Greta Constantine

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Jennifer Hudson, Angelina Jolie and Coco Rocha are just some of the celebrities who’ve worn and loved Greta Constantine.  Co-Founded by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, 10 years ago, this design duo is at the pinnacle of Canadian fashion.  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion were beyond thrilled to be wearing their gorgeous designs and to feature them on another Canadian staple – Cityline!

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Leslie’s Look

LT IMG_2139

GLAM – OR – OUS! That is what Greta Constantine denotes, connotes and invokes! Someone please give me a pulpit because I feel like preaching! When you find a design house that understands quality in both style and fabrics; gets that woman come in all shapes and sizes, and recognizes women want to be trend setters not fashion followers you have the holy trinity of fashion.  I sometimes feel like we ladies of Fab Four Fashion are like Aristotle telling everyone that the earth is round! We are trying to show retailers and designers that women of all sizes want stylish designs. However, Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong are God’s gift to body diversity, and are truly among the enlightened designers that create masterpieces for all women! (cue choir and blinding white  light:-)!

LT IMG_2182

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this stunning dress. The top portion with its beautiful print and the tea cup shape of the bottom portion were so unique and spoke to the fashionista in me! The stretch in the top portion hugs my slim curves, while the bottom gives me the added volume I’m always looking for.

LT IMG_2507

And ladies, ladies, ladies, this design is  not only gorgeous, but also resilient. The first time I went to sit down in it, I was afraid it might lose it shape or become crushed. Imagine going to the wedding of your bestie or a “friennemy” and looking like you just rolled out of bed by the time you hit the reception! Not cute. Ladies fear not! You can sit, stand, fox trout or pop-n-lock and still not muss the look!

LT IMG_2606

This dress is a standout wedding season winner. In particular those late summer early fall weddings where there’s the beginning of a nip in the air. And accessorising is a cinch. The dress speaks for itself so I did not need much in the way of accessories. I wore dangly pewter earrings, a bold statement ring and my stripe black and silver pumps because I love to mix prints.

And with that, I’m ready to give the bride a run for her money!

Dress: Greta Constantine // Pumps: ASOS (sold out) similar here // Earrings: Banana Republic


Gail’s Look

What can is say – I’ve simply died and gone to fashion heaven!  I’m draped, cinched all dolled up in Greta Constantine.  Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, the dynamic design duo, who co-founded Greta Constantine 10 years ago.  They’re a fashion powerhouse in the Canadian fashion scene and I’m beyond blessed to be wearing their sophisticated designs!  I was like a kid in a candy store as I combed through racks and racks of their glorious designs.

GT edited IMG_2680

Ok lets get to my wedding guest outfit.  So, as I mentioned before I poured over the racks sample size designs and sadly there was nothing in my size straight off the rack but those Greta geniuses came to the rescue.  My plus size sisters, you too can get your hands as well as the rest of you in a Greta Constantine design.

GT IMG_1655

This look right here is all about glamour and starts with this high waisted skirt which is the very essence of simple well fitting design.  The skirt is made of a high performance wrinkle resistant (AMEN!) material that can be thrown in the washing machine and presto change-o- clean skirt!

GT IMG_1677

I paired  this gem of a skirt with a simple black tank top from  and a sleek black belt.

Next was this gorgeous silk/wool cape, another Greta Constantine creation.  I feel like Dominique Devereaux from from that night time soap – Dynasty.

So, to complete my wedding guest look I had to add a little bling (because I have to shine bright like a diamond baby lol) in the form of these sparkly earrings and bracelet.  And voila, my outfit is complete! Now where is my champagne?

GT IMG_2645

Silk/wool cape & hight waisted skirt: Greta Constantine // Tank top: Rebdolls (old) similar here  //Earrings: Forever 21 // Bracelet: Hudson’s Bay// Pumps: Joe Fresh (old) similar here

Judy’s Look

JS IMG_2397

Weddings during the summertime are awesome but finding the right outfit for different types of weddings can be a pain. When the invitation says bring glamour to another level, one designer that comes to mind is Greta Constantine. With their various elegant styled gowns and their famous tea cup styled dresses, my, my, my… what a treat.

The ladies of Fab Four and I recently had the chance to visit their studio to try on some gowns. Going there I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that I would find an Oscar winning dress.

JS IMG_2762

The first dress that I scooped up is called the Merle Cape style gown. This dress screams elegance and class on so many levels. The top of the dress is loose and is equipped with a back cape.  The bottom part is fitted at the hips and flares out near the bottom, which accentuates my hourglass figure.

What’s so special about my gown, is that the cape style is a single layer of microfiber, which allows the material to flow and drape so nicely on me.  I couldn’t be happier because it covers my little tummy.

JS IMG_2967

The cape has a dramatic affect that makes me feel like Diana Ross in Mahogany! I can’t help but to open my arms wide and walk like I own it and fly away gracefully!

