips like me you want to make sure you have room to breathe. This being the case, I would strongly recommend that you ladies go up 1 size when ordering this dress.

ju IMG_3265

To complete my look I decided to keep it simple. I paired this dress with my blush pumps, my favourite pearly necklace and applied my Mac Candy Yum Yum lipstick and I’m ready to take the 6ix by storm!

ju IMG_3236

Dress: Pink Club Wear // Shoes : Aldo and  find similar Nine West// necklace (old) find similar on Ebay

Tall Babe: find similar here and here // shoes: Aldo and Nine west

Please remember that the 30% discount code still applies and it is FFF30.  Happy shopping!



**Please note that although this is a sponsored post, the opinions expressed are my own.

Fall Lookbook Part 2

IMG_0321 Edited Group kiki

The 70s! The era of the Jackson Five, flared pants, the Jeffersons and funk music. Fashion-wise, the 70s was an era that brought bold colour and daring prints to another level. This era is back in full force on the runways this season and we just couldn’t resist creating the perfect post to showcase these looks. Get ready for the Soul Train line of fashion – the way only Fab Four Fashion knows how to do it.

IMG_0285 Edited Group


IMG_0330 Edited Group

Leslie’s Look

I am so feeling the 70s as some of you may recall from the post I did on this awesome trend seen here!! I love the muted colours the funky prints and of course the mega mini’s. This is one of the trends I was more than eager to jump into for our Fab Four fall foray into this decades modern day inspirations.

IMG_0398 Edited Leslie

This dress speaks to me on so many levels. The mod-ish lines, the muted colours and print and, of course, the mega mini lenth that shows off my gams to perfection are all elements that drew me to this piece! I think every woman should know how to incorporate just the right amount of sexy into a look. Sometimes it’s wearing something figure hugging, sometimes showing a little decolletage, sometimes showing a little (or not so little), leg. I like trying to go for one of these characteristics in each outfit I put together, rather than incorporating them all into one look, and as you can see, my  legs got to take top billing for this look!

IMG_0475 Edited Leslie

To keep me warm on those cooler fall days, I paird this dress with one of my trusty sleeveless coats in a muted colour. It lends an effortless elegant yet relaxed feel to this look that I just love and adds a layer of warmth since, I gotta be real,  I am always cold!LOL  This piece is also great, since it can easily be remixed with so many other pieces in my wardrobe which is something I’m always looking for.

IMG_0412 Edited Leslie

Ladies, let me tell you, if there is only one thing you decide to really invest in this season, let it be a great neutral coloured, knee high boot! I have had these boots which I simply ADORE since 2000! You indeed read correctly; I bought them in 2000! Yes, ladies, I’ve had them for 15 years and am still rocking them! Now, admittedly, I don’t wear them every day and have taken good care of them, but talk about getting a tremendous return on investment! The colour is neutral enough to go with just about everything, and from one fall/winter season to the next, they continue to be a wardrobe staple!

So someone grab the record player…or should it be an eight-track player…and let’s get our 70’s groove on baby!!!!

IMG_0485 Edited Leslie

Dress: Zara // Sleeveless Coat: Zara (old), Similar here // Boots: Mango (ancient), Similar here //

For my curvy chicas: Dress // Sleeveless Cest

Gail’s Look

70s looks dominated the runways for fall and I can certainly understand why.  Think Bianca Jagger’s cool white pants suit or Donna Summer’s sexy sequined outfits – now imagine these looks revamped for today’s sensibilities and you’ve got magic!

IMG_0714 Edited GT

I went for a bold graphic striped print in the form of this dress as seen in so many runway shows for fall.  I just love the pattern and colour combination.  This dress is the ultimate in comfort and flows beautifully over my curves.  I paired this sleeveless dress with this faux leather jacket which works for the unpredictable weather found in fall.  In one day it can go from sunny and blue skies to over cast and breezy.

IMG_0760 Edited GT


IMG_0745 Edited GT

To complete my look I went for these 70s inspired aviator sunglasses and big bold hoop earrings.  I feel like Foxy Brown, the character legendary actress Pam Grier made so famous in the 70s.

IMG_0796 Edited GT

Last but not least is my tri coloured vintage leather hobo bag borrowed from my mama and these cognac coloured pumps.  Friends I’m now ready to strut and fluff my fro and shake my shake my groove thing!

Dress: (sold out) Similar here  here or here// Jacket: Wilson’s Leather // Pumps: Michael Kors (old) Similar here // Purse: Vintage Similar here or here // Sunglasses: DVF (Dian Von Furstenberg) (old) Similar here

For my tall sisters here is a dress option for you – ASOS Tall // Jacket: ASOS Tall

Judy’s Look

IMG_0564 Edited Judy

I‘ve always been a fan of 70’s trends, so it’s quite fitting that we decided to do a post about this era.  My 70s look is inspired by the hit show Charlie’s Angels. I wore my long sleeved dress with a tie-neck collar, and paired it with a faux fur vest to give a little extra oomph to my look.

