Hats Off to David Dunkley!



Ever put an outfit together and just feel like something is missing? That’s because something probably is! In a bygone era a gentile woman would not even think of leaving her home without first donning her bonnet; or spend hours at the milliners trying to find the perfect artfully sculpted headpiece to compliment her gown.  If you’re looking for THE exquisite hat or fascinator to cause a stir at your next event, one need look no further than David Dunkley!

Having studied with formal royal milliner to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, David’s creations have also graced the head of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall.

David is an award winning designer and is also the official milliner of the Queen’s Plate.  As you can imagine, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion are beyond excited to have had the chance to wear fascinators from David’s private collection when we walked the red carpet at the Nordstrom Opening Gala.  Join us as we chat fascinating fascinators and outstanding outfits!

Judy’s Look


Wearing haute couture has always been a dream of mine, but when you actually get to wear haute couture on top of your head, it’s even better. Who said fascinators can’t be a strong statement piece, well let me tell you about Canadian hat designer David Dunkley.


I had the extreme privilege of wearing one of the David Dunkley’s fascinators which was carefully crafted, and hand made by the visionary himself. My fascinator consists of black and white stripes, made out of “peau de soie” which is worn in the middle of the head, and at the back a few artfully placed bright pink ostrich feathers.

And what could be better than to wear such a striking piece to the official red carpet grand opening of the brand new Nordstrom store at the Toronto Eaton Centre. What a show stopper; this fascinator commends attention and yes, it is a veritable piece of art.


Choosing an outfit to aptly compliment this skillfully designed fascinator was easy, as I had a vision of a black strapless bustier, with a long A-line satin white skirt with black polka dots. The mix of the stripes on the fascinator, and the polka-dot skirt blended so beautifully. To complete my look I wore a pair of long silver earrings and black pumps.

I’m ready to take the fashion world by storm.



Skirt: Amazon // Top: (Asos) find similar here and here // Hat: David Dunkley // Pumps: Enzo Angiolini ( find similar here ) // earrings: The Bay find similar here

Tall sisters: Top // Skirt: Amazon (my skirt comes in every sizes and you can let go of the hem to make it longer)

Nancy’s Look

Do you like to be a show stopper? Do you enjoy seeing eyes widen as they land on you? If you answered yes, then read on – David Dunkley is for you.


This stunning piece of millinery is not for the faint of heart or those who like being incognito. The creator of this piece loved it so much that he retired this topper to his private collection. Can you blame him? It’s simply stunning. The skillfully crafted flowers are accentuated by black feathers to create this newspaper printed chef-d’oeuvre. I tried on many amazing pieces but my heart literally skipped a beat when the master milliner pulled the ONE from a secret back room.


This gorgeous hat in classic black and white goes with pretty much anything. I chose to carry this color pallet to the rest of my outfit. The gorgeous dress that I am rocking is made of scuba material and hugs my figure right where I want it. The cut out adds just the right dose of sexiness. If you have a wedding, birthday or just want to exercise your right to be hot, you can RENT this beauty for the weekend. No need to commit and they will dry clean it for you!


Always needing a pop of color, I had to pull out my red lipstick.


Fascinator: David Dunkley // Dress: Fitzroy Boutique // Sandals: Nine West (sold out); similar here

For my plus size bombshells, although Fitzroy Boutique does not offer plus size options yet we did find a similar dress options for you here: Dress 1 // Dress 2 //

Gail’s Look

Entering David Dunkley’s boutique is like stepping into a fanciful jewelry box where all the hats and fascinators on display shine bright like Harry Winston diamonds.  I have a particular obsession with hats so you can imagine that I felt as though I died and went to fascinator heaven.  I wanted to wear a fascinator that was utterly unique and feathers were an absolute requirement.  David of course, did not disappoint.


This fascinator not only had feathers but ombre feathers at that which culminated in a collection of silk flowers which frame my face beautifully.


With a fanciful fascinator like this I went for a rather sedate outfit.  I opted for a simple black jumpsuit from my favourite online retailer, Eloquii along with silver pumps.


I added a simple white jacket thrown over my shoulder “vogue editor” style.


Fascinator & Clutch: David Dunkley // Jumpsuit: Eloquii (sold out) similar here //Pumps: Zara (sold out) similar here// Jacket: JC Penny (old) similar here //

For my tall divas here are some options for you: Jumpsuit // Jacket

Leslie’s Look

ROYAL!! That is how I feel in this jawdroppingly stunning piece of millenary perfection created by the one and only David Dunkley, and this triple take” beauty of a dress from Fitzroy Boutique making me feel like a modern day Cinderella (post bippitty-boppitty-boo of course)!

