Cruella DeVille

GT Edited IMG_6807

If you’ve been reading the blog for some time then you know that I have a love affair with any and all black and white combinations.  There is just something about a black and white combo that seems fresh and new all at the same time.GT Edited IMG_6690

So, when I spotted this beautifully spotted coat I knew I had to have it.  It reminded of the glamourous villan Cruella DeVille who was in such desperate need for a spotted coat that she would easily sacrifice 101 dalmation puppies!GT Edited IMG_6918

GT Edited IMG_6806

So, the rest for my ebony and ivory story involves this off the shoulder horizontal striped top.  Now, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t subscribe to these so called “rules” that plus size chicks should adhere to regarding horizontal stripes.  I just wear what I want…period and you should feel free to do the same! LOL  Anyhow, I just love the way the stripes play against the my spotted black and white coat.GT Edited IMG_6856


GT Edited IMG_6699

GT Edited IMG_6888

Since I’ve got print and print happening with the coat and top I decided to ground everything with this white tube skirt and black platform knee high boots.GT Edited IMG_6807

To complete my look I added this black and white should bag and I’m good to go!

*Special thanks to photographer Roseline Bonheur

Coat: Banana Republic (sold out) similar here or here // Top: ASOS Curve (sold out) similar here here //Skirt: eBay (sold out) similar here // Boots: Lane Bryant (sold out) similar here or here

For my tall babes here are some options for you: Coat // Top // Skirt //

Tah Tah for now!

Gail xo

Business Casual

GRP IMG_0009 (1)

What does Business Causal means to you? Well as per google, business casual means relating to or denoting a style of clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression.   For FabFour Fashion Business Casual means casually dressed with style and flare. LOL if you don’t believe it scroll down and see for yourself.GRP IMG_9862

Gail’s Look

Although I work in a rather corporate environment, thankfully we do have casual fridays where we employees have the pleasure of dressing down while still looking pulled together.GT IMG_0273


GT IMG_0358

The basis of my business casual look were these white jeans and the royal blue waterfall collar vest.  I find that the vest smartens up the outfit making the whole look seem very pulled together.GT IMG_0337


GT IMG_0390

I added my favourite made to measure check shirt from Sumissura.  I love where it hits me so that I don’t have to tuck it in but still look boardroom chic!  The finishing touch is my beloved Kate Spade bag.

Vest: eBay (sold out) similar here // Shirt: Sumissura // Jeans: Forever 21 Plus // Shoes: Zara (old) similar here //Bag: Kate Spade (old) similar here //

For my tall glamazons: A great made to measure shirt options are available at Sumissura// Jeans //

Nancy’s Look

ND IMG_0033I work in a corporate environment, so when we have meetings I definitely need to suit it up. But in general, our office dress code is very relaxed. Of course, regardless of the setting, I still have to do me and come correct!ND IMG_0219

I scored these amazing crop pants on J. Crew. The fit is just perfect and I just love the leather trim. I have to say a big thank you to the good folks at J. Crew for offering some tall options! This means that these pants were indeed meant to be crop… Tall women everywhere will understand LOL. Also, I don’t have the dreaded gaping at the waist, so no tailoring necessary!ND IMG_0191

Then I added this leather jacket that I am wearing as a top – by now, you all know that I live for multi purpose clothing! The jacket comes with hooks to allow you to secure the lapel and wear it as a top. I finished my look with my fuchsia pumps.

This look easily translates to after work play, but before then, gotta take care of bid-nass!ND IMG_9993

Pants: J. Crew (sold out); similar here // Blazer (worn as a top): Wilson Leather // Shoes: Aldo (sold out); similar here

And for the plus size perfect ladies who are interested in recreating my look, check out these pants (or those) and along with that jacket (or that one).


Judy’s LookJS IMG_9886

I have been fortunate to work in a place that allows their employees to wear business casual on Fridays but you already know your girl Judy still brings it LOL. I love that business casual attire allows you to still be dressy-professional but more laid back.JS IMG_9836

For me business casual is more of a khaki, polo or jeans, for my business casual look I opted for a simple stripey grey, blue, and orange shirt with my pleated black leather at the knee skirt. This look is still professional and quite cute for an after work outing with my Fab Four Fashion ladies.JS IMG_9770

To emphasize my stripe shirt I wore my suede dark Ivanka Trump pumps with my mix leather and suede dark wine clutch.JS IMG_9668

To finish my look I wore my camel wool winter Olivia Pop-ish coat and it looks like I’m ready to take care of business.

Skirt: Eloquii and here // Top: Old Navy find similar here // Coat: ASOS find similar // Pumps: Ivanka Trump // clutch: Aldo // Earrings: H&M find similar here

For my tall babes:  Top // Skirt // Coat

Leslie’s Look

LT IMG_9803

The infamous phrase “You should dress for the job you want, not the job you have” is a rule I like to live by.  So even when I’m doing casual looks, I still try to dress it up a notch. That’s definitely not to say that you won’t catch me in jeans, I love my dungarees, but I like a good business casual look.

LT IMG_9765

I’m still feeling that vintage vibe so I wanted to rock a look that made me feel it from head to toe. So I went with a look that makes me feel like I’d fit right into a modern day episode of the Jefferson’s! The tie neck blouse is perfect for the office and can give off that sexy secretary look and works well with a ton of other pieces in my wardrobe.

LT IMG_9796

For this look, I opted to pair my tie neck blouse with rust coloured culottes further emphasizing the throwback feel and these beige coloured boots that are in line with the simple colour palette and the overall look.

I kept the accessories to a minimum by wearing simple earrings and with that I’m ready for the office!

LT IMG_9675

Blouse: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Cullottes: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Boots: ALDO (sold out), Similar here or here or simple leopard print pumps would work very well, like these!//

For my curvy women, I did not forget you!: Blouse or Blouse // Cullottes //

GRP IMG_9830

Tah tah for now,

The Fab Four xo


5 A 7

Grp Edited IMG_7080

Some people call it ‘happy hour’, we Montrealers call it ‘5 a 7’.  Bottom line, it’s the same thing, we just use different terms. Like the legendary Michael Jackson said “So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf and just enjoy yourself “. That is exactly what the ladies of Fab Four Fashion plan on doing after work with their killer day outfits that transition right into night.  So, without further ad0 sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy the post.