IMG_0654 Edited Judy

I scored this dress two seasons ago at Suzy Shier at a great price. This dress has a 70’s inspired graphic pattern with colours like burnt orange, black and brown. To complete my look I wore my over the knee leather boots. I got these fabulous boots from Target last year from the Altuzzarra collection. Big feet women of the world, I know you understand me when I say the struggle is real, so when you find your shoe size on the shelf trust and believe you jump on it. LOL That was my story, I saw the last pair of  size 11 boots on the shelf and I pounced on them so fast I didn’t even look at the price tag.

IMG_0516 Edited Judy

Sadly, Target closed its doors a few months ago here in Canada, however I’m glad I was able to score these fabulous boots while they were here.

My look wouldn’t be complete without my Twiggy inspired sunglasses ( a gift from my little sister) and my signature red lipstick.

IMG_0664 Edited Judy


Dress: (old) but find similar here:  Asos and Asos// Sleeveless Fur Vest: Asos // Sunglasses : Asos // Over the knee boots: Amazon or Eloquii

Tall Sisters: Dress: Asos and Asos // Fur vest: Asos // Over the knee boots: Amazon

Nancy’s Look

¨I’m Foxy Cleopatra, and I’m a WHOLE lot of woman!¨ This single sentence takes me to a time when everything was grooovy! LOL The 70s comes with a slew of cult classics, timeless music and fashion that keeps on giving. I love how fashion from the 70s keeps on reappearing in different forms. This fall is no exception.

IMG_0942 Edited Nancy

For me, what’s most important is to prevent these blasts from the past from being too ¨costumey¨. What I mean by that is that, while the inspiration can clearly be seen, current cuts are a must. This is why I absolutely love this skirt. Pencil skirts are always a must and are flattering on all body types. The 70s influence came in the form of the stripes and the front slit. The colour combination is what actually first drew me to the skirt.

IMG_0841 Edited Nancy

I paired my skirt with a black ¨wrap top¨. I used quotations here because this, ¨top¨ is actually a draped open front cardigan that I am wearing as a top. Do we notice a trend here? Always staying to true to my ‘clothes-remixing’ self!

IMG_0833 Edited Nancy

The skirt is definitely the star of the outfit for me, however, these boots do get an honourable mention! I got them many moons ago at Long Tall Sally. I eyed them for what seemed like an eternity and bought them as soon as they were on sale (Shout out to Angelica, the most awesome LTS saleslady ever who kept her finger on the price pulse along with me!!!). They are chic and comfortable. What else could I ask for!

IMG_0909 Edited NancySkirt: Topshop // Top: Ann Taylor (old) similar here // Boots: Dolce Vita (old); similar here

Plus size divas, recreate my look with this skirt, top and wide calf boots!

Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for these beautiful photos!!

That’s all for now! Let us know how you’re getting your 70s groove on by hashtagging your own 70s inspired look on Instagram and/or Twitter using #fabfourfashionapproved

LB2 - Gr - IMG_0307


~The Fab Four

Disruptin The Peace

GT Edited Feature Image 240

Unapologetic fashion; that is Rebdolls’ tag line and it is indeed very fitting.  I’ve mentioned it before that plus size fashion retailers are now providing clothing options that are redefining what a plus size woman is “supposed” to or “permitted” to wear.  What’s also great about this retailer is that they carry straight sizes as well as plus sizes!  WOOOHOOO!!

GT Edited 594

This caged underwire bra most definitely blasts past my comfort zone.  The deep base-rich song Simon Says by Pharoache Monch played through my head as I slipped into this sexy number.

GT Edited 569

One of the first things I noted about the bra was how incredibly comfortable it was in addition to being very sexy.  It is also well structured with an underwire to hold the girls firmly in place.

GT Edited 417

GT Edited 3 549

I decided to pair this look with a fitted, silhouette enhancing midi tube skirt from Chastity Garner Valentine’s capsule collection with Rebdolls.  To create a little mystery I also added a crisp white button-down shirt tied at the waist in order to ever so slightly reveal the sexiness of the bra top.

GT Edited 293

If you’re feeling a little more “bold and brass” you can throw on a sexy cropped moto style jacket in lieu of the white shirt to fully reveal the VA-VA-VOOM of this hot cage bra!