While it is not often one finds me in a predominantly black outfit, when said outfit looks like this, colour be dammed!


It’s all in the details. Mr. Dunkley (are we even sure  the Queen has not Knighted him yet because really, his hats are veritable pieces of artistry), has created the perfect blend of elegance, sophistication and a certain air of mystery in this striking black and silver head piece.  The addition of fine crystals to the floating veil and the delicate plumes add that extra touch of glamour that I love so much. In this outfit I feel like a modern day film noire femme fetale leaving a grimacing Bogey or Cary Grant wishing they never met me, yet thanking their lucky stars that they did! 😉


Now, what would a beautiful piece of millenary confection be without the perfect accompaniment? We love to find great Canadian boutiques, and Fitzroy Boutique is a gem! Not only do they have fantastic pieces that are perfect for any occasion, they also……

wait for it….

wait for it….



Ever see a dress you just love, then look at the price tag and stop breathing in case your breath accidently rustles the material to hard causing a bead to come lose or a feather to stray from its skillfully crafted perch? I know I have. Then I go into grinning idiot mode as I try to find the quickest path with the least obstacles to get me the hell outta that store!LOL Well, ladies why purchase that $900 dress if you know you will never have a chance to wear it again. For $50 – $90 you can rent a gorgeous designer dress for a 4 day period, wear it, dance in it, be the envy of everyone in it, then return it to Fitzroy and NOT EVEN HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT DRY CLEANING IT! They take care of the dry cleaning for you!

This ostrich feather dress I’m rocking, designed and handmade in the 6ix by Canadian designer Marika Brose retails for $845! But with Fitzroy, you get the look for less with a 4 day rental for $75!


I kept the rest of my look simple to leave centre stage so to my elegant fascinator and stylish dress. I wore simple crystal earrings and necklace and wore my pewter coloured cage sandals and cuff bracelet to add a little edginess.

And with that, this Cinderella was ready to slip that shoe on her prince’s foot (size 13:-) What? 13’s my lucky number and I did say I was a modern-day Cinderella!(wink-wink)

Fascinator: David Dunkley // Dress: Fitzroy Boutique // Shoes: Hudson’s Bay //

For my sexy curvy ladies, while Fitzroy does not offer plus sizes just yet, this an area they plan to develop in the future so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this beautiful similar dress you may just want to call your own: Dress //


Tah tah for now,

The Fab Four

Photography: Kristina Laukkanen – Pear Studios

Twirling in a Tutu

JS Edited IMG_5559

JS Edited IMG_5048




Tutus and tulle skirts have always been part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember.

As a child my mommy used to make me wear these beautiful dresses with a tulle skirt underneath to give me extra puffiness. So it’s not a surprise that I love tutus especially the ones with more layers of tulle.

JS Edited IMG_5402


I have been looking for the perfect black tutu skirt but just couldn’t find one that I loved. While perusing Instagram I saw my girl Jessica Kane, CEO of Skorch magazine and Creative Director of Society-Plus, rocking a fabulous tutu skirt, so I decided to reach out to her and TADA!!!!!  I finally found the perfect black tutu skirt!
JS Edited IMG_5494


I must admit, I was a little anxious to receive the skirt. I really wanted it to be as voluminous as possible and was concerned that it wouldn’t be. Alas, I’m happy to report that the skirt is everything I was expecting and more! I went with the Premium Tutu skirt which boasts 5  luscious layers of premium tulle. The fit is true to size, and the sizes run from 1x to 6x. I also love the fact that there is an elastic band at the waist to give you room to breathe.
JS Edited IMG_5291

I think tutu skirts are a great addition to a women’s wardrobe. You can create a simple look by wearing it with a shirt or t-shirt. Or you can wear it under a skirt or a dress to give you added volume like I did in our Fashion Week 2016 post (seen here). However, for today’s post I decided to wear my skirt with a stripe black and white t-shirt and a black and gold belt.
JS Edited IMG_5559



Since I was feeling very feminine and flirty, to elevate my look, I wore my gold jacket and added black pumps with gold studs. I can’t wait to see if Society- Plus comes out with this skirt in other colors cause let me tell you, I will definitely be scooping up a few more of them!

Well, as Cindy Lauper sang: “girls just wanna have fun “, and believe me, I’m having  fun twirling around in my  tulle skirt.