The bottom part of this lavish dress is made out of 2 layers of microfiber which is similar to spanx, and the stretchy fabric hugs me perfectly in all the right places.  It’s always amazing to find an established designer that caters to all sizes.  Ladies if you set your coins aside for an exclusive and stunning piece, Greta Constantine would be one of the best choices that will be able to accommodate you!

JS IMG_2286

Checked myself in the mirror, spun around a few times, put on my earrings, and my lipstick, and here comes Queen Supreme ready to slay!

Dress: Greta Constantine // Sandals: Aldo find similar here // Earring:  similar here


Nancy’s Look

I was so excited to be working with Greta Constantine. I mean, it’s Greta Constantine! Paris Fashion Week Greta Constantine. Ten years strong Greta Constantine. CAFA 2016 Womenswear Designer of the Year winners Greta Constantine. How fantastic!

Going to their studio was so much fun, however choosing the dress was so hard! That’s because my heart fluttered on a number of pieces. But when I tried the Ancha gown, I collapsed like Serena Williams did after her seventh Wimbledon victory.

ND IMG_1952

I love this dress for so many reasons. First, the lenght of this dress accentuates my height and makes me look like a delicious tall glass of blue caracao cocktail honey! Ha! It’s funny how the thing that I wished I could have traded years ago, is the very same that I want to highlight today. I love my height and every piece of clothing that further calls attention to my statuesque frame is a winner in my book.

ND IMG_1895

The shoulder overlays can be worn in a many different ways: whether off the shoulder or asymmetrical, it always looks elegant. Then, we have the side cowl detail on the skirt for the win! You see, I was not blessed with “va-va-voom-baby-making” hips. As such, I appreciate a garment that can add a little volume in the right places. And while the cowl worked in adding volume for me, it serves double duty as it can also hide a little tummy. This only means that you can go for that second portion PLUS dessert.

ND IMG_2026

And last, but certainly not least, this dress is made of a superb microfiber material. This material hails all the way from Italy. It is mainly used for athletic wear, but the men of Greta Constantine had the genius idea of re-purposing it for high fashion. It repels water, smooths  you out and keeps the rich colors. AND, you can throw it in the washing machine. Let me give you some time to reread that last sentence. You can throw it in the washing machine. How fantastic is that!

Not to be outdone, I finished my look with the amazing jewelry from none other than Rebekah Price. This statement jewelry is made of multi colored Swarovski crystal and it married perfectly with the color of my gown. That was just the wow factor that I needed to complement my look and to take it to another level.

nd IMG_2059


This look is so glamorous! I need to find a reason to dress like this on a daily basis!

Dress: Greta Constantine // Jewelry: Rebekah Price

GRP IMG_1713

Special thanks to photographer extraordinaire Roseline Bonheur.

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

Friday Fashion Week Flashback – 1st Edition

3 Wedding Dresses

March 14th heralded the return of another fashion week to the city of Toronto, and with it came the frenzied excitement and fervour of catching the first glimpse of what would be hot for the fall/winter 2016 season. We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, joined the fray, necks craned to spy with our little eyes what Canada’s fashion finest had cooked up for us. And we must say, we were absolutely floored, rendered speechless and seeing stars! So, we decided to give you, our readers, the low down of the showdown and highlight 4 designer’s collections over the next 4 Fridays showcasing some of the pieces that had us mopping up the drool on our chins!


First up, can we just say “OMG I WANT THIS”; Sir Christopher Paunil (yes, we officially made him a knight of the fashion realm).  His creations are what little girls dream about and what grown women contemplate re-mortgaging their house for, ok, ok fine, just the car!

We bring to you some of the gorgeous pieces that are still making our hearts do a little pitter-pat and filling our dreams with sequins and satins and silks – oh my!

We call this one “Killing Me Softly” because the Fab Four just died when we saw this gorgeous dress!

Silver Dress Collage

This delicious gown had the single Fab Four ladies seeing wedding bells, husbands and honeymoons; while the married Fab four lady wanted to convince her hubby that they needed to do it all over again…immediately”lol  We’ve dubbed this one “Baby Won’t You Come My Way“.

It was so nice, we just had to show it twice!


And the magnificence just went on and on!

Other Black Dress Collage


Black 2 Piece




Sorry, but we just had to come back to pay true homage to these gorgeous wedding dresses!

Collage 2


These Fab Four Fashion reporters have officially dropped the microphone! Sir Paunil you’ve set the bar high!

Final Edited

Tune in next Friday to see what other fashion week flashbacks still have us buzzing!

This post was created on the Microsoft Surface; capturing some of our best fashion week moments!

Edited IMG_7634

Which fabulous creation would you most like to take home! Let us know!

*Photo credit: George Pimentel


The Fab Four

A Long Tall Sally Holiday

grp IMG_4593

As the vertically enhanced pair of Fab Four Fashion, finding garments that fit our longer limbs is definitely a challenge. We continually need to be “creative” with our clothes – read rolled up sleeves or “ankle pants” LOL. Thankfully, many years ago, a UK retailer took notice of our needs and launched Long Tall Sally. This retailer designs clothes for fashionable ladies 5’8″ and over, sizes 4 to 20; even offering footwear options from sizes 9 to 15.