Grp Edited IMG_6983


Nancy’s Look

ND Edited IMG_8034



If you see me skipping around during a day at the office, then chances are that I will be getting together with my girls at the end of the day. LOL. That’s when we endulge in some yummy appies and delicious cocktails.
ND Edited IMG_8221

Thankfully, my work environment isn’t too conservative, so my day to night transition is rather simple. For example, during the day, I would rock my faux leather pleated skirt and button up with a blazer. As soon as the clock strikes five, I ditch the blazer and jazz up my look.ND Edited IMG_8195

Here, I added my drapey trench and accentuated my waist with a hairskin leopard print skinny belt. I brought a little bling with my necklace. Then added my mandatory pop of color with mustard pumps and lime clutch.

Now it’s time to unwind with my ladies!ND Edited IMG_8169


Skirt: Zara (old); similar here and here // Shirt: LTS // Trench: H&M (old); similar here // Shoes: Shoemint (old); similar here // Belt: Ann Taylor (old); similar here

My plus size fab babes can recreate my look with this shirt, skirt and trench!

Leslie’s Look

One thing I miss most about my hometown of Montreal is the Thursday evening 5 a 7 a.k.a. happy-hour to those of you not from Montreal.  It was a time to get together with my friends and head out to the latest hot spot “watering-hole” and chat, sip on some cocktails and maybe do a little two-step if the vibe was right.

Final LT Edited IMG_7488

Since these 5 a 7 always happened after work, we always had to pull out our cutest looks that meshed work and play. My look was all about colour and comfort. This dress rom H&M has that fantastic retro 70’s feel that I love so much, and is just perfect for both a day at the office and an evening on the town.LT Edited IMG_7175

I elected not to fasten the top most button of the dress so I could wear this gold cami underneath to add another layer to the look. Since I can easily get lost in loose fitting pieces, I added a belt to the look to highlight my waist and add more visual interest.LT Edited IMG_7196

To round out my look, I slipped my feet into these beautiful cream and black shoes from Aldo. I actually first caught sight of these babies on the Canadian daytime TV show “The Social” being worn by one of the hosts Melissa Grelo.  I just died when I saw them and I ran out to pick up a pair!

I then threw on my leather coat with detachable fur collar and I was ready for 5 o’clock!LT Edited IMG_7529

Dress: H&M (old), similar here or here or here // Shoes: ALDO // Jacket: Danier (old), similar here //

For my curvy chicas: Dress: Option 1, Option 2 // Jacket //

Judy’s LookJS Edited IMG_7583

What I like to wear for a 5 a 7, is a nice dress that can transition well from the boardroom to a resto lounge after work. I tend to choose dresses that are comfortable and that don’t require too much work to make the leap into my after work adventures other than putting on a pair of pumps and freshening up my makeup.
JS Edited IMG_7723

I personally think that every woman should have these types of dresses in their wardrobe, because it is so cost effective when you consider that you can build 2 or 3 looks with one piece.  You can wear this dress as I did with a fashionable necklace, or layer it with a fitted blazer.
JS Edited IMG_7624

For this look I went for a fitted knee length grey dress, which works well with flats or heels and keeps you looking professional and cute. Our early spring weather has arrived, so I wore black stockings with my mini booties to keep away the chill in the air. Finally to seal the deal on my look I wore my leather and tweed jacket and my leather gloves.

And voila, I’m ready for a cocktail!

JS Edited IMG_7678

Dress: H&M find similar here // booties: BCBG find similar here // Coat: H&M find similar here // Necklace:  EBay find similar here // leather gloves: Danier leather find similar here

For my tall sisters:  dress: ASOS // Coat: ASOS

Gail’s Look

There’s nothing like getting together with friends after a hard day’s work.   As a former Montrealer, the Thursday 5 a 7 aka Happy Hour was the ideal day of the week and time frame to celebrate the fast approaching weekend while not being out too long since there is still one more day of work to knock out lol.

It’s ideal to have those pieces in your wardrobe that transition easily from day to night.  I just love having “double duty” clothing options in my IMG_7832

gt IMG_7919

 I  love this gray knee length dress.  It offers long sleeves for extra warmth if your office tends to be on the cold side.  It also works with a variety of jackets.  Here I chose to wear a houndstooth patterned coat but once in the office I could easily throw on a black tailored jacket and I’d be good to go.
gt IMG_7823

Once the work day is done, I’d ditch the jacket and would transition to wearing a little something sparkly at my neck.  This statement necklace does the trick beautifully.   With that, I’m ready for a well-earned glass of wine!GT Edited IMG_7960

Dress: eBay (sold out) similar here // Coat: Forever 21 Plus or similar here// Necklace: Stella & Dot (sold out in silver) similar here // Purse: Michael Kors (old) similar here // Boots: Torrid (sold out) similar here or here //

For my tall babes here are some options for you – Dress Option 1, Dress Option 2 // Coat Option 1, Coat Option 2

Grp Edited IMG_7080

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

Sumissura Blazer Edition

Group Edited Sumissura IMG_0428

We have covered pants, and shirts, but blazers are also a wardrobe staple that every woman should own. When perfectly tailored, this single garment can have you covered for a multitude of settings. However, those longer arms or that larger bust can make finding that perfectly tailored blazer mission impossible. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could just go to one place and find a blazer with an awesome fit that comes in a myriad of colors and customizable details? Well search no longer, Sumissura to the rescue!

Group Edited Sumissura IMG_0351

Nancy’s Blazer

ND Edited Sumissura IMG_1059

Blazers are such a must have but finding the perfect one is a PAIN! That is why Sumissura is such a life saver. You get a quality garment which fits well at an affordable price. Plus, the options are truly endless so everyone is sure to find something that tickles their fancy.

ND Edited Sumissura IMG_1110

As mentioned in our Sumissura shirt review, using their website is really easy. The system prompts you to enter your measurements, even showing a picture of how to adequately take those measurements. By inputting your height and weight, the software provides “suggested measurements” and if you enter a measurement that seems off, you get an error message.

Needless to say that my blazer fits perfectly and yes tall girls, this means that the sleeves are LONG! Let us take a moment of silence for long sleeves that are actually long! What a noble concept!

ND Edited Sumissura IMG_1178

I decided to go with a peak lapel, double breasted four button blazer. I wanted  a nice jewel color so I decided to go with an emerald green (“Robin Hood” on So while I was thrilled to see this rich color, my husband noted that it looked like I had won the Masters (google PGA green jacket… LOL) So while I was glad that I looked like a winner, I had to style it so that I could shake off the golf reference.