JS Edited IMG_5696


Tutu skirt // Top // Gold jacket // Neklace // Belt // pumps

For the Tall babes: Tutu skirts // top

Tah Tah for now,


Wearing the Pants


Pants, slacks, trousers, they go by many names and are the bane of the existence for many ladies out there! They’re either not long enough, gap at the waist, awful fit at the hips; therefore, some ladies opt to shy away from wearing pants. We say, no more! If you like pants, then wear them! There’s a way for all body types to rock pants and the Fab Four ladies will demonstrate how they do it!

gr IMG_2379


Gail’s Look

Black pants and a top – that was my clothing “uniform”.  Black pants were always readily available in my size so that’s pretty much what I stuck with.  Since starting this blog I’ve slowly been giving myself permission to branch out and try other things.

g - IMG_3409

This idea led me to these plus size olive green pants I purchased a while ago and never wore.  These pants are close fitting but have a lot of stretch so they’re very forgiving.  As the plus size petite one in this quartet, shopping for pants can be a chore don’t let that happen.  Remember a tailor is your best friend and secret weapon!

g IMG_3779

I paired the pants with this white vest that I wore for the “Off the Wall” blog post.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favourite wardrobe additions.

g IMG_3480

My neutral coloured tank top marries well with my vest and patns and was the perfect back drop for this statement necklace.

g IMG_4009

Let’s pause and have a moment of silence for this Louis Vuitton purse. I splurged a few years ago on this beauty and I’ve never regretted it! Finally I completed my look with nude coloured pumps.

Pants: Forever 21 Plus (old) Similar here // Vest: Forever 21 Plus (sold out) Similar here // Tank top: Forever 21 Plus (sold out) Similar here // Necklace: Stella & Dot (sold out) Similar here // Purse: Louis Vuitton // Pumps: Office

For my tall babes, here are some options for you- Pants: The Gap // Vest: Long Tall Sally //

Tank top: New Look Tall //

Judy’s Look:

j IMG_4947

For my pants look I chose to wear printed loose jogger pants and I just love how they fit my curves. I found these beautiful printed joggers by fluke at Forever 21 in the curvy section a few weeks ago. The material is light and I love the mix of colours, which just so happen to be perfect for summer.

j IMG_5210


What I love about the cut of this style of pants is that I can pair them with a cute crop top or a dress shirt, but for my pants look I chose to wear it with a simple white tank top and my mama’s yellow blazer. What more can I say, I just love buying items that can serve multiple purposes. That way I know I will get my money’s worth.

j IMG_5389


I topped-off my look with my strappy 3 inch heel sandals with silver stones. I absolutely love these super cute sandals and I can wear them all day without having to worry about my feet hurting. To accessorize my look I wore my favorite pearly Zara necklace and a classic tiffany charm bracelet.

j IMG_5444Pants: Forever21 (sold out) similar here and here  // tank top: H&M here // Blazer (Vintage Mommy) similar here // Sandals: Enzo Angiolini (old) similar here // Necklace: Zara (old) find similar here // bracelet: Tiffany’s here // Rings: Forever 21 (old) find similar  here // clutch Zara (old) find similar here


For my Tall long legged sisters: Pants: here and here // Sandals: Enzo Angiolini (old) similar here // Blazer: here


Leslie’s Look

Summer is finally here and it’s time to jump into some fun colours and plunge into some cool trends! One trend I was eager to nose-dive into is culottes. Both Nancy and Gail have done some amazing Fab Four Fave’s on this hot little number and I figured I would be happy to be the one to bring this “Fave” to living colour.

l IMG_4126I consider these pale blue high waisted pants to be a mix between a cropped pant and culottes. They don’t have the extremely wide leg most notable about culottes, but still have enough of that wide leg look to be likened to them. I found that, on my slim frame, the wide leg culottes can sometimes be a bit overpowering, making my legs look a bit like “Puss in Boots” from Shrek! LOL That is not to say that I wouldn’t find a wide leg culotte that would fit just right, I am just counceling my slim ladies out there to ensure that you get the right fit with this trend. Don’t go too baggy or you might be drowned in fabric!

l IMG_4920

I decided to keep this look cool and simple, opting for a simple white crop top and blush coloured pumps that perfectly complimented the look. I then pulled it all together with this gorgeous blue moto style leather jacket that haunted my dreams last summer until I brought it home. It offers the perfect punch of colour. One wonderful thing about this jacket is that there was no need to lengthen the sleeves as, even though I took the smallest size, the sleeves were the perfect length for my long arms!

l IMG_4726

The final touch for this look was this funky necklace I scooped up from my friendly neighbourhood Zara adding a fun final flare to the look. Summertime here I come!

l IMG_4452

Pants: ASOS (sold out), Similar here // Jacket: Danier (old), Similar here // Crop Top: Mendocino (old), Similar here // Shoes: Anne Klein (old), Similar here // Necklace: Zara (old), Similar here //

For my plus-size-perfect divas:  Pants // Jacket //  Crop Top

Nancy’s Look

There was a time when I would sigh deeply at the thought of shopping for pants. They were always too short. It’s still the case for the most part at a brick and mortar store but thank goodness for online shopping! I’m a 34’-36’ inseam so finding the right length pants is quite the task.