GT Edited Part 3 067

I kept it simple with the accessories by only wearing dangly earrings and fun polka dot pumps.  Now I’m ready to go disrupt the peace…ok maybe not. LOL

GT Edited 181

White shirt: Old Navy (sold out) Similar here // Caged Bra: Rebdolls // Tube Skirt: Rebdolls and similar here or here // Shoes: Aldo (sold out) Similar here or here // Earrings: H&M // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

For my tall sistas here are some options for you: White Shirt: Long Tall Sally // Tube Skirt: ASOS TALL

Tah Tah for now,


Day Party in the 6ix

Group Day Party 3766

Want to party? Not interested in being out till the wee hours of the night? Welcome to the wonderful world of the day parties! Whether day or night, when it comes to parties, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion are always ready to show up and show out! As the last few days of summer begin to dwindle down, the ladies are soaking up the sun and are bidding summer adieu with a bang! See what they’re rocking to their Day Party in the 6ix!

Group Day Party 3746

Nancy’s Look

I’m not sure who came up with the concept of a day party but give her a Nobel prize please!!! LOL I must admit that sometimes, the idea of starting to get ready late at night is enough to deter me from going out all together. Yes, call me an old lady – I wear my badge proudly! But a day party? I’m definitely here for that!

Nancy Edited 4640


I love the idea of partying during the day because while you’re grooving to good tunes, you also get a nice, healthy dose of sunshine! The other thing that I love is that your attire can be cool and relaxed or glam, it’s whatever your heart desires. Being a no muss, no fuss kinda lady, I took this opportunity to keep it simple yet cute.

Nancy Edited 4723

For this nice, hot summer day, I decided to allow the gams to come out and play! Therefore, these super cute, super colourful and super short shorts were a must! I allowed this fabulous print to take center stage by pairing it with a simple, crisp white shirt.

Nancy Edited 4595

Because I get hives if I don’t add a pop of color (ok, not really, but it’s truly a must for me… not all the time, but most times LOL) I completed my look with a fun yellow pump. They shine bright, like a diamond. Lol  My accessories were kept to a few, yet bold silver pieces. Now watch for me on the dance floor – I’ll be the one busting moves till the wee hours… of the afternoon!

Nancy Edited 4429

Short: Zara (gifted by my awesome sister in law. Hey Erika!!); similar here or here // Shirt: LTS // Shoes: Charles by Charles David (sold out); similar here or here

Plus size divas, recreate this look with this shirt and these shorts!

Gail’s Look

Ain’t no party like a day time partay!!!  After a long hard work week its wonderful to kick back, relax and enjoy the freakin weekend with family and friends.

 GT Edited 5422

I normally gravitate to any item of clothing that is black, like a bee to flowers, but lately I’ve really been trying to embrace colour. With this look, however, I went back to what’s most comfortable, my good old black maxi dress.

GT Edited 5462

This comfy but oh  so sexy maxi is from redbdoll!  I just love this online retailer because their tag line says it all, “Unapologetic Fashion” and I’m so here for that. They always have their finger on the pulse of what’s hot and trendy.


So to jazz up my sexy curve accentuating maxi I added a whole lotta bling with this gorgeous statement necklace.  Should my evening get a little chilly I brought along a denim jacket in a dark wash.

GT Edited 5363
GT Edited 5686

I’m now ready to soak up the sun while enjoying a refreshing cocktail or three! LOL

Dress: Rebdolls (sold out) Similar here // Denim jacket: Old Navy // Wedge sandals: Old Navy (old) Similar here//Necklace: //
For my tall divas here is a dress option for you: ASOS Tall
And a denim jacket option in Tall: Long Tall Sally

Judy’s look

Summer is almost over, therefore I’m making the best of what is left and trying to enjoy the last remaining weeks of nice weather. For me this means that I’ll be wearing all my summer dresses, and letting my legs soak up all the vitamin D they can get before the colder weather sweeps in, forcing me to wear those darn itchy stockings!

Judy Edited 4970

One activity that I love to partake in on a hot summer day is the day party. Picture it: a nice rooftop full of fabulous people who want to have a good time and just enjoy themselves. That sounds fun right? Well it sure is!

Judy Edited 5247

For my day party look, I decided to wear this cute graphic print dress that I found on eShakti. I just fell in love with the print. The best way to describe the print of this dress is that it reflects what happens when African print meets Aztec. Another thing that drew me to this dress were the colours, that blend of royal blue mixed with black, white and a little touch of yellow is superb.

Judy Edited 5098

I topped up my look with a simple yellow and blue stone necklace and my Aldo pumps and I’m ready to party.

Judy Edited 5132

Since eShakti caters to everybody type and offers a customization service to fit anybody type, my tall, slim, curvy and plus size fashionistas can get my dress to fit you. See links below.