I paired my blazer with a fun two toned pleated skirt. I accessorized my look with simple gold accessories and had to steal one of my hubby’s pocket squares. I added a fun pom pom button and finished my look with some striped pumps.

ND Edited Sumissura IMG_1099

Blazer: Sumissura // Skirt: Topshop // Shoes: J. Crew (sold out); similar here // Pocket Square: Thanks hubby xoxo


Leslie’s Blazer

The watch words for my look were fit, flare, fashionable geek chic! Sumissura has hit another home run for me when it comes to providing a fashionable look, with a fit that speaks of quality bespoke tailoring.  No need for the big “post purchase production” of lengthening sleeves and taking in waistlines for us slim girls! (Let’s have a momentary pause for a happy dance!)

PM-LT Edited Sumissura IMG_0696

True to form with Sumissura, I had the opportunity to jump into the designers seat and style my jacket to my personalized specifications, taking into account everything from the fit (i.e. straight cut or slim fit); the length of the jacket, whether I wanted it double or single breasted, one button or two, the style of the collar and on and on and on! My favourite part was selecting the  material and print! I knew I had landed on a winner when I came across this beautiful print reminiscent of classic British tweeds and plaids.

LT Edited Sumissura IMG_0518

I wanted my look to have a neutral   base with some punches of color to add a little pizzazz. Since I simply love blues I selected this blue striped shirt to add that pop of colour, along with some blue in my pocket square and these black and blue striped shoes!

LT Edited Sumissura IMG_0658

A girls always got to have something to hold her bits and bobs, so I opted to carry them all in this gorgeous Mulberry Bayswater bag.

So start your engines ladies and gents and get your made to measure, customized blazer. Say “buh-bye” to too short sleeves, too big bust-lines or too narrow shoulders. Jump into the driver’s seat and create your own stylish blazer!

LT Edited Sumissura IMG_0528


Blazer: Sumissura (made to measure for all sized) // Pants: Zara (old), similar here // Shoes: Zara (old), similar here // Bag: Mulberry

For my sexy curvy girls: Pants //


Gail’s Blazer

I fell in love with my Sumissura shirt seen here so I was definitely game for testing out their made to measure service for selecting a blazer!  Once again, the process was as easy as pie.

GT Sumissura Edited IMG_1346


GT Edited Sumissura IMG_1331

Sumissura has a great selection of materials available for you to choose from.  I went with a short berry coloured velvet blazer with cut away hem in the front.  I was even able to choose the interior lining for my jacket as well.  Since I had saved my measurements when I had my blue check shirt made, I merely re-selected those numbers and I was good to go.

GT Edited Sumissura IMG_1292

Once again, the shipping was lightening quick!  In about a week I was able to slip into my tailor made jacket and the fit was on point!

We all know that blazers are definitely a wardrobe staple but often times it’s so difficult to find an affordable one off the rack that fits perfectly or as close to perfect as possible.  That’s what’s so wonderful with Sumissura’s service. They allow you to have a custom made blazer at an affordable price!  I call that a win – win situation!

GT Sumissura Edited IMG_1350

I completed my look by pairing my ever so chic jacket with a white pencil skirt and leopard print slingbacks.  Now I’m off to slay and conqueror! lol

Blazer: Sumissura // Skirt: eBay // Slingbacks: Ninewest (old) similar here // Pocket Square: Hudson’s Bay// Multi-strand necklace: H&M


Judy’s Blazer

JS Edited Sumissura IMG_0781




Well it’s not surprising that we are collaborating again with Sumissura. We had such a great experience working with them the first time that we just had to do it all over again. This time around we are featuring their fabulous Blazers.

For this collaboration I chose a black velvet blazer. You may probably be wondering why velvet? Well, I had a vision of glam and a bit of Janelle Monae. I have to admit I’m not typically the biggest fan of velvet, however when a velvet fashion garment is rocked well, I’m here for it.

Judy Edited Sumissura IMG_0767

Again, I cannot stress enough how easy the Sumissura website is to navigate. You can select everything from the material to be used, to the shape, fit and detailing of your blazer.  And the great thing with their website is that when you register and enter your measurements the first time you place an order, their system automatically saves it for the next time you visit the site! How awesome is that!

JS Edited Sumissura IMG_0867


For this look I went with a simple black and white colour palette. I elected to wear my blazer with no shirt underneath and a big statement necklace to bring life to my outfit. To complete my look I wore my 3/4 black and white gingham print pants which I wore last year for the Autumn Prints Post. To add a little bit of pizzazz to my outfit I wore my Ivanka trump dark wine suede pumps and a nice beaded velvet clutch.

JS Edited Sumissura IMG_0841


Blazer: Sumissura // Pants (old) Asos find similar here and  for tall sister’shere // necklace: Ebay // shoes: Ivanka Trumps // Clutch: (old) Aldo find similar here

Group Edited Sumissura IMG_0311




Ta Ta for now,

The Fab Four

*Although this is a sponsored post the opinions provided are our own.

Ringing In the New Year

GRP IMG_0776

The holiday party season just keeps on going and going! As much as Christmas has a special place in all of our hearts, New Year’s Eve is really the punctuation mark to the festive season. Like the big finale at the end of a great show! The cherry on top of that delicious ice cream Sunday or that final scene of the season finale of Scandal!lol NYE is when you want to let it all hang out and start the new year anew! You also may want to dance the night away, and should you elect to do so, you gotta do it in STYLE! Check out some looks that your Fab Four Fashion girls cooked up for you to ensure you make a splash for that big holiday finish!

GRP IMG_0828

Leslie’s Look

LT IMG_9967

The name of my New Year’s Eve game was sparkle and shine! I wanted to turn up the heat with a look that would bring a little bling to the new year!

LT IMG_0110

Ladies, the one thing we all need to know about our bodies, is the part we like most (i.e. your best feature). Ask yourself, what do you feel comfortable showing off, or accentuating. Is it your tiny waist line, your voluptuous silhouette, that great bust line or those sculpted arms or back? Once you’ve narrowed that down, it’s a lot easier to select pieces to draw the focus to the area of your choice, rather than to the areas you’d prefer not to highlight.

LT IMG_1049

For my look, I wanted to draw the focus to my long legs, so I went for this mini sequins bodycon dress. You can’t miss the sparkle, but you can’t miss the gams either! I also love my back and this is another area where I like to show a little skin. So I went for this backless number that does the job oh so well!

LT IMG_0046

So ladies, your resolution for 2016 should be to figure out what your best feature is, if you don’t know already, and find pieces that make you shine bright like a diamond (not necessarily literally the way I’ve done)LOL!