I’ve had some success (online) with J Crew, Ann Taylor and Alloy Apparel. But it’s always nice to have the option to walk in a store and just find a pair of pants that fit. I must say that I’ve often been surprised by the pants selection at Zara! And this is where I scored these cobalt ones.


These belted high waisted pants fit perfectly. The flared fit is great for the summer and these pants are easily dressed up and down. Here, I’m wearing my pants with a simple sweetheart neckline tube top.


I accessorized with a statement necklace, a bright yellow clutch and a fun bangle. And with that, I was ready to enjoy the first days of summer!


Pants: Zara (sold out); similar here and here // Top: H&M (old); similar here // Shoes: Nine West // Necklace: Urban Outfitter (old); similar here // Clutch: Aldo

My curvalicious babes can recreate my look with these pants and that top!

So tell us, are you pants adverse? Do you have issues finding the perfect pair or pants?  Any successes or tips to share? Let’s start a convo and check out our social media spaces!

gr IMG_2481

Jeans Anyone?

Gr - IMG_2330

Gr - IMG_2281

Jeans…denim… dungarees! A fashion trend that has spanned the globe and continues to be a favorite among young and old alike!  Invented over 100 years ago, jeans are that one fashion item that has run the gamut from being synonymous with the poor working class to a symbol of wealth and affluence solely based on the name on the label.  Talk about a fashion renaissance!  I know many women can have a love/hate relationship with jeans, but the secret is to not stop looking until you’ve unearthed the perfect pair. Don’t settle for anything else. They don’t need to be expensive; they just need to show off your heavenly curves! Check out what the ladies of Fab Four have on the jeans menu for you!

Gr - IMG_2341

Judy’s Look

Oohh chile, God knows I have been searching for a good pair of jeans that can fit my curvy body for the longest time. There are a few criteria that I look for in a good pair of jeans:

  • I like my jeans to have stretch. I want to be able to move and be comfortable in my jeans and I hate when I feel a pinch at the waist because the they is not stretchy enough.
  • I’m a sucker for skinny jeans, so I want pair of jeans that is either low rise or mid-rise and when I sit down I don’t want to have plumber crack LOL.  Raise your hand if you had this happen to you in the past LOL –  I’ve  definitely been guilty of this over the years.

J - IMG_2455

Well the search for me is over yay yay. I found 2 great pairs of jeans that meet all my requirements. I discovered this brand called Second Yoga Skin jeans and let me tell you that they are every curvy girls’ dream. Their price range varies from $90 to $160, and you can easily find them at Jean Machines.

J - IMG_2452

The second pair I found, which is the pair I’m rocking on the pictures, is from Old Navy. It’s called the Women’s Sweetheart Skinny jeans in long. They are regular price $39.50 but I got them on sales for $27! They fit me perfectly and I love that they come in short, regular and long. I always go for long cause I love wearing a nice pair of skinny jeans with heels.

J - IMG_2475

To top my look, I wore a sleeveless peplum top – I think that peplum tops are a great combination with skinny jeans especially for curvy girls like me. To further elevate my jeans look, I wore my salmon peep toe sandals and I added my favorite necklace.

J - IMG_2495

Jeans: Old Navy here // sleeveless peplum top: H&M (old) similar here // Sandals: Enzo Angilioni (old) similar here // necklace : Zara (old) similar here // earrings : Forever 21 (old) similar here // rings: Forever 21 (old) Similar here  and here


Leslie’s Look

My all time favourite thing to wear? Simple; jeans and a tee baby! My love affair with dungarees began at a young age and I’ve been ever faithful to this seemingly timeless fashion trend. Baggy, skinny, synched, bell bottomy (is that a word), I think I’ve worn them all over the years and continue to build my collection!

L - IMG_2836

These skinny jeans by True Religion are my favorite pair right now! They have been broken in and feel like they are bespoke…customized just for my willowy frame! The distressed detail, which I gotta admit  took me a little time to get jiggy with, is now one of the things I like most about them!

L - IMG_2931

The flap pocket is perfectly placed to give the illusion that I’m packing a little more heat (i.e. junk in the trunk LOL) and the wash and skinny leg style let me easily transition this look from day time hang out gear to night time party wear! All I had to do with this look was take a simple white t-shirt and jeans and add a couple upgrades.