Dress: Eshakti // Shoes: Aldo // Necklace: Ebay old find similar here

Leslie’s Look

LT Edited 4304

There’s nothing like a daytime party! The sun pouring out its soothing rays, good ol’ school tunes and a cocktail or two…the perfect summer trinity!

My look is all about summer colour and funky print! I love wearing pieces that make me feel happy and this dress accomplishes that task very nicely!

LT Edited Part2 3894

This dress looks great with flats or with heels and can easily be styled to attend a special event.

LT Edited Part 2 4191


I especially love dresses when I’m feeling lazy!LOL  It’s one beautiful piece to throw on and you so easily look great! I decided to keep my look very simple, by pairing it with big gold earrings and nude sandals and I’m ready to dance the day away!

LT Edited Part 2 4329

Dress: ASOS (sold out), Similar here  or here// Shoes: (sold out), Similar here //

For my full figured femme fatales: Dress

Until next time!


The Fab Four

All White Done Right


Summer is here, and with it heralds the opportunity for many of us to attend all white, glamorous events such as the annual Diner en Blanc and all white boat cruises. So, when you have 4 women dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty, and these aforementioned ladies decide to dress in white, one can only expect greatness in the form of ALL WHITE DONE RIGHT!

GR IMG_8467

If you think you’re ready to see how the ladies of Fab Four Fashion did it, you are cordially invited to scroll down and enjoy!

Judy’s Look

J IMG_0182

 Every summer it’s a struggle for me to find a stunning white outfit to attend any all-white event happening. I find myself asking, “Why do you keep doing this to yourself Judy?” The struggle is real LOL. However, one must admit, an all-white outfit done right is such a beautiful thing to behold.

Well this year, it happened once again. I was left caught out there with no white outfit to be found. I had ordered one, however sadly, it did not come in time for my all-white event and so I went into panic mode real quick! I didn’t know what to do because I did not have time to go running through the 6 in search of an all-white outfit. It’s definitely not easy to find that perfect white outfit when it’s last minute and Murphy and his pesky laws are working against you!

J IMG_0419

So, I pulled myself together, had a glass of wine (perhaps two) and went to Casa Del Judy (i.e. my own closet) to see what evasive action could be taken. I was shocked because, low and behold, this gorgeous over the top white dress was looking straight at me! This dress is a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Alexis Carrington (for those who remember the epic 80’s show Dynasty). This one strap, form fitting all white bodycon dress with  huge black structured flower is stylish and sophisticated.  The combination of the white of the dress and the black flower gives a wicked edginess to this look.

j IMG_0527

Honestly ladies, I completely forgot I had this dress in my closet. I know I know “shame on me”. Well, I’ve learned when in doubt and stranded, I can always whip something out of my closet artillery and make it look brand new!

I paired this marvelous dress with my black stone lace sandals, my fave necklace and put on a bright reddish lipstick and I’m ready to sail away on my all white boat cruise.

j IMG_0363

Dress: Asos (old) find similar here // Necklace: Zara (old) find similar here // Sandals: Aldo

For my Tall divas : here // here


Leslie’s Look

OMG friends, let me tell you about my struggle! When we decided to do an “All White Done Right” post, my mouth got dry, my right eye started to twitch and I thought I was going to break out in hives! If my reaction had been depicted in cartoon form, my hair would have been bone straight and all up in the air!lol I think white and its numerous shades (i.e. off-white, ecru, egg shell, cream, bone etc.) are truly lovely, but somehow, when I picture myself in an outfit, it is never all white. But, like we said before, this blog is all about us trying new things and stepping out of our comfort-zones. So after much trying on, many weeks perusing the net and scouring the stores I was finally able to put together an outfit that I am totally in LOVE with!

L IMG_9032

I strongly believe in spending money on pieces that will last me more than one season and that ideally can be worn many different ways. Moreover, I like pieces that I can wear for YEARS to come and I’m not joking. I still have pieces from well over 10 years ago that I rock as though they are brand new! This outfit hit the nail on the head on all counts. The  deep v-neck halter top is actually a bathing suit that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Admittedly, I originally wanted it in black, but was more than happy to purchase the white!:-) So now I’m going to talk to my ladies out there like me, that have a very small chest! When my mom saw me in this look she immediately said it’s too low cut and revealing (ah Mommy :-), then her second comment was “and just stuff the chest area to give you a little more bust”. Ladies, God gave us what we got and we need to celebrate it! The only person I would be trying to please by stuffing my bra would be someone other than me and that doesn’t make sense in my most humble opinion. But bottom-line ladies, make sure you do what makes you feel comfortable. My girls are tiny and each one is very special to me! LOL

L IMG_9056

To counteract the sexiness of the top part of my outfit, I chose to rock this fun tutu skirt that gives the look a bit of a girly, whimsical feel. Should you find the top portion a bit too daring for your taste, you can always through on a cute leather jacket or cropped blazer over it.