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

Dress: ASOS (sold out), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (sold out), Similar here //

For my sexy puls size babes: Dress: option 1 or  option 2


Gail’s Look

Should auld acquaintance be forgot  and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintances be forgot, and days of o’lang syne!  Yes, another New Year’s Eve is upon us and I, for one, am excited!

GT IMG_0416

To welcome 2016 in style, I wanted my look to be fun, flirty and feminine with a whole lotta glam!  So, I went with a silver flecked off the should body con dress.

GT IMG_0522


GT IMG_0542

For those of you who are not afraid to wear  form fitting clothing then this dress is for you.  It hugs my curves beautifully giving me the va va voom I was looking for.  I’m wearing this dress in a size 18/20 and it does have some stretch to it.  I’m also happy to report that this dress goes all the way up to 26/28!

With a dress as body conscious as this, shape wear is definitely a must for me. This shape wear from Spanx does the job of smoothing everything out wonderfully.

GT IMG_0488

To complete my look, I added a black ribbon as my necklace, fun rhinestone studded earrings and of course my faux fur coat.  You all know how much I LOVE me some faux fur!

And now ladies and gents, I’m off to dance the night away with the ladies of Fab Four!!

Dress: Kami Shade // Faux Fur Coat: eBay (old) Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old) Similar here

Earrings: Zara (sold out) Similar here

For my tall glamazons here is a dress option for you: Dress 1  Dress 2  Dress 3

Judy’s Look

JS IMG_9560

New Years Eve is the time to celebrate with your friends and family and count the many blessings in your life. It is also the time to glam up and unleash your fierceness.

This year my NYE look is a “DYI” glam; allow me to break it down for you. I always wanted to wear a low cut dress, but since I was blessed with big boobs, low cut is not always a great option and in order to achieve this look I would have to invest in a whole lot of fashion tape LOL.  I have been eyeing this beautiful low cut forest green dress from Forever 21 for a while now, and it peaked my interest because of the low cut (of course) and my desire to try something new in the form of this shade of forest green. When I slipped it on I immediately fell in love, and while striking a pose in the fitting room, my vision of finding the perfect bralette to wear underneath came to life. I was determine to make this vision a reality.

JS IMG_9701

The dress fit great, but I wasn’t crazy about the below the knee length. I was also not a big fan of the split on each side of the  bottom part of the dress, however I was not worried because I knew that I would take it to my seamstress and have her fix it the way I wanted.  I was even happier to get the dress for under $50.

JS IMG_9646

My next mission was to find the bralette to wear underneath. I perused through a couple of stores with no luck, but in the end my favorite online retailer came to the rescue YAY! “VIVA ASOS”!  I went to the sale’s section and there it was, just waiting for me, this gorgeous black sequins bralette! I did my happy dance when it turned out to be on sale for the sweet price of $22.  My goal was to get a wicked outfit for less than $100 and I did. The last piece, I must admit, I splurged on though. This faux fur coat that I got from Eloquii is perfect to ring in the new year in style. Yeah, I could have done without it but, I just couldn’t resist this ¾ sleeve faux fur jewel of a coat, and I know I will most certainly use it again. I must say I am thoroughly pleased with the final result of the complete look, and so relieved that my vision came to life in such fine form. With all the alterations, my dress fit me perfectly, it’s very sexy but also very chic and the black sequins bralette raises the glam factor to a 10/10.

JS IMG_9810

Dress: Forever 21 // Bralet: ASOS // Faux fur coat: Eloquii // Sandals: (old) Nine West old similar here // Clutch: (old) zara  similar here // Earrings: (the Bay)  similar here

For my tall babes: Dress // Faux Fur coat: here

With my NYE look completed I’m ready to take the New Year by storm and to continue to explore my fashion sense.


Nancy’s Look

My look consisted of gold, glam and grace! Based on my height, I often describe myself as statuesque (I borrowed the term from a fellow tall lady who decided to change her perspective from seeing herself as “lanky” to “statuesque”… It’s all in the way you perceive yourself right?) So for my NYE’s look, I was inspired by an actual statue: the Oscar statuette! Ok… Not really. LOL But with this dress and all the gold that I was sporting, we playfully referred to me as the Oscar the entire day of the shoot.

ND IMG_0171

This column dress is made specifically with the tall woman in mind. I practically did a backflip as soon as I laid eyes on it! As stated in our segment, I was rocking 4″ heels, and my dress still touched the ground! How often does that happen? And the color, oh the color! It’s so rich and compliments the hue of my skin oh so well. It had me feeling like I was covered in liquid gold. The dress has a lot of stretch to it, so don’t be afraid of going down one size: I went with my usual size and ended up taking it to the tailor for adjustment  and now it fits perfectly!

ND IMG_0731

Then there is the décolletage, oh the décolletage! The dress boasts a deep V in the front and in the back. So ladies, you have to get creative in securing the “girls” and to avoid a wardrobe malfunction! I went with a deep U-plunge bra which is seamless, so it won’t cause any unwanted bulges. Alternatively, using some good ol’ tape will do the trick.

ND IMG_1121

I finished my  look with all the gold baubles I could put my hands on: body chain to add interest in the areas where my skin was exposed. Gold dangly earrings because my chains were dainty and discrete. Gold rings because they were just oh so cool. And gold bangles because, well, they’re just my staple! Honorary mention to the shoes that peeked ever so slightly! lol.

So now, in addition to looking like one, I’m ready to sip on a tall glass of champagne!

ND IMG_1316

 Dress: Asos // Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old); similar here // Rings: Forever 21 // Body Chain: Aldo // Earrings: The Bay (sold out); similar here

Plus size sexy ladies, recreate my look with this fab dress!

Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for the awesome snaps and Mariam Gobran for Nancy and Leslie’s makeup!


The Fab Four


Like A Boss

gt IMG_5520

OH MY GOSH – PURCHASE – those are the words I uttered when I laid eyes on this faux fur coat wonder!  So, of course I immediately retrieved my credit card to make this coat mine.  Ask any of the other ladies of Fab Four Fashion and they will tell you that I’m OBSESSED with faux fur right now.  The different colours and styles they’ve been fashioned into has just had me salivating!

gt IMG_5505


gt IMG_5530

In this coat I imagine myself as Dominique Deveraux seen here in the 80s night time tv drama – Dynasty.  I saunter about like a glama jama unicorn cause no one’s got anything on me, when I’m wearing this coat. Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a BOSS! LOL

gt IMG_5568


gt IMG_5591

By now you’ve probably guessed that I built this outfit around the coat. LOL  I paired the coat with this nude coloured dress.  Its got great sparkle on the shoulders and a cute peplum at the waist.  I also love that it hits me just a smidge above my knee and folks I didn’t have to pay a trip to the tailor to achieve that – and that my friends, almost never happens.