L - IMG_2861

Speaking of upgrades…this gorgeous cape blazer, of course reminiscent of Solnage’s   wedding outfit is the piece de resistance for this look. After this cape-jacket I didn’t even need shoes cause no one would have noticed!LOL But since I can’t go barefooted, I chose to finish the look with mint green pumps and a silver clutch. And of course, my sassy shades! Note to my tall girls on True Religion jeans. While I do love them, they are not always faithful to the tall girls! I sometimes have difficulty finding a pair that fit me in both waist and length. I had to go through a lot of frogs before I found my princely pair! But it was well worth the search! See ladies, we can all find our Prince, well, at least in jeans!:-)

L - IMG_2892

Jeans: True Religion // Cape-Blazer: Zara // Shoes: Office // Clutch: Ebay

Nancy’s Look

I love dresses and skirts like the next girl, but in my heart, just like my girl Leslie, I’m all about jeans and a tee! In fact, 9 out of 10 times that you see me running through the 6, I do so wearing some variation of jeans. I dig a good pair of boyfriend jeans, love my trouser jeans, but can never part from the skinny. They easily go from casual Friday to drinks with the girls, and you already know how I feel about multi purposed clothes!

N - IMG_2651

Now, we tall ladies KNOW that the quest for the perfect pair that is LONG enough is NOT an easy feat! Over the years, I’ve struck luck with brands like Levi’s, J. Crew, Old Navy and Alloy Apparel to name a few. Here, I’m rocking my very first pair of jeans from Topshop and I must say that I’m quite pleased!

N - IMG_2674

With a 36” inseams, gone are the days where I have to pretend that my jeans were supposed to be “cropped” LOL. These also have the right amount of stretch: enough that I do not have the dreaded gap at the waist (my booty endowed ladies will understand!!) and not too tight that said booty will get squished.

N - IMG_2583

This color loving chica swapped her rainbow for an all-black-everything look because, well, why not! I kept my look simple with a bandeau top, leather jacket (which got ditched as it got surprisingly hot!) and strappy sandals. Well, ok, I snuck some color in with the purse LOL I can’t help it!! I love to offset my almost all black looks with metallic accessories, and here, I did so with silver earrings, bracelet and this glorious necklace.

N - IMG_2654

Jeans: Topshop // Top: Asos // Shoes: Nine west (old); similar here // Purse: Dedo Azu (more deets coming very soon!!) // Necklace: old; similar here and here

Gail’s Look

Jeans are that quintessential item in a women’s closet that are just a “no-brainer”.  With the variety of styles and washes available, jeans can go from dressed up chic to casual unique in a flash.  It all depends on how you want to rock them.   Moreover, their versatility works for all four seasons.

G - IMG_2983

I decided to on a lighter wash as my look was on the boho casual tip.  For those plus size ladies who are hesistant in trying a pair of skinny jeans why not try a pair in a darker wash?  This is not about hiding your body, merely playing with a trend on your terms.

G - IMG_2980

I paired my light coloured jeans with a white bodysuit and floral kimono.

G - IMG_3062

As I’m sure you all know, kimonos are one of the hot items for summer.  They offer coverage for upper arm for those cool summer evenings.

G - IMG_2960

I polished off my look with a taupe and peachy/gray leather hobo purse and taupe sandals.

Jeans: Old Navy (sold out) Similar here or here // Bodysuit: Forever 21 Plus (sold out) Similar here //Kimono: eBay.com //Sandals: Calvin Klein (old) Similar here // Bag: Tory Burch (old) Similar here or here // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Skirting The Issue


Fab 4 Fashion

Pencils, midis, minis and others in between, we love a cool skirt and all the many ways they can be styled.  They can go from boardroom chic to a relaxed weekend look or to a night out on the town.  Watch as the ladies of Fab Four Fashion show you how they get creative with skirts.

Fab 4 Fashion

Nancy’s Look

Fab 4 Fashion

The temperature is finally creeping up and this only means one thing: We can start showing more skin! This is definitely cause for celebration. It’s time to pull out all our sexy skirts!! Ok, ok, I know that skirts can be worn year round, but there’s something about having your bare legs exposed that is simply awesome!

Fab 4 Fashion

I like all skirts but I love a good pencil skirt. This Hugo Boss skirt is definitely one of my favourites and it makes me feel like a boss (too easy??? lol). I bought this stunner during a trip to Chicago and I was over the moon! I must admit that I loved this skirt so much that I bought it despite the fact that it was too big. That’s when a good tailor comes in handy. I even got to adjust the shape of the skirt to my liking: the bottom was somewhat flared and I got my tailor to turn the skirt into a pencil skirt.