L IMG_9160

The finishing touches to my look were a bold necklace and some cuff bangles and these stunning sunglasses by a designer whose name you should be quite familiar with by now, Dedo Azu!! Yes, she makes sunglasses too along with her custom clothing designs (how amazing is that?!) So, Judy girl, I’m ready for that all white boat cruise or Dinner en Blanc cause I’m feeling quite flawless in this look! One might even go so far as to say I look “dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty”!;-)

L IMG_9269

Top: ASOS (sold out), Similar here // Skirt: eShakti (sold out), Similar here or here // Sunglasses: Dedo Azu (via  Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries/orders) // Necklace: eBay // Bangles: Forever 21 // Shoes: Office //

For my plus size perfect chicas: Top  // Skirt


 Nancy’s Look

Ok, right off the bat, I have to tell you – the QUEEN of all white everything is Ms Judy! She always has an all white party to attend… And when I say always, I mean A-L-W-A-Y-S lol. As much as I’m not a fan of dictated outfits (it’s the rebel in me LOL) this time, I was willing to join in for the fun of it.

N IMG_9955

 The funny thing is that I have way more all white outfits than I originally thought so it was actually easy to dig in my closet and work something out. I actually love the contrast of my melanin infused skin against white (insert article of clothing)… including some shoes!! LOL.

N IMG_9394

So, let me be real with you for a second… I had several outfits planned out in my head, but the morning of the event, I remembered I had this saucy little number that had only made one appearance waaaaaay back in 2011. And that, ladies and gents, was my second wedding dress LOL. When I saw this Vera Wang stunner online (the ruffled skirt, I’m pretty sure it was the ruffled skirt), I jumped and went to David’s Bridal in 2.5 (then explained to my now husband why this dress was a necessity…) LOL. And get this, they didn’t have the dress in ivory as I wanted, so I made the trip to the store that did… all the way in Buffalo, NY! That’s a 2 hour drive y’all. Is that dedication or is that dedication? LOL
N IMG_0130

I always wondered if I would wear it again… well here, I did. Being that it’s short and flirty, it doesn’t skew too matrimonial – in my opinion anyway – and figured that it was a nice over the top dress that needed to be rocked. I mean, why not! Yes it’s much and much is ok… most times LOL. I kept my accessories simple this time (and skipped the birdcage fascinator). The dress came with this belt, but my sisters from another mister (hey Myrsha and Kennie); along with my partners in crime aka bridesmaids (shout out to Eva and THE infamous Judy lol) blinged it out to give the belt a little umph. This is just a fun LWD that will always have a special place in my heart.

N IMG_9498

Dress: David’s Bridal // Sandals: Nine West

To my plus size perfect babes out there, I don’t even need to give you a substitute… This dress goes up to a size 26! Yay for stores that get it and that cater to ALL of us!

Gail’s Look

Ain’t nothing like an all white outfit.  Whether winter or summer you’ll catch me rocking an all white outfit at some point as evidenced here.  The difficulty that can crop up when trying to put a monochromatic look together is that the colours can sometimes be  a bit off….the whites are not always the “same whites” or the blacks aren’t the same if you know what I mean.

IMG_8637 Edited

That was the bind I found myself in when pulling this look together.  To get around this difficulty I looked for different materials or textures so that it doesn’t look like I was unsuccessful in my attempt to match whites that aren’t the same white.

G IMG_8697

When I came across this top I was immediately attracted to the rushing in the bust area.  I paired the top with a straight cotton mix skirt and added some frosting around my neck.  Now I’m off to sail away on that boat cruise Judy mentioned…or was it Diner en Blanc?

G IMG_8838


G IMG_8739 b

Tank top: // Skirt: Talbots (old) Similar here // Necklace: (sold out0 Similar here // Pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar here

For my tall gals here are options for you: Top: ASOS Tall  // Skirt: ASOS Tall or The Limited

GR IMG_8404


Tah Tah for now,

~The Quartet

Ode to Eloquii: Part 2

IMG_5452 Edited Eloquii 2

I’m still waxing poetic about one of my favourite plus size online retailers – Eloquii!  As I mentioned before, Eloquii is like the BCBG of the plus size fashion world offering fashion forward styles froms sizes 14 – 28.

IMG_5246 Edited Eloquii 2

With this look I paired yet another Eloquii crop top with the Kady Fit pant from Eloquii.  What I ADORE about Eloquii is their attention to detail and committment to creating garments that really work for a curvy woman’s body.