This dress would be ideal for an office Christmas party as its chic, polished with just the right amount of sparkle.

gt IMG_5781


gt IMG_5776


I rounded out my look with a gold clutch and pumps and silver bangles and dangly earrings.  Oh and BTW, I have no problem mixing my metallics – it’s all good to me.

gt IMG_5905


gt IMG_5667

Coat: The Shopping Channel  (currently on sale!!!)// Dress: New Look (old) Similar here here or here  // Pumps: Nine West (old) Similar here //Earrings & Bangle: H&M // Clutch: eBay // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

For my tall sisters here are some options for you –  Coat 1 or Coat 2 // Dress // Pumps (extended size)

Tah Tah for now dahlings!


RUE107: PART 2

grp IMG_2121

Rue 107 is about celebrating women and fashion, and helping them bring out their inner confidence! We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, are here for this and were more than happy to jump into four hot looks that compliment our curves and express our inner divas!

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See what happened when Fab Four Fashion and Rue 107 collide!

Nancy’s Look

Another day, another great find! Their tag line – Home of Confidence and Curves – says it all. I had seen Rue 107 but I did not know that they catered to all body types. AND I did not know that the founder was a fellow Haitian! Sa kap fet!! Now that this is out of the way, let’s dig in on the great finds.

ND IMG_2258

This saucy two piece made me forget that  -100 degree weather is at our doorsteps LOL. I fully embrace this resort piece that I will break out during my next vacation.

First off, the fit on these pieces is impeccable. The stretchy material embraces ones curves quite nicely. Despite not being a “tall line”, the length of the skirt worked really well with my long gams. The length of the crop top works really well too. It’s not too short where my entire mid section would be exposed.

ND IMG_2293

Then, the design is also on point. That peplum details on the skirt is the cutest. For someone who isn’t super “hip-py”, this sort of detail adds volume where it’s most needed. This allows me to compete with the Judy’s and the Gail’s of the world! LOL Ok, maybe not… I decided to cross the halter top strings forward for an interesting lookND IMG_2453

I wanted to keep my look in fifty shades of blue so I paired my two piece outfit with some blue pumps. I added two silver cuffs to give it that extra edge. And now we just wait for my winter get away where I can recreate this look with a bit more heat!

ND IMG_2413

Top & Skirt (available in sizes 4 – 24): c/o Rue 107 // Pumps: Jessica Simpson //

Leslie’s Look


Talk about a little colour to make a girl think of warm temperatures! This outfit is so great for you lucky ladies out ther that will be fortunate enough to be getting away from the cold this winter or who are lucky enough to live in warmer climes year round! But don’t be fooled, these to pieces can be rocked separately to create hot new looks that will work anytime of the year which is key for those of us that love to do wardrobe remixes!

LT IMG_2785

This white bodysuit is very comfortable with a ton of stretch to it. Paired here with this powder blue mini circle skirt, it can also be easily worn with a pair of jeans or a pencil skirt. Talk about versatility! And la piece de resistance is that it comes in sizes 4 to 24!!

LT IMG_2803

This circle skirt has flirtiness in spades! From the colour to the style to the length it just screams, “I am sassy, hear me roar”! LOL If you want to warm this skirt up for the cooler seasons, try rocking it with a cool tee and blazer or a cute off the shoulder sweater and some sexy over-the-knee boots and you’ll be ready to hit the streets!

All in all, spring/summer, winter or fall, you can look hot in this little number from Rue 107!

LT IMG_3205

Bodydsuit: c/o Rue 107 // Skirt: C/O Rue 107 // Shoes: Office

For my curvy chicas, these hot pieces come in sizes 4 – 24!!!!!!

Gail’s Look

Ladies, I am showing up and showing out in this glorious 2 piece set from Rue107, founded by Marie Jean Baptiste. This collection epitomizes everything that the ladies of Fab Four Fashion stand for – stylish, chic, cutting edge fashions for ALL sizes of women!

GT IMG_2978


GT IMG_2973

This blue peacock 2 piece number is an outfit that is definitely outside of my comfort zone – but you know what, I’m going for it!  I imagine myself sipping a cool tropical concoction in some exotic locale, just taking in the scene.

The fit of this 2 piece number was pretty spot on.  I wore a size 2X for the top and a 3X for the skirt.  The only thing I would suggest is that, if you’re more voluptuous than me, I would recommend sizing up.

GT IMG_3019 re edited


Of course, with a gorgeous body conscious outfit like this, I highly recommend shapewear for a nice smooth look.  I’m wearing a bike shorts style shaper from Maidenform.

I rounded out my look with blue suede slingbacks, a pastel mint green clutch, and a bold statement necklace for extra umph!

GT IMG_2958 re edited

2 piece c/o: Rue 107 Top & Skirt (available in sizes 4-24!)// Necklace: Stella & Dot (old) Similar here // Clutch: eBay //  Earrings: eBay // Slingbacks: Zara (old) Similar here


Judy’s Look

Like I said in my previous post (seen here), Rue 107 understands that all women, irrespective of size and shape, want to be dressed in style. They cater to women who are confident, not afraid of bold color and print and want to celebrate their shape!

JS IMG_1880

For this look I went with a 2 piece high-waisted skirt and wraparound crop top combo.

JS IMG_1930

This print is bold, in your face and makes people stand up and take notice. It’s totally different from the common leopard print that you usually see. This print makes me want to roar, and screams “I’m bringing sexy back”!LOL Another thing that is great about both these pieces is the stretch factor, which gives you enough room to breathe while still hugging every curve.

JS IMG_1979

You would be more likely to see me wearing this cute 2 piece number on vacation at a hot resort, grooving to some funky tunes and sipping on a fruity drink with lots of rum!LOL. You best believe that this sexy little 2 piece will be traveling with me on my next trip down south!

JS IMG_2018Until next time

Top & Skirt c/o: RUE107// earrings: H&M (unavailable) but find similar here // sandals: BCBG (old) find similar here

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The Fab Four


group IMG_2980

If you are a bride to be who is looking for the perfect custom bridesmaid dresses that fit all body types, well look no further because Azazie is your new best friend. Fab Four Fashion joined forces with Azazie to give you a peak at what elegance and class can look like when you own one of their beautiful custom made creations.