Fab 4 Fashion

When paired with a crisp white shirt, this skirt is perfect for the boardroom. Swap the white shirt out for a tank top, add some bling and you’re ready for drinks with the girls. The length and the fit of the skirt make it office appropriate while the asymmetric leather trim gives it a nice edge making it equally lounge ready.

Fab 4 Fashion

Skirt: Hugo Boss (old); similar here // Tank top: Old Navy // Shoes: Sam Edelman (old); similar here // Necklace: Forever 21 (old); similar here.

Plus sized ladies can easily recreate this look with this skirt.

Gail’s Look

Fashion is supposed to be fun and in this outfit that feeling shows.  I love the idea of mixing prints that at first glance look as though they don’t go together, but in fact do.


Although my off-the-shoulder top is a black & white stripe and the skirt is a multicolour print they do have colours in common those being the black & white.The top acts as the perfect backdrop so that my skirt of many colours can really sing!


This skirt definitely hugs my curves beautifully.  This summer, and going forward, I’ve decided  to bust through my comfort zone and try clothes that I wouldn’t typically wear, and I encourage you all to do the same!


I read somewhere that life begins outside of our comfort zones so why not take the plunge.  I completed my look with fuschia pumps and gold jewelry.


Top: ASOS Curve // Skirt: Forver 21 Plus (old) Similar here or here // Pumps: Old Navy (old) Similar here //

For my Tall girls out there, here are some options so that you can recreate my look.

Top: ASOS Tall // Skirt: New Look Tall // Pumps: Smash Shoes //


Judy’s Look

The season for wearing skirts without stockings is finally here YAY!  During the Christmas holiday season my Mommy gave me a few of her vintage items. To those who know me, they know that I love remixing vintage items. So after trying a few of my mother‘s vintage clothes, I “inherited” 2 high waist pencil linen skirts – one in yellow and the other  in purple which are perfect for summer. I took the skirts to my tailor to have them nipped in so that they would  fit me perfectly.  Ladies, having a tailor you trust work magic on your clothes can turn a ho hum item of clothing into pure perfection!

Fab 4 Fashion

For our 4 way skirts look I chose to wear the purple linen skirt.  After the adjustment that my tailor made to the skirt,  ohh chile let me tell you … I felt like a true pin-up girl. I  really like that it accentuates my tiny waist and showcases my curves perfectly. This skirt has sentimental value to me since my dear Mommy gave it to me.  I have to wear it well to represent for my Momma in these streets and I might call myself Pin up Girl Judyyyy LOL .

Fab 4 Fashion

To complete my pin up girl look I paired the skirt with a navy blue and white heart shape sleeveless bodysuit. For my accessories I wore a soft pearly flower necklace and some cream and black sandals.

Fab 4 Fashion



Skirt: My Mommy Similar here // Sleeveless bodysuit: H&M (old) Similar here // Necklace: Zara (old) Similar here // Sandals: Enzo Angiolini (old) similar here

Tall pin up babes: skirt: Asos // Sleeveless bodysuit: Asos

And voila I’m ready !!!!

Leslie’s Look

Summer breezes + summer heat x summer sun = loose, comfortable skirts.  Long or short, flared or fitted they are the ideal garment to help combat the heat of summer temperatures so I couldn’t wait to jump into this look!


As you can no doubt see from this pleated skirt and matching crop top number, my obsession with prints continues! This beautiful tribal print coordinate set caught my eye at one of my favourite spots, Zara.  I knew I couldn’t rest until I brought it home to meet the rest of the family (my clothes are my children!).


Now, I LOVE this outfit and will definitely be wearing it several times to several places over the course of the summer, however, let me tell you all a little secret…the 2 things I would change about this look the next time I rock it:

  1. I would shorten the straps: For us ladies who spent a little too much time perusing the wings, halos, and harps when God was giving out fuller bust lines, if you just shorten the strap a bit, it will enhance the fit. I was just so eager to rock this look, I did not want to wait to have it tailored, but it shall be done (tailoring is king)!
  2. I want the skirt to be a tad bit fuller. I wanted to put crinoline underneath this Zara tribal skirt to give it more volume so the next time I rock it, this is how you will see it! Those of us with a slim silhouette can often afford to add more volume!



The above notwithstanding, I still LOVE this look. With heels, with flats, bare foot on the beach with the water gently lapping at my ankles, it all works and makes me feel like Ms Diana Ross in “Mahogany”.


Crop top: Zara // Skirt: Zara // Shoes: BCBG (old), Similar here // Handbag:  Urban Outfitters (old), Similar here //

For my hot, sexy curvy chicas:  New Look & New Look; Amita Bon & Amita Bon;  Eloquii & Eloquii;

Once again, we need to thank our noted fashion photographer Roseline Bonheur! 🙂

How do you rock your skirts?