IMG_4864 Edited Eloquii 2

For most women the idea of finding a great fitting pair of pants can be quite daunting.  For me, when I would finally find pants that accommodated by generous hips and derriere, the waist of the pants would be HUGE!

IMG_4876 Edited Eloquii 2

Don’t even get me started on the length of hems on trousers.  Needless to say I would leave the fitting me frustrated. However, Eloquii offers their Kady Fit pants in sizes short, regular and long and more importantly for me, the atttention to the cut of the pants means that I’ve got room for my hips and behind without the ugly gaping!  Woohoo!!

IMG_5001 Edited Eloquii 2

I’ve completed my look with what I like to call a little “Frosting”- that being this gorgeous statement necklace from Stella & Dot.

IMG_5452 Edited Eloquii 2

So, if you’re plus size perfect like me and in search of a great fitting pair of pants head on over to Eloquii and let them hook you up!

Crop top: Eloquii (sold out) Similar here // Pants: Eloquii (Kady Fit) // Clutch: // Pumps: Office UK (sold out) Similar here // Necklace: Stella & Dot (old) Similar here

For my plus size tall divas, the Eloquii Kady Fit pant comes in tall- hooray!!  For my slender tall bombshells here are some pant options for you: J. Crew  or ASOS Tall

Until next time,


Fab Four Fave: Summer Sales: $100 or Less

Summer Sales

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s summer time, but more importantly, there are tons of summer sales going on!  As such, for this week’s edition of Fab Four Fave, I’m showing you what’s currently in my shopping cart, all under $100!



Summer Sales





Bardot Top





Tah Tah for now,


Summer Time In The 6ix

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

It finally feels like summertime in the “six” and what goes perfectly hand-in-hand with summertime? You guessed it, BBQs! Who doesn’t love a summer time BBQ?!  With the great company of family and friends and of course the delicious food, who can pass that up.  Watch as the ladies of Fab Four Fashion show you what they’re wearing to their neighbourhood cook out in the 6ix!

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Judy’s Look

When I think of summer BBQs the first thing that comes to mind is DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince song: Summer Time, Summer, Summer Time…Time to sit back and unwind! I remember the huge BBQ scene in that video LOL  Aww good times!

All this to say that one of my favorite summer activities is to attend a nice hot summer BBQ. The perfect summer BBQ attire for me consists of anything that makes you feel comfortable and is light weight keeping you cool.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

For my BBQ look, I opted for something simple and cute but more importantly I wore an outfit that I felt comfortable in. I chose a pair of cutoff jeans, a simple white tank top and this nice printed kimono that I found on sale at Zara a few weeks ago. I just love these cutoff jean shorts. They’re the perfect length for me and they give me appropriate coverage. I also like that they’re a little distressed.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

This printed kimono is everything! I have so many outfits in mind that I can create with it, and scoring it at a discounted price for me was a big HELL YES! I also love that it has pockets.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Just to back track for a moment, I saw this kimono about 2 months ago at Zara for $99.  I was heartbroken because I love the print but was not prepared to pay that price. So, when I checked their website and saw that they had it on sale for only $39 I quickly scooped that puppy up and made it mine!  I must admit I was a bit concerned about the size particularly in the bust area because it was only available in sizes S and M, but I was pleasantly surprised that the medium fit like a dream.

To finish off my look I wore 2 large cuff bracelets from Forever 21 and my beige cage sandals.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Short: (old) Old Navy find similar here // Kimono: Zara here // Tank top: H&M here // sandals: Nine West here // Bracelet : Forever 21 here

for my Tall Sister’s : jeans Shorts: ASOS Tall // Kimono: ASOS Tall and Zara// sandals : Nine West


Leslie’s Look

Summer would not be summer without one quintessential trifecta: glorious sunshine, heavenly heat and the sizzle of something on the barbeque! Nothing beats the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, or some juicy barbeque chicken and ribs or even some pork-chops and salmon.  I could go on and on, but since I’m  supposed to be discussing my look and not my lunch, let’s talk about what I like to wear to a good ol summertime barbeque!

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Ahhh, nothing feels better than slipping into a pair of comfortable jeans and a crisp white tee! For my look I chose to rock my favourite pair of boyfriend jeans. I love the relaxed look and feel of a boyfriend jean and that they allow me to keep up with my little friends (i.e. cousins under 6 years old) at those family barbeques!

shoot june 27 Eaton Center


shoot june 27 Eaton Center

I love a graphic tee and this awesome t-shirt from Cotton Candy Playground is just “boss”! The cotton material of the tee is nice and thick and the fit is bang on which is always a concern for me. Add to that, my girl on the tee has a fro like me, I just couldn’t resist the lure of such a super cute tee!