 And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for; here come the belles of the ball.

group IMG_3049

Leslie’s Look

lt IMG_2752

Classic film star glamour. This is what came to mind when I saw this beautiful floor length gown from Azazie. Made to measure dresses, with a ton of styles to choose from Azazie is the perfect one-stop-shop for the bridesmaid’s dress that will make everyone take a second look or that dress for a special occasion when you need to bring out your inner Michelle Obama or Juliana Moore.

lt IMG_2914

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love the glamour of old world Hollywood. The styles, the over-the-top parties and the way women wore clothes that screamed “I belong in pictures”! This gorgeous dress from Azazie says all of this to me. I never knew made to measure could be so good. There’s only one word to describe the fit of this dress: perfect. From the shoulders, to the bust and waist, to the length, Azazie gets the Triple Crown for style, fit and form.

lt IMG_2698


I selected this dress not only for it’s classic lines, but also, with my slim silhouette, I wanted something that would highlight the curves that I have and not drown me in fabric. This dress has a fitted bust and hip, while ever so gently falling away just below my hip creating a bit of a fish tale without it being too exaggerated. The touches of rhinestones at the shoulder and waist add that extra bit of glam that I love and really take this dress to the next level. Wile this is a bridesmaid’s dress, I would definitely where this to another formal occasion. Wherever you decide to go in this glamourous little number you will make heads turn.

lt IMG_2545

Dress c/o: Azazie

My curvy ladies, Azazie caters to women of ALL sizes so you can bring this little baby home ifyou too like that Hollywood glam.


Gail’s Look

Finding the perfect evening dress, especially a bridesmaid dress, as a plus size woman can very often lead to many a shopping trip disaster.  Thankfully, Azazie has really taken the pain out of bridesmaid and evening wear shopping!

gt IMG_1328

Azazie, based out of California, has a wonderful selection of dresses that caters to woment of all shapes and sizes.  How refreshing – a company that understands women come in all sizes and so they make quality, custom clothing for ALL women!  Clothing should fit the woman – said woman should not have to contort herself into a pretzel to wear an item of clothing!

gt IMG_1310


gt IMG_1409


I chose this gorgeous halter style dress in a beautiful shade of red – one of my favourite colours.  The process of ordering the dress was a breeze.  I simply chose the style I wanted, input my measurements (they offer a handy dandy online sizing guide to help you out) and presto, I got my gorgeous gown, which fit perfectly by the way, in about 2 weeks!

I completed my red carpet look with long gold dangly earrings, a gold box clutch, matching gold cuffs and nude pumps.

gt IMG_1456


Dress c/o: Azazie // Dangly gold earrings: Hudson’s Bay // Gold cuffs: Forever 21 // Gold clutch: eBay // Nude pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar here //


Judy’s Look

Well, allow me to describe to you my amazing experience with Azazie. When I first saw them on Instagram I was immediately intrigued. Why you may ask? Because I thought to myself: how genius to have a company that can custom make a dress for you for a wedding, gala or another glamorous event. I was also a bit skeptical though, because the idea of entering your precise measurements on a website and then hopefully getting a perfect custom made dress that fits your body seems a bit too good to be true right?

js IMG_1491

Well dear friends, Azazie took it to another level on me!LOL In order to ensure that you have the right fit for your dress, Azazie asks that you provide your precise measurements from your bust, waist, hips and height, and even ask if you would like the dress made longer to accommodate heels. I had my co-worker help me carefully take my measurements and I was on my way to getting my beautiful custom made creation.


As mention previously, Azazie offers a wide range of bridesmaid dresses and elegant gowns, and once you’ve selected your style, you then get to choose the color of your gown as well. Each gown comes in a wide array of colors. Honestly, I spent so much time trying to figure out the color of my gown that the colors seemed to start to blend together!LOL

js IMG_1685


I chose this gorgeous fuchsia color heart shape long flowy dress called the Azazie Yazmin. I am a lover of bright and vibrant colors so to have my dress made in the fuchsia color was the perfect combination for me.  If you love your bright colors you will be pleased with the spectrum of colors they have on offer.

When Gail called me to come to her office to get my dress, I ran upstairs to grab it (we work in the same building:-). I literally could not wait until I got home to try on the dress. I was way too eager and thrilled so I tried it on right then and there.  The dress was perfect on me and the color complimented my skin so well. Gail and I had to take pictures to share with our other 2 partners in crime. The smile on my face in the pictures was so huge that I thought that it would be permanently imprinted on my face LOL.

js IMG_1496

Ahh I love this dress so much! All my reservations were put to rest when I tried it on and saw how it fit so perfectly on me.  Let me state, in bullet form, the amazing attributes of this dress:


  • First: It was long the way I wanted it to be so that I can wear it with my high heels
  • Second: Since I chose a dress with a heart shaped neckline, there is boning in the neckline to help keep the dress in the right shape
  • Third: There is a built in bra inside the dress with straps and all for added support


All these important details make me love this dress so much and appreciate the amazing work of AZAZIE. I can’t wait to wear this dress to a fabulous wedding.

js IMG_1797


Dress c/o: AZAZIE // Shoes: Halston (old) Similar here // Necklace: eBay (old) Similar here

Nancy’s Look

Azazie. Azazie. AZAZIE! That’s all I have to say! Lol I will openly say that I approached this collaboration being a bit of a skeptic. I have seen stores and boutiques that cater to bridesmaid dresses where you really have to wonder if the bride actually likes her friends! LOL The dresses are flimsy and just not cute. Let me tell you that this is NOT the case here! But just to be clear, these go way beyond being bridesmaid dresses. I would wear this to a gala or any other black tie event in a heartbeat!

nd IMG_1897

 This made to measure baby is really on point. If you’re able to measure yourself and you don’t work with a friend who is trying to sabotage you (lol) your dress will NEVER be too short. Did you read this tall chicas. A dress that is never too short! What a novel idea! Indeed, the design tool asks for your height THEN it lets you know that they allow for extra length for your heels! Check out my pics, not a toe in sight! The tool knows that you need to be fly and rock your heels and that you don’t need to wear you kitty heels just to make the dress look right!
nd IMG_2189