~The Fab Four

Get Your Sexy On

Feature Image Size Sexy

Get Your Sexy On or Size Sexy were the two catch phrases at the fashion show the ladies of Fab Four Fashion attended last Sunday.  The event featured beautiful fashion looks designed by Annika Reid, talented singers Trish and Kim Davis and thought provoking spoken poetry by Dwayne Morgan.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Karen Ward of Curvy Canadian and owner of the fabulous plus size boutique Your Big Sister’s Closet.

b - IMG_1234

b - IMG_1238


b - IMG_1208

We also hob knobbed with Thera Warren of Cloud 14+.  Thera slayed in her gorgeous asymmetrical top and body hugging leggings.  Oh that those feathered sandals…just beyond FAB!

b - IMG_1229

b - IMG_1225

b - IMG_1219


The woman of the hour, Annika Reid, took some time out to chat with us and of course strike a pose for a few pics!

We were super excited to attend the Size Sexy Get Your Sexy on fashion event.  The fashions were beautiful and sassy and we were thrilled to show up and support Annika Reid, designer of Minimaximidi.

Show runway pictures from Annika’s line

r - IMG_1258


r - IMG_1256


r - IMG_1254


r - IMG_1253

r - IMG_1250


r - IMG_1261

Judy’s look

When my girls told me about going to the Size Sexy Get Your Sexy On, to support Annika Reid‘s latest collection I knew I had to bring it in style.  I dressed as if I was about to rip the Size Sexy runway myself! LOL. My outfit for the event was a colorful patterned bodycon dress with some beige and black strappy sandals. To top up my look of course I wore a bright pink lipstick.


g - IMG_1110

j - IMG_1151

Dress:  ASOS (old) Similar here// Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old) Similar here // Clutch: Zara (old) Similar here //

For my tall sexy sisters see options here and here

Gail’s look

I went for a casual yet sexy look.  I wore a plus size black & white off the shoulder bardot top and paired it with my red midi plus size skirt.  I just adore this skirt as it has pockets and the skirt itself has flirty sexy feeling.  Also this skirt, from Eshakti, can be customized so tall ladies out there you can get this skirt too!

g - IMG_1086

g - IMG_1104

Skirt: Eshakti (old) Similar here //Top: ASOS Curve // Wedges: Nine West (old) Similar here

Leslie’s Look

This event was awesome as it had the perfect trifecta: fashion, friends and fun. My outfit game for this evening was sexy-casual.

l - IMG_1196

I decided to throw on a simple gray tank top, white skirt with a front slit and my pastel green pumps to add some colour! Three easy, breezy, beautiful pieces that can be reworked with so many other wardrobe elements to create new looks!

l - IMG_1171

Tank top: Zara (old) Similar here // Skirt: Zara (old) Similar here // Shoes: Office

For my curvy babes: Tank // Skirt //

Ta Ta for now!

Judy’s Jumpers

PicMonkey Collage

Now that the nice weather is finally here, jumpers are a  great way to start the season.  First let me state that I have an obsession with jumpers lol. I’m always on the lookout for the best jumper to suit my curvy frame.  Jumpers are great!  You can dress them up with some nice accessories and a great pair of heels or you can wear them casual with a pair of flats.

Below are 3 of my favourite jumpers.

Day look /Picnic /BBQ

J - IMG_0525

My first jumper look is a short African print jumper that I bought a few seasons ago from Victoria Secret surprisingly! When I spied this little number in the VS catalogue, I immediately hopped on to my computer to discover, to my utter disbelief, that this little beauty was indeed available on the Victoria’s Secret website in my size! Imagine my reaction LOL I almost did a back flip out of my chair!

J - IMG_0641

For this day look, I wore my jumper with a fedora hat, brown braided belt and some cute brown, low heeled strappy sandals.

J - IMG_0723

I would wear this outfit during the day when I’m out gallivanting with my FabFourFashion ladies or to a picnic or BBQ.

J - IMG_0559

Jumper (old): Victoria Secret find similar here and here // Fedora hat from Winners (similar to Marshall) find similar here // Sandals: DSW find similar here

For my tall Fashionistas  here is the option I found for you.


Brunch and Terrasse Look

J - IMG_0778

This is a long white and blue patterned jumper which fits oh so perfectly thanks to my tailor.  I found this beautiful jumper at Forever 21, and I fell in love with it. What I like about this type of jumper is that I can dress it up or down with some cute flat sandals.

