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We are excited to kick off 2016 by recognizing the talented women we know or have admired from a far with our first post called Women Supporting Women.   Once a month we will introduce you to a talented woman going after her dreams and making them happen! So, for our inaugural post, we would like to re-introduce you to Kerry Ann Busreth, founder and designer of BusrHearts. For as long as we can remember our girlfriend, Kerry Ann, has always been into making clothes. This gorgeous wife and mother, residing

 After a busy work week of deadlines and meetings, we ladies enjoy catching up, when our schedules allow, to enjoy a delicious meal at one of our favourite brunch spots.  As we were about to make our way downtown we, of course, had to snap a few pictures to share our casual get together looks with you. Also, Leslie, Nancy & Gail took advantage of our friend Kennie‘s visit in town to get our makeup done! She is located in Montreal but will travel for events. Leslie’s Brunch Look I