 The bust area is padded. That ensures that your girls sit right every time and that you won’t have any unexpected overexposure lol. You already know how I love a garment with great movement and the flow on this dress does not disappoint. I was looking for my Beyoncé wind machine the entire time that I had it on lol.I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what’s even more impressive: the price point! You would think that a custom dress like this would set you back several hundred dollars… Well guess again! Most of their offerings (currently 225 out of 232 to be exact!) are under $150! How amazing is that! Custom dress for less than $150… This is just amazing!

nd IMG_2202

The dress is just perfect and I didn’t need much to make it pop. I just added a gold belt along with some statement earrings and a bunch of gold bangles. And with that, I’m ready to attend the next inaugural ball – assuming that they don’t lose my invitation this time! LOL
nd IMG_2248
 Dress c/o: AZAZIE Jacey // Shoes: Ivanka Trump (sold out); similar here
group IMG_2977
Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for taking these amazing flicks and to Mariam Gobran for Leslie and Nancy’s superb makeup!
Signing off,
The Quartet

Liesl Binx: Contemporary Plus Size Apparel

GR IMG_1118 re-edited

Liesl Binx, do you know who she is? Well before you scroll down and feast your eyes on the magnificence that can be created in the form of beautiful shades of teal and blue let me tell you a bit about her. She is a designer, based out of Seattle, who creates simple but elegant plus size garments. Each piece embodies class, delicateness and high fashion.  She understands that plus-size and curvy women deserve well-made clothes, and Fab Four Fashion is here for this!  So, without further ado, we present you Liesl Binx!

GR IMG_1161


Judy’s look

JS IMG_0537

When first starting the blog, I never envisioned that designers would approach me to wear their clothes. Well imagine my excitement when we received an email from designer Liesl Binx asking Gail and I to wear one of her beautiful creations. I was stunned and excited at the same time; first because – wow- a designer noticed me, and second because –wow- a designer noticed me (yes, it needed to be said twice!LOL). I was just so elated I couldn’t wait to see her collection.

JS IMG_0766

I ran to her website to see what she had to offer and I was so pleased.  For me, Liesl Binx creations are classic and timeless. Her latest collection is a mix of blues, purples and browns which are great additions to your wardrobe. I love that she makes only a few of each piece, which gives your piece that feeling of exclusivity.

JS IMG_0584

While browsing through her website I came across this beautiful, teal coloured, deep-v dress and it was like the story books say: love at first sight! From the pale teal colour to the flared princess-like shape I love it all. I am usually not that big on taffeta; however this dress is so light weight and fit so well that I just couldn’t resist. The material has a slight stretch to it which gives me room to breathe.  Allow me to highlight some of the special features of this dress that I simply adore.  . First it fits very well, and most importantly I don’t feel to snug in the bust area. Second, the skirt on this dress is just amazing! I love the full circle shape of the skirt.

JS IMG_0341

Third, this dress is perfect for an elegant cocktail party or a wedding. Fourth,  the teal colour compliments my complexion very well.  And fifth, depending on what colour accessories you wear with the dress, it will pick up the undertone of the fabric (how cool is that!).

JS IMG_0805

Last but not least, never be afraid to get creative with your clothing. To make the dress more voluminous I wore a tutu skirt underneath and a gold belt to accentuate my smaller waist. I decided to wear this dress with my gold accessories and a diamond necklace. To complete my look I wore my blush pumps, because blush and teal go oh so well together. It’s like the perfect marriage of color. Ah what a joy!!! This dress is right up my alley: soft and feminine LOL.  Kudos to Liesl on the great quality of this dress, and I’m equally impressed with the fact that the dress is hand-made! I will definitely keep an eye out for Liesl Binx latest collection to see what she has in store and to ensure I get my hands on another one of her beautiful creations.

Dress c/o: Liesl Binx // Shoes:  Aldo // Necklace: Ebay (old) find similar here // Bracelet: Forever 21

Tall babes: Dress find similar here


Gail’s Look

Blue is one of my favourite colours so when I laide eyes on this two tone beauty from Liesl Binx I was just over the moon excited!  I love the 70’s disco, Studio 54 vibe this dress gives me!

GT IMG_0258



GT IMG_9925 re-edtied


This dress, dubbed the half and half dress, is made of a polyester lycra blend.  The botice is fitted and fully lined and the dress also comes with two tone coloured belt made of the same material as the dress.

GT IMG_0055

I completed my look by adding my ever present “frosting”, this gorgeous statement necklace and blush coloured pumps.

GT IMG_0178

As I’ve mentioned before, I love when my clothing can do double duty so I imagine wearing this vibrant coloured dress to a wedding in the tropics or pairing it with a navy blue turtleneck, chunky heeled knee high boots and a moto style jacket and I’d be ready for fall.

GT IMG_9964

Dress c/o: Liesl Binx // Pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) similar here // Necklace: ebay

For my tall glamazons here are some dress options for you here  here  and  here


GR IMG_1150

Liesl Binx has generously offered a 20% discount code valid until the end of December!  Just use code FABFOUR. Happy Shopping!!


Gail & Judy

Taylor Jay Collection

GRP IMG_8498

One of the many things the ladies of Fab Four Fashion believe and embrace is the movement of women supporting women. So one can only imagine when the ladies were offered the opportunity to work with fabulous designer Taylor Jay, they of course jumped on it. Let me tell you, Taylor Jay’s creations are not only remarkable, but they are clothing that can easily translate into pieces of art, and our bodies the canvas bringing them to life

GRP IMG_8407

While her creations are simple, there is an element of flair, elegance and beauty to each piece. In the words of Taylor Jay, “Versatility is our Threads”. Indeed, as a designer, she understands that most women want to be comfortable in their clothes. Her pieces are timeless, and she caters to both straight-sized and plus sized women alike!

Nancy’s Look

I have to start this by saying a big THANK YOU to the good folks at Instagram – were it not for them, I would have missed out on the wonder that is Taylor Jay! Judy was the one who tagged us on her page and each post was more amazing than the next. So when she reached out saying that she wanted to work with us, I was absolutely elated.

ND IMG_8836

Taylor Jay understands women’s bodies. As a true artist, she is able to picture what fits best on our bodies – whatever shape said bodies come in! I truly appreciate designers that are able to cater to all women as there is beauty in all of us.  We provided Taylor  with our measurements and she made magic. She provided us all with various iterations of the ‘London’ and they are all superb.