J - IMG_0828

This is a look that I would wear to go for brunch with my girls to discuss our next Fab Four Fashion adventure, or I would wear this to go for drinks on a nice terrasse on a hot summer day.  If you are not familiar with what a terrasse is, ask someone from Montreal and they will tell you all about it!:)

J - IMG_0891

J - IMG_0791

Jumper: Forever 21 (old) Similar here // Sandals: DSW (old) Similar here

For my Tall Fashionistas here is the great option I found for you here

And my final look is Clubbing / Lounge Look

J - IMG_1025

I wore a heart shape neckline strapless jumper which I have paired with a black and gold belt to accentuate my shape. I added a little fascinator to jazz up my look and threw on my black biker jacket and voilà, I’m ready for a night of fun.  All I need now is for the dj to drop some good tunes and I’m good money!

J - IMG_1011

J - IMG_1035

J - IMG_1055

Jumper:  ASOS (old) Similar here // Jacket: Forever 21 (old) Similar here //Fascinator (old)  Similar here//Shoes: Charles by Charles David (old) Similar here

For my tall sisters this is what I found for you here

Ok, smootches! I must continue on with my quest to find the next amazing jumper!









The Fab Four do Fashion Week

Feature redo

Grp 1

It’s World MasterCard Fashion Week! That time of year when we get our first glimpse of what’s hot for the coming season. But the fun doesn’t stop there. We also get to strut our stuff in our  own “closet creations”.  This year the Fall 2015 collections from Canada’s top designers are being unveiled at David Pecaut Square in Toronto’s downtown King West area and the Fab Four were not going to miss their chance to be a part of the action!


Gail’s Fashion Week Look

Gail 1

My look was inspired by the beautiful designs created my Mary Katrantzou.  I love her liberal use of colours and her kaleidoscope-like prints!

Gail 2

I paired my body-con dress with this cute curve hugging black faux leather jacket from City Chic.  Since my printed dress was providing all kinds of za za zoo I kept my jewelry to a minimum and just wore gold plated wire earrings that add a little edge to my look!

Gail 3

Gail 4

Dress: ASOS Curve (old) Similar here // Jacket: City Chic// Boots: Nine West // Earrings: H&M


Judy’s Fashion Week Look

Judy 2

For Fashion Week, my look was inspired by the fabulous Tracee Ellis Ross. I kept it simple – I wore a printed wiggle dress from Asos with yellow pumps for extra oomph.

Judy 1

To further polish my look, I wore a big blue and turquoise stone necklace and my long camel coat. This is a more tame look for me compared to my usual signature “accentuate my curves” look.  I love it and still felt confident and feminine.

Judy 3

Judy 4

 Dress : Asos // Shoes: Shoemint (old); similar here // Coat : Asos (old); similar here // Clutch: Zara (old); similar here // Necklace: Ebay // Ring: Forever 21 // Bracelet: Forever 21

Leslie’s Fashion Week Look


This year for Fashion Week I wanted to wear an outfit that expressed my love of geometric print and my equal love of creating looks that combine different prints!


No look for me would be truly complete without that little pop of colour and these shoes from Office add just the right splash!


And, most importantly, since we’ve finally made it to spring, I felt the need to wear an outfit that made me feel like spring was in the air. Now I feel ready to see and be seen! Ah, I just love Fashion Week!


Jacket: Zara (sold out), similar here // Blouse: Zara (sold out), similar here // Pants: Zara (old), similar here // Shoes: Office // Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff


Nancy’s Fashion Week Look

Nancy 1

I always love seeing Fashion Week street styles because I find those most interesting. I love seeing how people showcase their individuality, so of course, I gladly took the opportunity to do the same!

Nancy 3

I was drawn to this black and gold panther printed crop top as soon as I saw it. I love this top for its versatility, so instead of wearing it on its own, I chose to pair it with a crisp white shirt, leather moto jacket and a faux leather flared skirt. Since I wanted to continue to play on the black and gold theme, I tied my look together with these gold studded beauties & gold box clutch.

Nancy 2

Nancy 4

Crop top: H&M (old); similar here and here // Shirt: LTS // Skirt: Zara (old); similar here // Jacket: Danier (old); similar here // Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old); similar here and here // Clutch: Ebay // Earrings: H&M (sold out); similar here

Special thanks go out to Karri North, our photographer extraordinaire and Erum Hussain for Leslie and Gail’s awesome makeup looks!

Now we’re off to see some of the shows. Oh, and stay tuned! This week, we will provide you with the Fab Four Fashion spin on the looks and trends that graced the runway throughout the week. You will not want to miss this!

Grp 2


Which designers are you most excited to see?



~ The Fab Four