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Ladies. Please do yourselves a favor and take the time to devour de deliciousness that is Dellez! This dress here is perfect in so many ways! Beautiful print; light and breezy; AND, tall ladies, it’s loooooong! Here I am wearing 4″ heels and the dress is still touching the floor! In addition to all this, the beauty behind Dellez also has brains: allow me to explain. A dash of sexy is provided to the dress via the high slit. But being mindful of wardrobe malfunctions, the creative genius equipped the

Let me tell you about how I found this dress. I was browsing on one of my favorite blogger’s page (hey TheTallMuse!) and she featured a pretty yellow dress from Dellez. I immediately went to their Instagram page and saw a glimpse of my dress. The model wearing my dress was behind another and sitting down, so you couldn’t even really see the dress. But just from the colors, I knew that it would be mine. I quickly messaged them to find out more and the rest was history! Adelle