To pull my look together I threw on a gray blazer,  funky silver oxfords and some dangly silver earrings.  I wanted to keep my look cool and simple, just like me! So now I’m ready to have a barbequed dog a cool bottle of Stella and in this look I’ll be ready to be the perfect horsey for the little ones.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Blazer:  Zara (sold out), Similar here // T-Shirt:  Cotton Candy Playground // Shoes: JC Penny (old), Similar here //  Jeans: H2  (Holt Renfrew Outlet Store) //

For my sexy curvy ladies: Blazer // T-Shirt // Jeans

Nancy’s Look

Getting dressed for a BBQ is as much fun as attending it…. Ok, I lie, eating is the best part – always the best part… lol When getting dressed for a BBQ, I always opt for an outfit that is casual and cute.  I also try to wear an outfit that allows for expansion in the abdomen area, if you catch my drift. LOL

Fab Four Fashion

In this case, I went for my trusty denim shorts. These high wasted, belted shorts offer an interesting twist on the classic denim shorts. Any time I get to flash the gams is a good time!

Fab Four Fashion

I paired my shorts with a scooped neck and deep scoop back bodysuit. I don’t think that I need to mention the fact that I love everything open back anymore… lol. I like to pair short shorts with tops that offer some more coverage.

Fab Four Fashion

When wearing a simple outfit, I like to play around with accessories. Therefore, I accessorized my look with these super cute earrings which my dear cousin Judy scored for me at the Politics of Black Hair event she attended some time ago. These were made by the very talented Toni Daley.  She has a ton of super cool earrings. The ones I was rocking fit perfectly because I do love my puff! I rounded out my look with wooden bangles and brown strappy sandals.

Fab Four Fashion

Shorts: H&M (old); similar here // Bodysuit: American Apparel // Strappy sandals: Crown Vintage (old) ; similar here // Bangles: H&M (old); similar here // Earrings: Toni Daley

My plus size sisters can easily recreate my look with these shorts and this bodysuit.

Gail’s Look

Oh the summer BBQ/Cook out who can resist them?  It’s a chance to get together with family and friends and catch up while enjoying ribs, burgers, hot dogs and of course potato salad.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Like Judy, any time I think of BBQs, strains of “Summer Time” by Will Smith drift through my mind.  With all that in mind, my outfit centered on two things, style and comfort.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

The “style” part of this look takes the form of this cotton & elastane black and cream bodycon dress.  The cotton offers great breathability for those hot summer days and the stretch offers  added comfort. I love this dress because it accentuates my curves beautifully if I do say so myself!

As I’ve mentioned before, I try not to subscribe to ideas of what full figured women are “supposed” to avoid so, of course you know I won’t be shying away from horizontal stripes.

I paired this dress with a faded cropped denim vest, pearl earrings and necklace.  A black and silvered studded cross body purse is great for keeping my hands free to enjoy all the BBQ goodies.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

The “comfort” portion of this outfit are these black and silver flats.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way my legs look in heels but my time in them is VERY LIMITED – right Leslie, Nancy and Judy?LOL  So, flats are usually the way to go for me.  🙂

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Dress: Forever 21 Plus // Denim vest: Old Navy Similar here // Flats: Michael Kors (old) Similar here //Cross body purse: Material Girl (old) Similar here // Pearl Earrings: H&M (old) // Pearl Necklace: H&M (old)

For my tall bombshells here is a dress option for you:  Long Tall Sally

Well, we’re off to enjoy some summer time eats.

shoot june 27 Eaton Center

Tah Tah for now,

~The Quartet

A Night At The Symphony

IMG_5646 Edited

Want to hear a little secret about the ladies of Fab Four Fashion? We love music of all kinds! Every meeting, every photo shoot, in the car, on the way to work, you will always find us singing or listening to some cool tunes from modern day hits to old school classics. So it’s really no surprise that we like going to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) and that we just had to show you all what we like to wear when attending the symphony!

IMG_5627 Edited

Gail’s Look

A night at the symphony – I’ve never had the pleasure but certainly hope to one day.  I remember watching Mr. Holland’s Opus and getting caught up in the main character, Glenn Holland’s, passion for music.  When one of the ladies thought it might be nice to check out the latest offering by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra one day (TSO to us Tdot dwellers) I knew I wanted to come up with a fun yet elegant outfit.

G - IMG_7179

For a beautiful summer evening at the symphony, I chose a form fitting coral colored dress and paired it with fuchsia coloured pumps for an extra dose of color.

IMG_7242 Edited



G IMG_7352

I added gold dangly earrings and a gold clutch to complete my look!