Always staying abreast of tall girl needs and wants, they are bringing you a hot holiday collection which we are pleased to showcase. So tall girls, as your inboxes get flooded with party invitations; have no fear, Long Tall Sally is here. Here are two looks that will be sure to add the perfect dose of sexy to your festive closet.

grp IMG_4593

Nancy’s Look

nd IMG_4699

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The Christmas songs are blaring, the sparkly lights are shining bright and fantastic holiday collections are everywhere! While shopping for specific events like office parties or that first Christmas dinner with the beau’s family can be daunting for anyone, add a couple of extra inches to ones body and that shopping trip can turn into a nightmare. Thankfully, Long Tall Sally is here to come to the rescue.

nd IMG_4865

Let’s start with these sandals, shall we? I know, I know. While shoes are the essential punctuation to a look, they are often discussed towards the end, but these are so hot that they deserve an honorary mention right off the bat! The great folks at DV are awesome for this one! These 4 inch stunners instantly elevate any look. Now, I know that some of my tall sisters are a little hesitant with wearing heels. To that I say, your statuesque frame already stands out! Why not add a few inch of fabulousness to your awesome self! With the added bonus of being comfortable,  these will have you dancing all night long!

nd IMG_4815

And now let’s talk about this dress! I think that it’s no secret that I love sequins. As a matter of fact, I will go as far to saying that every woman should own a sequin item in her closet! And this dress will not disappoint. I have said many times that I like to make clothing my own, and it still holds true here: I am wearing the dress backwards… Wha???? I said what I said! LOL Yes ladies, it’s backwards. I love the elegance of a high neck and the cheeky sexiness of a little peak-a-boo in the back.

nd IMG_4716 - sneak peak

This dress embrace all curves very nicely. The one thing that will keep you on your toes however (other than the fab shoes!) are the sequins on the dress. They like each other so much that they tend to want to kiss one another from time to time… lol. That’s a cute way of saying that the sequins have a tendency to catch on the dress. Then again, since you are in party mode, your arms are not supposed to be down anyway! LOL

To further add interest to my look, I paired my dress with this a faux fur stole. I love the marriage of textures here. Also, ink and eggplant seems to be my favorite colour combination of late. With this level of ho-ho-ho-mazing, be careful not to bump your head against the mistletoe! lol

nd IMG_4895

Dress c/o: Long Tall Sally // Sandals c/o: Long Tall Sally // Fur stole: Long Tall Sally // Jacket: The Bay (sold out); similar here

Plus size chicas, you know that I can’t forget about you right? Get your sequin on with this dress.


grp IMG_4575

Leslie’s Look

lt IMG_5139

Tracee…Ellis…Ross! Style icon, fashionista extraordinaire and the inspiration for this look!

I can still remember the exact moment when my eyes zeroed in on this hot little number on the Long Tall Sally (LTS to us cool kids:-) web site. It had all the elements that I love most about clothing pieces: loose fit, fun detail in the form of the cool fringe, and the black and silver ombre effect that makes me think of a cool print, and we all know by now that I got the feelin’ for the flava of a print!

lt IMG_5176

Now, when you’re ordering something on-line you just never know if the fit will be exactly right? Since it was my first time ordering from LTS (really, what was I waiting for), I was a little concerned about the fit.  While the dress was a little big for me, because of the style, it just worked perfectly. I love to pair this style of relaxed fit dress with a jean jacket or leather jacket to add another layer to the outfit and help add a more structured detail to the overall look. I went with this faux leather cropped jacket I picked up along the way many moons ago because I love the way it adds a little toughness to the look.

lt IMG_5282

Slim girls out there like me know that we are always trying to find new an interesting ways to get pieces to work for us when they were really made for a slightly larger frame. My trick with this dress was, rather than running to my tailor for a nip and tuck,  I threw on a slim belt at the smallest part of my waist to help allow the lines of the dress to fall closer to my frame. I still get the relaxed fit I love, but now the fit is more suited to my frame.

lt IMG_5433

This dress also has great movement to it as well. You get a little bit of that shimmy when you walk accentuating the swing of those hips and from the back, the sway of that booty!:-) The dress is well constructed and did not get crushed even after a night stuffed in my suitcase (don’t ask!:-) This is a great dress for that soiree out on the town when you want to be foxy-classy and sexy-sassy too!

To cap off my look I wore some dangly earrings and a pair of black, silver and tan pumps and i’m ready to go hang with Tracee for the night! Let’s go dancing Tracee!! I need to shake my shimmy in this dress!

lt IMG_5172

Dress: c/o Long Tall Sally // Jacket: H&M (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old), Similar here // Earrings: H&M //

For my sexy plus size sistas: Dress // Jacket //

grp IMG_4633

Till next time!


Nancy & Leslie xoxo