ND IMG_8790

For my version of the London, Taylor offered me the jumpsuit. She must be a mind reader as this is my all time favorite silhouette! This piece has all the key elements of a winning jumpsuit. Exhibit A: It has a great neckline. The cowl neck allows you to be as naughty or as nice as you’d like!  Exhibit B: It has pockets! Let’s face it, pockets are great on everything, especially on pieces where you don’t necessarily expect them. Exhibit C: The perfect length! I submitted my measurements and voila! The perfect piece at the perfect length was created.

ND IMG_8722

Another element that I love about this piece is the material. It’s very forgiving and oh so flattering. It has great movement and simply dances on one’s body. The sheen adds a touch of elegance to the garment in every color.  Speaking of the colors, they are all so rich! They navy is to die for. It’s as if I was wearing liquid sapphire, so regal! I kept my silver accessories to a minimum as I wanted to let the piece shine! This jumpsuit is certainly a great addition to my wardrobe and will get many wears!

ND IMG_8809

Jumpsuit: Taylor Jay // Shoes: Nine West

Leslie’s Look

Sexy, sassy, sensual!!!! Those are the three words I would use to describe the way I feel in this Taylor Jay Collection dress! Catering to all sizes, Taylor Jay got it all right with this sassy little number.

LT IMG_8944

Talk about the marrying of colour, style and elegance, this silver, shimmery dress made from a nylon spandex mix falls so beautifully over my slim frame.  The flirty hem lends to the look of my having an even curvier silhouette which I know we slim girls can fully appreciate!

LT IMG_8886

I love the ties at the waist that allow me to cinch my waist-line as tightly (or loosely) as I like, and adds an additional accent to the dress. I opted to do a simple knot and allow the ties to fall, but it would have looked equally fierce had I tied it in a sweet bow! The deep wrap v-neck line of this dress adds the “v” in va-va-voom without revealing any of Victoria’s Secrets and gives the illusion of a longer neck-line.

LT IMG_9023

Me being me, I needed to add a bit of that “Leslie edginess” to this sweet and sassy dress. While we know this dress would look amazing with some sexy dressy sandals or some grey snake print pumps, I wanted to up the funk factor and rock it with my sexy thigh-high suede boots!

To this I then added a black moto style leather jacket and the funk factor soared off the charts!

Accessories are a cinch with such a beautiful dress with the shimmery effect of the material. I decided to rock a long silver necklace that I kept tucked into the neck line and a bold cuff and simple earrings and tah-dah, I’m ready to take on the big bad city!

LT IMG_8980

Dress: Taylor Jay Collection (contact through web site, details at end of article) // Boots: Zara // Jacket: Zara  (sold out) Similar here //

My plus size perfect ladies need not fear because Taylor Jay Collection caters to ALL SIZES!!! You gotta love it!!!


Gail’s Look

Let me tell you this Taylor Jay Collection dress called the London is EVERYTHING and a bag of chips! LOL We discovered Ms. Jay’s collection on instagram and fell instantly in love.

GT IMG_9494

This particular dress was specifically selected for me by Ms. Jay and she definitely got it right. The dress is made of nylon and spandex but the cut is what gives this dress all the va va voom I love. And the olive green colour is to die for as well!

The cowl neck design flatters one’s bust line, be it big or small, beautifully while the wide attached belt cinches me in at the waist and offers another facet of visual appeal.

GT IMG_9513

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s very important to consult an online retailer’s size guide so as to avoid disappointment by purchasing the wrong size.  When reviewing the Taylor Jay size chart, the collection goes up to size 18-20.  As a size 20-22, I would logically conclude that perhaps this collection was not for me…but I would be missing out.  Since the garments have a lot of stretch and the cuts are superb I easily and comfortably fit into the London dress.  And that is what is so refreshing about Ms. Jay’s garments.  This collection compliments different body types beautifully!

GT IMG_9476

Therefore for me, the essential formula for fashion magic is:

Cut + Colour + Style = Fashion Magic

GRP IMG_9577

Dress: Taylor Jay Collection // Slingbacks: Nine West (old) Similar here // Necklace: eBay // Clutch: eBay (sold out) Similar here //Cuffs: Forever 21


Judy’s Look

JS IMG_9289

While looking on the “Popular Page” on Instagram, this beautiful picture caught my attention. What came next felt like a fairy tale story to me , what drew me to this picture is the  beautiful composition; it was perfect. I was blown away when I saw this gorgeous model named @analabelle on Instagram wearing this beautiful blush and olive ensemble. I immediately clicked on the picture to find out who this was and what designer she was wearing, and there in black and white was written Shop Taylor Jay.

Curious by nature, it didn’t take me long to go through the Shop Taylor Jay page and discover her fabulous creations – OMG! I tagged my girls on some of her pictures and left a few (possibly a lot) of comments. What I love the most is that her creations cater to all women!

JS IMG_9096


The ladies and I were fortunate enough to have Taylor Jay design each of us a beautiful piece based on our individual body types. I was very pleased with the final result! She gave me the “London Deep Pocket Dress” with its A-line, sleeveless style in the olive color. While I admit I rarely wear olive coloured clothing LOL, I’m officially a convert to this beautiful colour and what it does for my complexion. Now that I’ve been shown the truth, I will definitely be trying to incorporate more olive color clothing into my wardrobe.

When I received my dress I couldn’t wait to take it out of the packaging! I was astonished and pleased at how well made it was not to mention the material being so soft and silky. A major plus about this dress is that it comes in a solid, stretchy material which fits my body very nicely.

JS IMG_9168

The olive color complements my skin tone very well, and I really love the deep pockets and wide attached waist belt. You can get creative with the belt and tie it in the way that you feel best suits your style and body. I’m a real sucker for comfortable clothes and most of all versatile pieces like this dress. I can wear this dress to attend a Sunday afternoon wedding with heels since the dress is very long, or I can dress it down with nice flat sandals on vacation somewhere near a beach. This dress comes in various Fall colors so now would be the perfect time to get your hands on one!

I simply love this dress and think you will too! Check out some of the other Taylor Jay creations on her site (address at the end of this post). I’m pretty sure you ladies will all find something you’ll love and that will suit your body.

I can’t wait to see what she’s got cooking for 2016.

JS IMG_9196

Dress: Taylor Jay Collection // necklace: eBay // cuff : Forever 21

*To see more of her fabulous designs please visit her website

*Taylor Jay has kindly offered a discount code of 10% off her designs.  The promo code is FabFour.  Happy Shopping!

GRP IMG_8489

We are also happy to report that beginning in early 2016 we will be launching a new series we’re cooking up called Women Supporting Women but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more!

*Although this is a sponsored post the opinions expressed are all our own.


The Fab Four