IMG_7052 Editee

Dress: // Fuschia pumps: Old Navy (old) Similar here // Gold clutch: // Gold earrings and bracelets: H&M

For my tall divas here are some options for you.  Dress: ASOS Tall //  Fuschia Pumps in Extended Sizes:


Judy’s Look

When the ladies decided to dress up for the symphony, I had the perfect outfit in mind. I was inspired by the elegance and class of the symphony itself. I just love dressing up, so any occasion is a good occasion for me to dress up LOL.

IMG_5689 Edited Judy

I decided to wear a flirty summery floral printed dress. Mind you, I’m not a big fan of floral prints, however after years of searching for the right floral item, I scored a nice dress on last summer.  I was a bit nervous because when you order online you don’t know when your item will arrive and if it’s going to look exactly how you saw it online.  Moreover, I was also concerned with how it would look on me.  Well let me tell you, I was very pleased. This dress is just as stunning as the first time I saw it online. I love the floral print and the pinkish color compliments my complexion beautifully.

IMG_6096 Edited Judy

For the TSO, I simply paired my dress with some gold accessories to bring out the gold colors on the dress and I wore a slim gold belt to accentuate my smaller waist. I wore my nice beige and gold Ivanka Trump stilettos (which I scored for the awesome price of $37, I told you my story in our previous Spring has Sprung post).

IMG_6106 Edited Judy

This lovely outfit is purely elegant, classy and makes me feel very feminine.IMG_5724 Edited Judy

Dress: Asos (old) similar here and here // shoes (winners) old similar here/ clutch (old) find similar here //rings: Forever 21 similar here and here  // Bracelet: Forever 21 here

For my tall babes : Dress:  Asos // Shoes: Nine West

Leslie’s Look

I love my jazz, hip-hop, pop, gospel and R&B, but sometimes I just need a dose of those classics from Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn and the like! It just stirs something in my soul! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has the perfect prescription to sooth the soul, both with the sweet melodies and of course the chance to put together a symphony appropriate ensemble! Now, don’t get me wrong, you do not need to get all dressed up to check out a performance, but sometimes, it’s just so nice to get all dolled-up!

IMG_9034 Edited LT

I chose to wear colour, colour, colour for my look. I’ve had this little yellow number in my wardrobe for a year now and never had the right opportunity to take it out for a test drive…until now.

I love this dress because the bottom portion of it is faux leather and top a polyester blend which creates a cool effect.  This figure-hugging dress highlights the fact that, despite my slim silhouette, I do have some curves and in the right outfit, I too can easily have that sexy hourglass shape!

IMG_9488 Edited LT

Since colour was the name of my game for this look, I chose to rock some cobalt blue high heeled strappy sandals which compliment the pale yellow colour of the dress beautifully. So ladies, not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a shoe junky! When I saw these babies my eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. I almost didn’t get them because I was thinking that “well…I already have blue shoes…I’m saving for my next vacation…I have too many shoes”, but I quickly began to do that thing we ladies do when we really want something…you know how we start to rationalize things like “the blue shoes I have are totally different…I haven’t purchased anything in days now so I can get this…I can always go on vacation, but these shoes will sell out”!LOL Obviously, I drank the coolade and got the shoes and I don’t regret it for a minute!LOL

IMG_9504 Edited LT

To round out my look, I wore  a bold necklace and simple earrings, and to guard me from the chill of those cool nights I threw on my blue leather moto jacket. So lower the house lights and open the curtain, bring out the maestro cause my soul is ready to be stirred by some symphonic sounds!

IMG_8881 Edited LT

Dress: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (sold out), Similar here or here // Jacket: Danier (old), Similar here

For my curvy ladies: Dress // Jacket 

Nancy’s Look

I have mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. And while I could have stuck to my default attire for the TSO (swapping out for the tee for a more elegant top), I gladly ditched the jeans to match the rest of the ladies!

IMG_8111 Edited Nancy

I pulled out this sweet LGD – as in little gray dress – which I have had for years! This is another timeless dress which I simply love. The simplicity of this dress makes it elegant while the belt ensures that all curves needing accentuation are accentuated LOL.

IMG_7708 Edited Nancy

When you see me in what may look like a plain dress, check out the back, that’s often where all the fun happens. LOL I accessorized with a bold multi strand necklace.

IMG_8287 Edited Nancy

To make this look a complete throwback, I paired it with some snake print sandals which I also bought many moons ago.  Talk about an oldie but a goodie.

n IMG_8741

Dress: Club Monaco (old); similar here and here // Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless (old); similar here // Necklace: The Bay (old) similar here

Plus size ladies are never forgotten, see how to recreate this look with this dress or that one!

Now off to the symphony we go!


Fab Four Fashion